Cross The Divides With The Besides!

The cat listened to a nut the other day. The same damn thing they did say. They said it 12 times and the I stopped counting. What was it that was mounting? I'll get there at my lair.

There could still be snow.
I hate that you know.
Know you do.
I just told you.

I told you before?
No need for an encore?
That's beside the point.
Did you hear about the butt joint?

Yeah, it really is there.
I know you really don't care.
That's beside the point.
Don't get your nose out of joint.

I didn't hold you at gun point.
I never hurt your wrist joint.
A new rhyme I should appoint.
But that's beside the point.

What was the point?
Do I really need to anoint?
Nah, that wasn't it.
Isn't this some shit?

There was a bear in the road.
It left a great big load.
That factored into what I was saying.
And look, you aren't even paying.

Should I charge for this?
That may bring bliss.
My wallet is in disjoint.
That's beside the point.

It can still fill.
Use it on a bill.
Who gets paper bills still?
That should be nil.

But that's beside the point.
Don't you love that hip joint?
That thing can sure cause pain.
Maybe that's a no pain no gain.

Some have said no pain no game.
That is really rather lame.
But that's beside the point.
This point I really should anoint.

Catch the point in all of that? Are you just confused by the cat? I could go on forever like some humans at my sea, but there are more important things to do for we. I never even got to the point that that saying was said a ton. There we go, all done. Don't you love the never ending roundabout way? Didn't that just make your day? But that's beside the point class. The butt joint better stay in for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Where the heck is everyone?
    We still get paper bills and I pay by check. I know, everyone pays online. Maybe one day I will.

    1. Time change screwed with all
      Ninja still antique way at his hall lol

    2. Maybe it is the time change. I remembered though.

    3. All have to get up to snuff
      As for some the time change is rough

    4. That you do
      All the day through

  2. Cross The Divides With The Besides!
    Come to the point not to take sides
    Point of contention
    And no revelation
    Better to face it not to take flight


  3. You might just be the Rambling Man!

    1. Trying' to make a livin'
      Doin'the best I can
      and when it's time for leavin'
      I hope you understand

    2. Rambling away
      A feline with say

  4. Wow is everyone sleeping?
    We will blame it on the moon
    and the time changing tune...

    1. Asleep they must be
      Finding no spring ahead glee

  5. Time change, did you get the point
    Change the clock at your joint?
    I forgot but that's the norm
    Tonight we'll have another storm

  6. Confused this morning
    But not from lack of sleep
    No changing clocks here
    But cannot think too deep.


    1. No changing clocks would be grand
      Spread that across the land

  7. Clock change done
    Now time to run
    Dislocate a joint
    What's the point?

  8. I am getting a new hip
    Can't happen soon enough
    As I limp and hobble in pain
    But I try to be tough

    1. Hip pain sure does suck
      Mine stays fine unless I walk with no shoes on and then it's wt fluck

  9. Time change in the US.

    Hello Pat and Cat!

    1. Been there done that
      Wish it would be squashed flat

  10. A bear in the road? Oh, you Canadians!

  11. My brother does that. Takes 30 minutes to get to the point he's trying to make. So frustrating.

    1. haha goes on and on
      Before the point shall dawn

  12. Clocks are changed here, darn it all.Good point, getting to the point.

  13. The point of that, the point of this/I think the cat is just taking the piss! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  14. Wife reset clock
    So I wouldn't squawk
    But then came the shock
    She used a rock

  15. I haven't heard that idiom in a while, Pat. It's always fun when you play with idioms where you're at. "Stick to the point," I say. No need for additions that are not directly relevant to the point you're making. Hearing someone say "Besides..." a dozen plus times would make me want to tear my hair out. Have a great day at your bay!

    1. lol so if the cat says it 50 times you'll go bald?
      Would that leave you applaud

  16. Not gonna lie
    Feeling a bit shocked
    This poem seems a touch angry
    Like someone needs to get rocked

  17. I think the only paper bills I still get are medical bills. I do love the convenience of online bill pay though!

  18. I still get bills through the mail
    I like that better, without fail.
    As fo snow, we will be getting a lot
    Hi's March...that's all I've got:)

    1. Enjoy the snow
      Rain is all we got at our show


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