And One Will Start The Job Cart!

The cat is back to 24 posts in one day. Did you know I did that at my bay? If you don't you will soon. For 24 posts in one day shall come from this loon. One year movies, next you, next tv and next you. So now the jobs of Pat shall come due. He actually had 24. The cat never knew he had such a large tour.

Sawmill Worker

Ugg to the first.
I can say never again.
It was by far the worst,
Ranking a 0 out of 10.

But if you want to try,
You can feel free.
You'll get sawdust in your eye,
And anywhere you can pee.

Then you'll pile wood.
Then you'll pile more.
Make sure that is understood.
For it's a daily chore.

Then all you piled,
Will need to be bought.
Someone may want floor tiled,
So you'll have to load the lot.

Then plain the stuff.
Boring as can be.
Back and forth is enough,
To make me want to flee.

Have you ever done this one as post 1 of 24 is now done? Any jobs that are strange you've done at your sea? Are you enjoying the questions given by me? There are only 23 to go as the questions will flow. But they are the same with my 24 post game. So easy it shall be with each pass. I hope you can keep up with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Got it, so it is
      Late by 11 mins


    2. Can Hank stay in front of his computer for twenty-four hours? We shall see...

    3. He's tried before
      There at his shore

  2. And One Will Start The Job Cart!
    Hank lucky this year for a start
    Happy birthday Pat
    Happy with the Cats
    So start the day all looking smart


  3. Happy Birthday, Pat
    Lots of posts where you're at
    Hope some treats are had
    But none that make you feel bad

    Sawmill work, hmmm not for me
    Some odd jobs to keep singing free
    Thinking you mean plane not plain
    Otherwise it may all be in vain

    1. Bah, hate stupid thing
      Plain as can be at our wing lol

  4. Sawmill worker ranked 0 from 10
    Much avoided if that was meant?
    Not dirty job
    Not those sorts
    Couldn't fathom such comments


  5. Its that time of year again
    seems like it was only yesterday
    wishing you many wonderful posts ahead
    and hoping you have a delightful birthday!


  6. Bet that was a messy job.
    Happy birthday, Pat!

    1. Sawdust ville
      Thinking about makes me ill lol

  7. That job does not sound like a good one. Hope your birthday is fabulous! And I'm sure I tell you this every year, but you share the same birthday as my husband!

  8. I've commented on later ones before this one, but good luck Pat.


  9. Happy birthday to you
    May you have sunshine at your zoo

  10. A sawmill worker job is not for me
    I'm not strong enough to cut up a tree

  11. Now that's a job that wouldn't interest me!

    I'm wondering when and how you'll be able to answer all the comments on the 24 you post today... and in rhyme, yet!

    1. haha the cat is good at multi-tasking
      Sawmill not a job for which many would be asking

  12. Dang, that sure is a lot of typing! Happy Birthday from all of us!

  13. 24 in one day
    with so much to say
    for now let us pray
    23 posts away
    from hip hip horray

  14. The only weird job I ever had was working at a bridal shop. Only lasted a day before I quit. I couldn't put up with the owner. She could cry on demand and cried every damn time a lady tried on a wedding gown. It was so irritating and fake!

    1. hahaha that would sure annoy
      As she spread her fake joy

  15. This is very funny to me
    I grew up on a sawmill you see.
    So this is nothing new to me


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