A Little Sale That Won't Fail?

The cat has done the weird things idiots have bought. Do to with celebrities and religious stuff were most of the connect the dot. But then there are real life things as well. To find these combed through online ad hell.

Are you in need?
Come do the deed.
Just show your money.
Then all will be sunny.

Sunny and bright.
Come buy this light.
It shines like the sun.
I have more than one.

I'm the best deal.
Come in for a feel.
I mean psychic reading, silly.
There I'll tell you lottery numbers so you'll never get chilly.

This beats all.
Come buy Halifax Shopping Mall.
Hmmm I think I wasn't clear.
Buy should be by as you peer.

Got a home you're wrecking?
How about some used decking?
Not sure on the shape.
But it isn't warped like a grape.

How about that.
I have a Donkey Kong hat.
Only $40 for the thing.
It will make your heart sing.

4 Older barbies for sale.
Betsy's auction dude may hit the trail.
Did I mention there was an added word?
4 Older Nude barbies for sale you nerd.

Come and get tickets to a show.
What one? I don't know.
The pic is grainy and no details.
Could be a show discussing lunch pails.

Wanted: Stolen antique door.
Hmm should that be, looking for?
Otherwise the cops need no help with you.
As the slammer may soon come due.

And one for all I bet.
A slightly used lingerie set.
Hey, when you need a cheap thrill,
Maybe it will fit the bill?

Yep, they are all true. I found them there in view. I'm sure they might be sold by now. Hey, to some nut they may wow. If not maybe you can track them down. Want any there at your town? Sadly there was no singing bass. I couldn't get a spare one for my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. A Little Sale That Won't Fail?
    Weird offers all with tall tales
    Little used lingerie?
    Had it better not be
    Tickled by laughable online mails


  2. Stolen antique door? Now there's a potential Darwin Award winner.

    1. Yeah, sure stands a chance
      Of winning such an award upon first glance

  3. Wonderful Pat, I thought you'd be taking a rest after your marathon.


  4. Those are pretty darn funny and probably so true. Those sound like real life.

  5. Deals are everywhere and most of them are bad deals!

  6. They have the good type of dog food for sale. Ten cans for ten dollars, I'm stocking up. You can never have enough dog food.

    1. They need to eat
      Or will go to the crap filled street

  7. A deal is a deal
    Unless it is a steal


  8. hahaha What a good memory
    as Barbie Man makes a delivery.
    That will remain in the top 10
    of auction stories with a win.

    1. That it will
      Can't forget barbie man from your hill

  9. His, coconut gun, can fire in spurts, if he sh-shoots ya, its gonna hurt!

  10. Sounds too good to be true
    Probably will be
    Leaks or rusts or turns you blue
    Not a bargain to me

    1. That it will indeed
      But blue could be fun at your feed

  11. A Donky Kong hat
    How about that...
    What, $40, you say?
    Does it come with with a Bora bay?
    Will it make me look young?
    Will it make me sing a song?
    Will it make me find my shoe?
    Will it look good on Scooby Blue?

    Many questions from The Goo
    And I'll raise you a Scooby Dooooo!

    1. You get on Scooby Doo?
      How does that come due?
      You may be shit outta luck
      So I'd pass the buck

  12. I lived with my grandma when I was 12 and she took me to a seance and a palm reader. lol

  13. My hubby would like the door
    The decking and whatever else is in store.
    As for nude Barbies, no old men need apply
    That would be creepy if they want nude dolls to buy.

    1. haha some sure like it
      To each their own with a hit

  14. It's amazing the crap people try to sell, but you know there will be buyers!

    1. Yep, a buyer for everything it seems
      Some come out in teams

  15. I'm looking for old picket fence that someone tossed away
    Even though it's old and worn, I will even pay
    So why not advertise your junk with fools like me around
    I will relieve you of your stuff and to your dough compound

    1. Hey, that is a win
      I got a bridge I can sell you cheap at our bin lol

  16. Hey, listen, cat, fancy a bit of this and a bit of that?/Hey, don't speak too loud, my boy, the police think I'm really coy. :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. have to watch the coppers
      They can put on the stoppers

  17. A madwoman my wife can be
    Whenever a sale sign she’d see
    But I soon embraced
    The madness she faced
    At bed time I placed sign on me

  18. Very funny
    They want our money.
    I get loads of calls each day
    I say, "Get lost and go away"
    But they stay and stay
    No matter what I say.
    Last week I had a financial call
    and the chap was a con man at his stall.
    I said, "Will you do me a great big favour?
    This is a scam . . .it has that flavour!
    I'm telling you to go the hell
    Where you will be punished very well.
    It is much hotter with sulphur fume,
    Much hotter than your boiler room!"

    He hung up . . . lol

    1. lol didn't like your rap?
      Now that is a mean chap
      He deserves to go to hell
      Just because he never found it swell

  19. It's amazing the things folks try to sell.

  20. Stolen antique door? What a steal!
    Gimme a stolen house
    and you got yourself a deal.
    PS I need bail money too.
    Just keeping it real.

    1. Bail coming your way
      As long as Monopoly they play

  21. I have always wondered who bought used undergarments at yard sales and thrift stores. Ewww!

    1. Yeah, I'll stay commando
      No used under garment show

  22. One person's junk
    Is another's treasure
    But nude Barbie dolls
    Don't give me pleasure

    1. Yeah, those they can keep
      Make some guy weep

  23. You definitely explored online hell! Used lingerie takes the prize!


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