My Friend, Fear The End!

The end is coming. Start the drumming. Tell all far and near. The Evil Tootoo Lord is here. His fangs will plunge into Earth and nothing will be left of worth. Whoops, I lie. The Evil Tootoo Lord is too shy.

Weren't those years great?
Yeah, no one can relate.
That decade was fun.
It was peace for everyone.

Bomb shelters sold here.
Get one before death is near.
You'll need it today.
Come on, don't delay.

Those decades were grand.
Fun across the land.
I wish I lived then.
I'd have a nice den.

Society will collapse.
The Great Depression may relapse.
You better take your money and run.
With the banks be done.

Such decades were quaint.
They were like colorful paint.
Just so cheery and bright.
Could walk in the dead of night.

The Russians are coming.
Sound the drumming.
They'll be here soon.
Spies around every sand dune.

Such decades were a blast.
I wish they could last.
They'd be great to this day.
Why can't I hit replay?

Plague runs across the Earth.
A new virus has given birth.
Lock your windows and doors.
Stick close to the floors.

Wish we could go back.
There it never did lack.
We were oh so wise.
There was no crazy cries.

Y2K is almost here.
Everyone run in fear.
There will be panic in the streets.
Better stalk up on eats.

Wasn't that fun? We went on a reminiscing run. Ours was as original as can be. No one thinks about the fear that hung from the decade tree. Nope, all kittens and rainbows they recall. Humans do have selective memory after all. Fear mongering is every which way today as it was years before on display. Do you wish you had a certain decade's green grass? I'll stay right here with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Go back to the days when we had to get up, cross the room, and twist the knob on the television set? No thanks.
    The grass is greenest now because now is where we are.

    1. Yep, in the now is where we stay
      Going back gets a no way

  2. On the days of reminiscing
    The blarney stone we were not kissing
    I never feared in days of yore
    When everyone was really poor
    Now this age brings us money galore
    To buy the chemicals from the store

    1. Buy and buy and don't forget more
      Use everything at your shore
      Then get some credit
      Post all about it on Reddit

  3. My Friend, Fear The End!
    Are all around the bend
    Stoke the fear
    And it is near
    Over like any fast trains


  4. I am happy in the now, it still can wow
    hey, I am always open to a bit of drumming
    all that is needed is a bit of strumming...

    oh, maybe the ninja can help with that as he
    rocks that guitar ;)

    1. The ninja and True
      Through in the snore of Blue

    2. Speaking of Blue
      where is his shoe

    3. Off snoring
      Or maybe road exploring

  5. Fun to look back
    But better to live for these days
    Makes it more enjoyable
    As we play


  6. It's very easy to look at the past through rose-tinted lenses and think that previous eras were so much better. But I think it's a constant that life sucks, wherever and whenever you are.

    1. Yep, one positive leads to another negative and so on
      As each new decade and such does dawn

  7. Memories can be fun and even inspire
    But right here right now is the true mire

  8. Memories of good must get warped over time!

  9. I think Billy Joel sang your tune
    We didn't start the fire!!

  10. Remember the fear that computers would collapse at the stroke of midnight on 1/1/2000? People were actually stocking the basements with food and water.

    1. lmao yeah that was stupid as can be
      That and the Mayan thing at every sea

  11. I like living in the now, thank you very much. I had a neighbor call me once and ask if I had my basement stocked with food because she knew the end of times were just on the horizon. "We gotta look out for each other on this street! If you don't have enough, I have a year's supply or more stocked in mine and we'd be happy to share." If the end is near, I think I'd rather die than share in her kale chips and gluten-free crackers.

    1. haha you never know though
      To her you may go
      When starvation sets in
      She'll survive the oncoming alien-zombie-vampire hybrid spin

  12. Ah yes, I recall those days
    When we expected a world ablaze
    With buildings crumbling down
    And nuclear horror all around.

    At school we'd hear the siren sound
    and under our desks we'd hit the ground.
    With little arms we covered our heads,
    But if it had been real we would have been dead.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Yeah, no chance
      No matter the stance
      Desk, building and you
      Boom on cue

  13. It is all going to end for all of us at some point, so we just need to make the best of what we have while we have it.

    1. That we do
      Enjoy the ride given to me and you

  14. Remember the Apocalypse of 12/12/12 too?
    I stocked up on chocolate, more than a few.
    Nah, that I always do.

    1. Yeah, you need that
      A good stock whether the earth is round or flat

  15. orlin N food gurl rememburrz Y2...her made de mizz take oh goin two de bank that day ta get sum moola for sum food abullz N de linez at de tellerz windowz waz like inn sane ~~~~~ ♥☺

  16. Those were the days I look back ~ I was scared back then. Not now, though, I just smile and go on my everyday stuff ~

  17. I have no desire to go back to the 'good ole days'.

  18. Maybe folks are afraid there'll be no tomorrow. But personally I don't want to go back either!

    1. Yeah, afraid they like
      Always taking that hike

  19. “And now it begins,” said Ser Arthur Dayne, the Sword of the Morning. He unsheathed Dawn and held it with both hands. The blade was pale as milkglass, alive with light.

    “No,” Ned said with sadness in his voice. “Now it ends.”

  20. I didn't realize the evil Tootoo Lord had fangs. Well damn, we're all doomed.

  21. The devil on earth now does roam
    Don’t bother the Bible to comb
    For taxes you see
    He thought he could flee
    Till IRS repossessed home

  22. Each generation has its trouble,
    But we can't live in a bubble.
    So we look on the bright side
    and hope for a gentle ride.

  23. Live in the moment
    Is what I try to do
    But easier said than done
    Try not to Boo Hoo

  24. The past is behind us,
    The future we look.


  25. "This was a test of the emergency broadcasting system. If this were not a test you would have.." "Ahh Man, I am watching Bugs Bunny!" So went my life back in the 70's

    1. lol sucks when the show went away
      Testing at their bay

  26. Haha ~ challenges in every decade. Now the 60s was fun!

    1. Every one has one
      Wasn't even born to give them a run


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