A Big Year I Hear?

Here we are back to the number game. That is just so lame. Humans sure like numbers for this and that. Some sure have a head that is full of scat. No argument on that? I know you agree with the cat.

We have this.
We have that.
Some numbers are bliss.
Others like a gnat.

We've been there.
We've done that.
That you're aware.
Unless new to the cat.

But out comes more.
Another with blare.
She gave an encore.
She just had to share.

30 this year?
That's good for you.
30 is worth a cheer.
Lots of good will come due.

Err umm okay.
We buy that.
Yeah, like we buy a magic day.
I'm being a sarcastic cat.

30 makes magic?
Woweee, who knew?
I guess life is tragic,
When you hit 32?

Maybe 31 is bad.
Maybe 29 is the worst.
Maybe 28 fun is had.
Maybe 33 your brain will burst.

A maybe you see.
Many came to be.
All maybe from me.
The maybes can fly free.

The it will.
Fits no bill.
The it won't.
Sorry, just don't.

Que sera sera comes to mind.
But that's too hard for mankind.
Instead oh great things you'll find.
The nut was out of her mind.

Think any age will bring great stuff over the other one? Yeah, like magically things will get done. Pffft the only thing an added number does for sure is bring you closer to death. This nut ball sure didn't run out of breath. 30 was oh so going to be a great year. I think she left the poor guy in fear. No, it wasn't Pat or Cass. They are past that age like my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. A Big Year I Hear?
      It is best to adhere
      30 it'll be
      It's maturity
      Have a fling, do you hear?


    2. A fling can be fun
      With the right someone

  2. When I turned 30, I thought it'd be grand
    but no big deal over in my land
    Then 40 came and went over at sea
    and that was not a real biggie
    Maybe when 50 rolls around
    some hype will be found
    but to me it's how we live each day
    not that other nonsense on display

    1. That is it in the end
      Screw the stupid 0 trend
      Maybe if one makes it to 100 though
      They can put on a triple digit show

  3. I would take 30 again! Unfortunately I'm closer to Golden Ager discounts!

    1. Discounts are a win
      Saving dough isn't a sin

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  5. ha ! really never Im thinking in my age ! Only you have to live Pat/Hat !
    I dont believe is nothing magic in age. hugs

    1. No magic indeed
      Can stuff it at their magic feed

  6. Replies
    1. Tomorrow that is
      With the 24 in one day biz

  7. There is no upside to getting older, so no magic number.

    1. Not a single one?
      Discounts can come when 65 or so is spun

  8. Happy Birthday to you, only one post in sight
    The morning is bright, did you sleep through the night
    I hope you didn't worry another year older
    We're all there beside you, with lives that are bolder
    Life's like a window that goes up and goes down
    Just watch your fingers, avoid a day with a frown
    Get out the balloons and strike up the band
    Here's to the brightest star in Nova Scotia land

    1. haha day early it is
      With he birthday biz
      24 shall show tonight
      As 12 takes flight
      Sleep through I do and will
      No need to even pop a pill
      Then another day another dollar
      Won't even grow taller

  9. I double 30 this year
    Is this something I should fear?
    You on the other hand
    Are close to another birthday, that is grand.


    1. A doubling that
      Have to see what it brings where you're at

  10. Thirty was the beginning of the end
    No longer the youthful trend
    Fifty was scary as a hot place
    Sixty is staring me in the face
    But in the end, years matter not
    What matters most are the experiences caught

    1. Experiences win the day
      Come what age may
      30 is down hill?
      Guess I better be prepared for a vet bill lol

  11. I love all those gifts and greeting cards that say 30 is "over the hill." They have the same gifts and greeting cards for 40, and 50...

    1. Yep, same old crap.
      And they have 30,40,50 years young etc. across the map

  12. Thirty was awesome
    Oh so long ago
    Now we need a fire hose waiting
    For the number of candles to blow

    Oh well

    1. Keep firefighters going
      With a birthday showing

  13. My Dad thinks he big have been 30 once, but her doesn't remember!

    1. A memory lapse came due
      Hopefully no more than a few

  14. Thirty was cool. That was before kids. I can barely remember that time, though!

    1. Now around they all are
      In and out at your sand bar

  15. que sera sera sera, what ever will be, will be, will be
    Man, I haven't heard that song in such a long time!! :)

    1. Truth in that tune indeed
      Been a while since I heard it at my feed

  16. 30 was a long time ago, and so who remembers that. Unfortunately, nothing we can do about getting older. It happens.

  17. I am 52...
    who knew
    maybe I am 25
    naw, can't give you that jive.
    If we stopped getting older, we'd be dead
    that would not be nice, so 'nough said.

    1. Bring on age
      Beats death being all the rage

  18. Reaching 20, love?/You can still fly like a dove?/Got to 30?/Might feel a bit shirty/Hit the 4-0?/From being up high you're about to hit a low/50, I hear you say?/From now you will want to keep the doctor away!

    Greetings from London.

    1. Keep that germ ridden place away
      Any old day

  19. Enjoy it as you are only 30 once, smiles ~ Happy birthday to you Pat ~ Hope tomorrow's celebration will be crazily fun ~

  20. When Will A Man Grow Too Old (tale told)

    My old father wept and he whined
    When he was to care home assigned
    In disgust he loomed
    And insults exhumed
    Till cute nurses bloomed changed of mind

    1. Haha nothing wrong with that
      A nurse who is cute where one is at

  21. Age really is just a number, though I do find that I love being in my 30's much more than I enjoyed my 20's.

  22. I have passed sixty
    But all is still nifty
    More aches and blunder
    But I'm not six feet under!

  23. every year we are reminded more of our own mortality

    1. With each addition to age
      As further we wage


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