A Dog Eat Dog Treat?

The cat has seen many a mutt. They seem to invade my hut. I may invade theirs as well. Some I even find swell. Hey, I can chew on their tail and sit all smug as they wail.

Dog eat dog.
Not a brown log.
But dog eat dog.
Someone go through a bog?

Dog eat crap.
Check across the map.
Dog eat trash.
Check with its stash.

Dog eat shoes.
Check, may have had Blue's.
Dog eats roadkill.
Check, gets its thrill.

Dog eats litter.
Check, must be some bitter.
Dog eats leg of chair.
Check, eats the whole damn lair.

Dog eats grass.
Check, eats in mass.
Dog eats leftovers.
Check for many rovers.

Dog eat dog.
Nope, maybe a frog.
Does a frog look like a dog?
Confused between dog and frog?

Hot diggety dog.
You blamed a frog.
The frog that ate a dog.
Whoops, bad eggnog.

Reverse that.
Cat eat cat.
Who says that?
No one where they are at.

Like a dog with a bone?
Have to say it at the tone.
Human eat human though,
Has been done you know.

Don't want to offend cannibals everywhere?
So dog eat dog gets said out there?
Quite the dog and pony show.
Pony = cat? Damned if I know.

I suppose if dogs eat grass then they are eating all other animals in mass. Unless you get turned to ash then they are just eating trash. Used that saying at your sea? Makes little sense to me. Dog kill dog has come due indeed. But they don't really eat each other at their feed. But then it proves dogs are dumb enough to let humans get away with such sass. Never happen to a cat like my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Dog eat eat shoe?
      A blue one, too?
      Should I blame Scooby Doo?

    2. That you may have to
      Saw it as a Scooby Snack in view

  2. Most enjoyable to read this Saturday morning,


  3. "Dog eat crap!"
    Can I borrow him for a trap?
    I hope he eats crap from cats
    My garden lawn attracts
    Every cat from miles around
    And nasty messes are on the ground.
    I've tried so many different ways
    But the come in droves which do amaze.
    I'll do a post soon on my blog
    I'm thinking I might get a dog . . . lol

    1. lol a dog will bark
      And leave his mark
      The cats will stray
      Unless they like to play
      They may tease
      Or just swap fleas
      But then you know one thing
      Whether fall, winter, summer or spring
      Even with no garden loving feline
      Your yard has many a land mine
      For the dog has to go
      If inside, watch the bare toe lol

  4. Dog eat dog, it's a hard-knock life
    Eat your peas and carrots with a fork and knife
    If your name is Annie, try not to sing the blues
    Look for Daddy Bigbucks with the alligator shoes

    1. Will he give me dough?
      It's a hard knock life, you know

  5. Replies
    1. Who knows what is in those
      As they strike a pose

  6. A Dog Eat Dog Treat?
    Not a pleasing feat
    They eat shoes
    Bound to lose
    Their own thing in the bid


  7. I try to not think about what other creatures eat. Often best to not know.

  8. I ate part of a hot dog once!

  9. Dog does eat quite a bit
    Dog can get sick a lot too
    With such a varied diet a this
    I'd be inclined not to do


    1. Yeah, they can leave a surprise
      So not a booby prize

  10. My dog is pretty good about not eating stuff he isn't supposed to. He used to get in the trash but thankfully that didn't last long.

    1. The one here still goes all trash king
      As she lets the trash fling

  11. I not sure what I'm eating,
    But my body takes a beating
    Eating what I don't know.
    Hope I haven't eaten someone's toe.

    What's in the ground meat?
    Is sausage really a treat?
    So much added sugar and salt,
    If I eat it guess it's my fault.

    I won't eat a dog
    Though I've eaten the legs of a frog.
    And I don't want to consume a cat--
    Hope the Chinese place didn't serve me that.

    Snake or lizard turns me off.
    A hairy rat would make me cough.
    I would never ever eat a man,
    But I'll eat a woman if I can.

    (don't tell anybody I just said that)

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. haha watch where you snack
      May suffer an attack
      Some good, some bad
      But fun could be had

      Who knows what those Chinese use
      They may add things to amuse
      Watch as you eat
      Thinking it ever so sweet

  12. Never understood
    Why dogs eat crap
    Then lick your face
    As they sit on your lap!

    1. They don't want it to go to waste
      Wanting to give you a taste

    2. Ha!
      Such a gift
      Doesn't give me a lift

  13. Dog eat dog
    said the frog
    on a log
    drinking grog

  14. Ha, my dogs are always hungry....they love their dog food, but have no shame when it comes to begging for human food as well!

    1. No shame sure comes due
      With any of this crew

  15. Dog eat dog?

    You might wake Micheal Vick

  16. Haha, Pat! It's a dog eat dog world and getting worse. That's why I'm happy to be far away in Aloha Land! The night before last we went to a Japanese restaurant and ate Lord knows what. I stopped trying to figure it out after I identified octopus tentacles and squid mantles. We had sweet beans and rice flour balls for desert. Yum ~ LOL

  17. My dogs might pick up a leaf occasionally and try to munch on it, but ain't no eating of other dogs going on around here.

  18. To actually see a dog eat a dog would be quite sad!
    Let's hope that doesn't become a fad.

    Nice rhyme, Pat!


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