The Sidebars Of Cars!

Well at the other sea the cat watched a new car buy come to be. Buy I guess is not the case as the loans come at a steady pace. Isn't it sad the crap they add?

Look at this fancy one.
Hear it purr just for you.
She will get any job done.
And she's brand spankin new.

You can hop on in.
Go get behind the wheel.
Take her for a spin.
I'll make you a great deal.

There is no rust on her.
Not even a scratch.
Doesn't she just purr?
You two are a perfect match.

That color is you.
It matches your eyes.
You are one from two.
I tell you no lies.

That is the price.
The one that is stated.
No need to roll the dice.
You two are fated.

Come to my office.
It's right back here.
Let's keep others off us.
Close the door to all near.

Now here's the nitty gritty.
It's just a bit of fine print.
You'll love this in the city.
It's windows have a tint.

Sign here, here and here.
And here, use my pen.
You have nothing to fear.
No, this isn't in Yen.

This is the final price.
You got warranty and stuff.
I was being so nice,
I gave her plenty of fluff.

She's all yours now.
Enjoy her and the toys.
Hey, don't have a cow.
The other fees are background noise.

Sounds like marriage a bit except you can't swap spit. Ever get a good deal? Have you spun the wheel? Surely get screwed in the end. That is the car buying trend. Ever met a good car salesperson at your sea? One that wasn't out to get thee? May be one or two in the mass. Although there are still doubts from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Attacked on in
      For a Thursday win

    2. Dear Lord... Monday... Wednesday.... and now Thursday? That ninja is on a roll.

    3. 3 out of seven ain't bad
      4 more to be had

    4. That's as true as gold
      Or so I'm told

  2. I don'y drive Pat, but loved the verse.


  3. The ones who annoy me don't get my business. Neither do the ones who won't match what I offer. Yeah, I'm a tough customer.
    Congratulations on the new wheels.

    1. Yep, the annoying ones can pound sand
      A tough customer is the way to be at ones land

  4. They say we are known by what we drive
    It's apparent for this, I do not strive
    As long as it runs, hey, I'm OK
    Like the old saying, you get what you pay

    1. Yep, as long as it goes
      And causes no woes
      We are good
      Here in our hood

  5. The Sidebars Of Cars!
    Put up with the farce
    Buying new
    None so few
    Rough use would not last


    1. Rough will make them splatter
      Falling off the platter

  6. Such a game to buy a car
    Have to be prepared to walk
    If the salesman
    Does not do the right talk


    1. Yep, have to run away
      Tell them to have a nice day

  7. Such a good earl was made on mine
    I really made the salesman whine
    First customer for a new ownership
    Make the sale, give her no lip
    I walked away smiling a happy as can be
    Still driving that dream on year 20 nearly

    1. Deal, not earl
      Unnoticed auto correct is such a pearl

    2. Sounds like a grand deal
      As it still spins its wheel
      Autocorrect can stuff it
      But can be fun with its correct bit

  8. New car smell
    Sure is swell
    In debt we dwell

    Help the economy go far
    Buy a car

    1. Keep it going
      And the bank managers pockets growing

  9. I was looking for a used car years ago and the car the salesman was trying to sell me wouldn't even start because they had no gas in it. I got out of the car and walked off the lot, all the while the guy was yelling at me to come back. LOL

    1. lol yep, that and a dead battery can kill a sale
      One big instant fail

  10. New wheels are always fun, except when the head to the Vet place!

    1. Yeah, taking anyone there
      Would sure make us swear

  11. I remember the days when you could buy a basic car! Gosh, I now feel so very old.

  12. I see people every day
    willing to pay
    for 8 long years
    which bring on tears.
    we have a Honda Civic
    1998 and it does the trick.
    Nothing fancy and that's OK
    still going strong and 0 monthly to pay:)

    1. 0 monthly sure is the way
      Screw any car payments to pay

  13. I've never had a car payment over my head,
    Just bought used cars flat out, instead of that dread,
    though a nice shiny new car would be quite nice,
    I'm happy to not have another financial vice.

    1. That is sure the best way to be
      One less financial vice hanging over thee

  14. orlin N cassie; de salez doodz R az crazed az de mechanix.....take de car in fora oil change N sudden lee de entire tranzmizzion haz gone ta hell ina hand baskit..☺☺☺♥♥♥

    1. Yep, they are so full of shit
      We roll our eyes at it

  15. And that's why I don't go to car dealerships. lol

  16. Fancy a car?/Travelling far?/I'll make you an offer/But you will go without supper! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  17. The last time we bought a car, we found it online. Called the dealer, told him we were on the way. Called again about 20 minutes before we got there, he says everything is ready for us to sign on the dotted line. After 3 hours in the car to get there, we come in and get told we need to wait for that sales person to be available to speak to us. Half hour later he says he just sold the car to someone else. WTF!? I seriously hate sleazy car salesman. However, we found the same car a little closer for several thousand less, so I guess it all worked out in the end, but still. Bullshit move on that car dealership.

    1. Damn, that doesn't bring forth repeat business at all
      Eventually things will stall
      Then no business will come
      Some people are dumb

  18. Oh yeah, nothing more fun than buying a car. Cough cough. Hack hack. Give me a minute to spit up that hairball.

  19. Buy local, buy from an honest person you know, and take a ride for a long time.

    1. Honest you say?
      Those can be hard to find at any bay

  20. What... no swapping spit?
    Not even a little bit?
    Spit may cause some rust
    Or would that be um lust?
    Ha my car's a piece of junk
    You should see the trunk
    Or the tail or the wheel
    Still beats a blue meal

    1. Yep, mine's junk too
      But goes at our zoo
      So that works
      Spittle in some cases has perks

  21. I've had pretty good luck with car dealers. If any of them ticked me off, I just left without buying.

    1. Way to be
      Walk away and not let them bother thee

  22. Not like marriage noo.....because you can always trade the car back.ha..ha.. Its very expensive to buy one, yikes ~

    1. haha can always get an upgrade
      And no divorce with your trade

  23. Always best to shop around
    all over town
    and online, too
    so you know what to do.
    Knowledge is power
    so you don't cower.
    Salesmen can be cruel
    as over your money they drool!

    1. That they do
      Seen it up close at my zoo
      As I know all the inner workings now
      After I gave this post a meow
      You'll see why
      When in a month 24 posts fly

  24. Wife wanted a car that was new
    But used was the best I could do
    When yelling was through
    This fact remained true
    That used car was new car to you

  25. Hahaha, I love the color matches your eyes part. Fun rhyme! =-)

  26. I usually drive mine until it dies

    1. Did that to one
      Kept it until it wouldn't run

  27. I loved the color/eyes part too. I didn't trust this one! I hold onto cars a long time too.

    1. Hold on and save your dough
      Unless with repairs every other week you go

  28. Still don't drive and suffer from passenger rage too!

    1. haha need a brake on your side
      To have a less rage-y ride


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