A Hunt That's A Stunt!

The cat will never run out of posts at his sea. You humans make it impossible with your dumb spree. A new thing every day and you probably do them many a way. But today is the stunt of the witch hunt.

The witch hunt is grand.
Humans take a stand.
They use it across the land.
Let's give them a hand.

But oh dear.
They do it out of fear.
I mean look at that scary toad.
It tried to cross the road.

All road crossing toads are bad.
We need to kill them at every pad.
We can't let them live each day.
We need to end their road crossing play.

If we don't they might....might....
Who cares. They cause a fright.
Let's get them all now.
They will screw us up some how.

I don't need a good reason.
Those road crossing toads commit treason.
They need to stay by a lake.
Warts they may very well make.

So follow me.
End their spree.
Join the witch hunt.
It isn't a stunt.

Let's get those windows too.
They allow people to see you.
We have to smash them all.
They let nude people be seen at each hall.

The mailman told me.
We have to end this spree.
Windows and toads,
Smash and kill by the loads.

Don't forget sand.
That stuff isn't grand.
Cats use it to bury their shit.
We need to blast away every bit.

This isn't a stunt.
I'm being blunt.
I'll stand up front.
Join my witch hunt.

Pffft to dumb humans near and far. Have you ever joined a witch hunt at your sand bar? Do you think a toad crossing a road will get to you? Better not answer that if a yes comes due. The cat may give you a rhyming pass. Hey, it would be more fun for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. A Hunt That's A Stunt!
    And making it that blunt
    With many posts
    With many hosts
    Do without any witch-hunt


  2. Smashing toads and windows? Odd combination. They could throw the toads at the windows and kill two birds with one stone.

  3. Road crossing toads cause warts galore
    Sweep em under the rug or show em to the door
    Looking for adventure carve your name in a tree
    Toss caution to the wind and join a witch hunt spree

    1. Maybe they'll go a carving
      And end up starving
      After stabbing themselves in the hand
      Or some other important gland lol

  4. People are nuts. The cat knows!

  5. Witch hunt, indeed
    Doesn't that describe
    Last year's election at your feed??? :)

  6. Don't want to see a toad
    Let alone hunt one
    I rather be outside
    To play in the sun


  7. Nothing like a good burning at the stake. Marshmallows anyone?

    1. Get a good snack
      After an screaming ear attack

  8. HaHa! Little rhyming ass. :) A rhyming witch hunt--thanks for the laugh.

  9. Gosh toads gotta stop crossing the road!

  10. Burning? A Witch Hunt? I'll bring the S'mores.

  11. That's certainly on the negative ledger for humanity.

  12. I'm always amazed that the cat posts every day...something new, too. I wonder...does the cat get tired?

    1. The cat takes plenty a nap
      Just a far far ahead chap

  13. I never know which witch hunt is which!

    1. They sure confuse
      As humans light each fuse

  14. I do not participate in witch hunts- or actually any hunts that I can think of. :)

  15. Escape to Witch Mountain
    Race to Witch Mountain
    Which is which
    with a remake switch

    1. Round and round it goes
      Remakes just cause woes

  16. Which witch must go first?
    I pick the rich b*tch witch -
    She's the worst.

  17. If they're hot witches, it's a a different kind of hunt

  18. Don't take part in witch hunts. they never end well, for the witch or participants.

  19. Mother Telling Her Goth Kid’s To Clean Room

    Before thou resume midst thine gloom
    I doom thee with this morbid broom
    Bid witch to her toad
    Now six and ten old
    Exhume some foul fume oust thine tomb

  20. This makes me pissed when ignorants want to get rid of animals because they think it is killing their livestock so they go on a rampage. They got rid of the wolves that way in the states until the Canadians reintroduced them. There is a great video that shows how everything come back to life once the Wolves came back. Whether it is fear, stupidity or just cruelty, people need to be horsewhipped for wanting to get rid of animals...oooh don't get me started!

    1. haha we agree with thee
      Short sighted idiots are everywhere at any sea
      Let's kill them all
      Pffft and then they are the first to wonder why everything dies at their hall

  21. I don't think I've ever seen a toad cross the road. Found plenty in my yard though. No witch hunts here. The scent of burning flesh doesn't sound appealing to me.

    1. Yeah, it would rather stink
      Cause one to blink

  22. Witch hunts! When we lived in Alymer, Ontario, and I was in grade two and my brother Roy in grade one, we thought a witch lived in a remote house on our way home from school. We used to think it was a good idea to knock down her mailbox on the way home. One day she caught us and ordered us into her kitchen ~ Oh thoughts of Hansel and Gretel! She gave us a snack and took us out to her barn to see her guinea pigs. We found out she was an old lady who liked to dress in long black clothes. She may had Amish connections. I can't remember. After that, we no longer thought she was a witch, but a nice lady who invited us in for snacks sometimes. We were always grateful she didn't tell our parents ~ Dad would have skinned us alive. Of course we felt badly that we had been knocking down her mailbox when we found out she wasn't a witch. The things kids do!

    btw, if you want to read a great children's novel with a memorable witch, I highly recommend "The Prince of the Pond" by Donna Jo Napoli. I used to love reading this to my third grade kiddos. I could see you coming up with something like this book.

    1. lmao what mean little buggers you were at your sea
      Picking on the poor old lady on a daily spree
      But she could have been a witch
      Had to make sure you found out before she gave you a glitch

      Will have to look that one up indeed
      And see what takes seed

  23. Another great verse to welcome me back Pat. Thanks.


  24. Road-crossing toads
    Are they the same as chickens?
    Why do they cross the road
    To get squished like the dickens


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