A Begin And End Kinda Trend!

The cat is about to begin a post. Doesn't that impress you at your coast? Nah, I didn't think so. You aren't impressed until then end of my show. Then away you can go. After you leave a comment though.

It's the beginning.
Time for winning.
Hmm or not.
That would be an end plot.

So time for the end?
Go around the bend.
Now you're a winner.
End of a wheel spinner.

Wheel of Fortune fame.
Still not an end claim.
Still have to pick a letter.
What could be better?

Don't answer that.
It was the stat.
You know the saying.
Buy a vowel to keep playing.

Beginning of the end.
Umm a mixed up trend?
How can an end begin?
Isn't it an ending win?

Could be lose too.
But can't begin for you.
A beginning is a beginning.
You can't begin winning.

I suppose you could.
But won't actually win at your hood.
That comes at the end.
Get the message I send?

No? Guess it's not the end.
Maybe it can seek an amend?
The beginning of the middle?
Hey, diddle diddle.

Don't diddle the wrong middle.
Nope, not a riddle.
That is the end of my advice.
Want to begin again it's a higher price.

Now we are near the end.
That won't offend.
But end of the beginning?
That is some kind of weird word spinning.

Are you at a loss? Maybe you need a coin toss. But that would be at the beginning. So I guess the end you are spinning. End of the beginning user? Beginning of the end abuser? You may be a tad wrong on that. But then I'm just a cat. I will now begin to pass some gas out of the end of my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. A Begin And End Kinda Trend!
    Way to run to very well blend
    There's a beginning
    Tagged with an ending
    May frantically be on the mend


    1. Frantic it can be
      When both collide at thee

  2. I would like to buy an E
    If you please
    If you don't sell it
    You are a tease


  3. Is that like the End All Be All thing?

  4. I'm always beginning at the end it seems!

    1. No need to do a thing
      Cancel each other out at your wing

  5. Yes, I'm at a loss and need something to eat
    And I ain't talking cheesy feet
    The end of the game
    Would be lame
    The end of the day?
    That's okay
    The end of the road?
    Maybe for that toad...
    The end of this line?
    That's fine
    The end of this um hello?
    Well, when you gotta go, you gotta go

    1. Run to pee
      Let it fly free
      The end of the line
      Things may turn out fine
      Or get buried in dung
      Maybe pop a lung

  6. Haha the beginning of the end ... or the end of the beginning ... who knows, but at least it's a start! The cat is so smart :)

    1. A start to come to be
      Even if made fun of by me

  7. Tell me cat where is the beginning where is the end
    as everything changes, and has a new trend

    Seems I am not so good with directions, so away I go
    taking the day ever so slow.

    1. Things go to and fro
      Out they grow
      Damned if we know
      High or low

  8. Each day is a new beginning. Just wish I had the energy to keep up with all the changes. Back in the snow and ice! Damn, that's one change I could've lived without!!!! :)

    1. Ick to all of that
      Rather be where you were at

  9. End or beginning, just let it flow
    Pick up your fiddle, strick up the bow
    Play us a tune, start in the middle
    Not so much squeaky, more like a little

    1. A little skittle spittle
      Could make things brittle

  10. So maybe the end is just the beginning.

    1. Round and round we go
      Where we stop we don't know

  11. Replies
    1. Or maybe the reverse
      Enough to make one curse

  12. The end is only the beginning....:)

    1. Or the beginning is only the end
      Such a fun trend

  13. Is this the end?
    Or just the beginning
    I don't really care
    As long as I'm winning!

  14. Okay, you've definitely got me spinning! I don't experience a beginning or end, because I'm always chasing my tail and going in circles! Have a good one, my rhyming friend!

    1. Round and round you go
      Traveling to and fro

  15. It all became painfully clear
    I knew that my end time was near
    I bought grave in shade
    With preacher I prayed
    The day brother paid for my beer

  16. It's not the beginning or the end that counts but the journey.....oh craps...if the end meant I win a million bucks the. It's the end I want

    1. The end would sure be the way
      If you got such pay

  17. Bright beginnings and happy endings are my cuppa tea.

  18. Great to read Pat albiet late.



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