The Tale Of The Scale!

You humans sure like your numbers. Even count your cucumbers. Hey, I'm sure some do. The only thing the cat counts is toys at our zoo. Pat likes to count dough, but you need that though.

No need to wait.
Not a weight trait.
So ignore that scale.
Don't hit the trail.

Goes to 10.
Women and men.
No more, no less.
An 11 you confess?

Pffft get out of here.
Don't show that tear.
It stops at ten.
Go bug a hen.

You got it now?
You caught on, wow!
Let's get to it.
Have to gauge your fit.

How is your fit?
Taking crap or shit?
On a scale of one to ten.
You can use a pen.

How is your brain?
Does this cause pain?
On a scale of one to ten.
Sorry, we don't take Yen.

How is you attention?
Is it in detention?
On a scale of one to ten.
Can you survive under a dumpster like Glenn?

It is a four?
Why not a three tour?
What's the difference between?
What? A six you mean?

A one means none.
A ten means a ton.
A nine a smidgen less?
This could be a mess.

Did you like this post?
Rate it at my coast?
On a scale of one to ten.
Now I'll go sleep in the den.

Don't you love those that blurt out 3? I mean really a 3 can come to be? Why not 3 and a tiny bit? Sure can be a weird 1 to 10 fit. What if each have a different scale? Some do and some don't wail. Geez, I'll have to find out from the singing bass. Of course I'm a 10 little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 2 in a row
      To stomach with no dough!


    2. Count Hank .....IN
      Like Rin-Tin-Tin

    3. Back on a streak
      With no dough to leak

    4. Thanks Belva, Ma'am
      Still counting to ten!


    5. Double digits galore
      At our shore

  2. "Let me count the ways"
    Said Elizabeth Barrett in a daze
    She loved Robert that was true
    Like morning sun and evening dew

  3. Numbers can only hurt you if you believe in them I say. Cheerio this morning from numeral three.

  4. The scale can be subjective
    I could say I was #10 in pain
    with just a minor headache
    but a person with a broken bone could say the same


    1. Yep, subjective as can be
      All comes back to the person on the pain spree

  5. The Tale Of The Scale!
    Getting #1 will make you wail
    It's from 1 to ten
    Quite a long range
    With enough space not to fail


  6. I've always been partial to 13
    But 10 can be super keen
    And being #1 would be unforeseen

  7. Off the charts like Spinal Tap.

  8. Of course you are a 10, Cat!
    But at what where you're at?
    10 decimeters under a few days back.

    That's as far as I can go with rhymes this morning ~ drinking my first cup of coffee and waking up ~ let's see if I can get to 10 days in a row without falling behind on your posts. Terry wants to know, if you've dug out from under that snow. Have a good one!

    1. 10 and more
      We were at our shore
      Not 10 days back
      May cause some flack
      As you travel here and there
      Visiting many a lair
      Dug out with mountains to the roof
      Wishing it would all go, poof

  9. Multiples of 10 on the scale is not always good!

  10. At the moment, my brain and attention wouldn't rate too high on the 1 to 10 scale....

  11. 10/10 would comment again. You and your posts are a lot of things, but definitely not a zero. I'd say you're #1, but on a scale of 1-10, that can get confusing.

    1. Yeah, that gets math involved and philosophy too
      Is zero really a number or just a thing there in your view

  12. Doctor is always asking from a scale of 1 to 10 how bad is the pain. I dunno doc..I broke my arm, I'd say an 11. lol

    1. Yep, that is how it goes
      What they hell to they think as their patients line up in rows

  13. Someday I'd like to write something that enters the English language like the "eleven" reference from This Is Spinal Tap did.

    1. That would be fun to do
      Live on forever with words written by you

  14. I'd actually like to drop 10 on the scale. Maybe that would make me a 10 in real life then? Not even close, but hey, a girl can dream...

  15. orlin N cassie...ewe iz doin way better N uz if yur countin toyz.....we epic failed amth at skewl....tho we did due a grate job oh tellin time durin LUNCH BRAKE ~~~☺☺☺♥♥♥

    1. Lunch break gets the win
      No need for math at ones bin

  16. lookz like we epic failed spellin two...what de sam hellz a ...AMTH.....
    letz try MATH ~~~~~~ ☺☺☺♥♥♥

    1. We guessed it came out that way
      With what you say lol

  17. My dad used to say.."He's as phony as $3 bill."
    or "Can kill 2 birds with one stone." Still
    more on his lips
    as he always offered tips.
    He loved the numbers game,
    he opened his mouth and out they came:)

  18. How awesome are waffles? Eleven

    Stranger things reference

  19. I'm really bad with numbers! Math is my enemy!

    1. They can be bad
      Especially when algebra is had

  20. I prefer the smiley face to frowney face scale.

  21. How good are you
    comes shout from zoo
    blushes renew
    a 10 won't do

  22. An 8! This was quite a poem. Since I recently familiarized myself with a special pain index chart (to better rate my early onset arthritis), this poem takes on a whole other meaning of one to ten. Nice work Patt.

    1. Never knew there was such a chart
      Hopefully the pain stays at the start

  23. I give you a ten for your post.
    To me, it deserves the most.
    You ask how is my brain?
    It has sense enough to come in out of the rain.

    1. haha that is good sense
      No sense being on the fence

  24. I'm surprised you didn't fit a '42' reference in somewhere. haha

  25. How about 3.1? Is that a smidgeon?

    So tired of surveys for everything!!

  26. Scales lead to fails. Who needs 'em?
    That was a fun read; thanks. ☺

  27. Scales I hate
    Used to be light, now it's too late
    Feeling great? What.... a 2?
    Better go find that shoe


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