A Random That With A This Stat!

These just wanted to come out so the cat gave them a shout. Out they did flow. Why? Damned if I know. The brain said type it and so I did every bit.

There once was a man in a tin foil hat.
He fell down the stairs and then he went splat.
We don't know the why, we don't know the who.
All he said was, "They got me, boo hoo."

The window is blocked, the door nailed shut.
So says the one stuck in a rut.
The ceiling is steel, the floor is too.
There is an escape, the hole for the loo.

Spoilers are given at a free rate.
Some are new, some out of date.
With each one there is a whine.
Surfing such sites just isn't divine.

Up we went and down we go.
Where we stop, that you know.
Or maybe that you kinda knew.
Let's keep that between me and you.

Set in stone is the saying that's used.
That can leave many amused.
Others may cause an interruption to pass.
Can't amuse the whole human mass.

The bed was made and the floor was clean.
The whole house had some kind of glean.
Why is that? Well that is easy to know.
The house was for sale and up for a show.

The real world brings on the fake.
The fake makes you do a double take.
Between real and fake the medium lies.
Finding such a spot is rare beneath skies.

There was an old fat man with a white beard.
He was something the whole town feared.
Then he gave all toys and a wrapped gift.
Cut his work down to a once a year shift.

There were peas in a shoe and corn in a glove.
They wouldn't leave with any push and shove.
Like rocks they were while stuck in place.
The Great Corn Pea death is still an open case.

A meowing cat was seen on the street.
It was enticed in with a fancy treat.
The humans gave it a name and it was lame.
The cat didn't care ruling the fellow and the dame.

The cat really went off today. Anything your brain wants to make you say? There has to be something that pops on in and wants to be given a spin. Let it out with ease whenever you please. The cat does whether it's nice or sass. It just flows out my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. A Random That With A This Stat!
    The Cat is out going up the stack
    Anything on play
    The Cat has a say
    Extending shouts for the pack


  2. No peas in my shoe. Or my bed. Don't think there's any in the freezer either.

    1. Peas nowhere to be found
      So they won't gang up and surround

  3. The Grimm reaper came around
    Then some were no longer found
    They were put down in the ground
    Hopefully they are homeward bound

    That is what comes to mind
    So I leave these words behind
    Life sometimes ain't so kind
    Today, let's see what I can find

    1. Over the mountain or the hill
      Off they go where their soul does will
      Life can suck
      But have to shovel through the muck

  4. I'm not keen on peas Pat. but loved the verse.

  5. Not much to say at my place
    Too early in the day
    Is all I will say.


  6. I hope the old man with the white beard never splats here!

  7. I am with Brian, hope that old man never comes here. Sounds like that cat is in trouble.

  8. As soon as I finish eating my pease
    I'll save The Cat, if you please

  9. Random fakes
    Do doubletakes
    Best to stay mute
    Or fake playing a flute

  10. Lyrics often come to mind randomly during the day. Lately, "When fact is fiction and TV reality" U2 circa 1983. The more things change . . .

    1. The more they don't
      Leave ones head also sometimes lyrics won't

  11. Scared of a man in a white beard. Might he have a few reindeer as well?

  12. Love the old fat man with white beard verse:)

  13. Cats rule
    We let them, even when they are cruel.
    The fat man is on to something
    work one day and the rest of the time, just sing.

    1. Just enjoy the day
      With one work day at play

  14. It's funny how clean some will get their house when they are getting ready to sell it. Fix broken things too. Like, why not do those things while you are still living there?

    1. Would make more sense to do
      Then can live in the new

  15. Peas in a shoe?
    Say it ain't so
    Dinner is ready to go?

  16. My wife read one of my old posts and she said "Santa claus follows your blog?"

    good ol "Santa"

    1. Santa is jolly and grand
      Following across the land

    2. Santa Blue
      Might be following you too
      You can tell it's him
      Cause he's missing a shoe.

    3. A one shoed Santa Blue
      A story or two

  17. One never knows what a cat will do.
    He might curl up in your shoe.
    Or she might bring you a mouse,
    And beg to bring it into the house.

    1. haha that they may
      Outside the mouse can stay

  18. Her husband had so much to say
    His mouth would just blah blah all day
    But wife didn’t weep
    For blessing she’d reap
    His blah blah would keep pests away

  19. I'd be lying if I didn't admit to trying to figure out who was who. haha

    1. haha hopefully not confusing
      As you went perusing

  20. your lines about "FAKE" are outstanding Pat!


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