Not There I'm Aware!

The cat likes to hide toys here and there. Can find them under the bed and fridge at our lair. Hey, they just go under as I whack. Humans sure hide everything though at their shack.

Look a this.
You can't miss.
Smile wide.
Shoved aside.

We'll do it later.
Shove it in a crater.
Out of sight.
No longer a fright.

Health bells ring.
Bah, who needs that thing.
I'll still sit on my ass.
Shovel pills down in mass.

Insurance is due.
Bah, screw that too.
Whoops, accident is had.
But hey, I meant to pay it at my pad.

Yard work needed.
That can be deeded.
Deeded and not done.
What? My 8ft grass isn't inviting to everyone?

Need to fill out that form.
Bah, ignoring it is the norm.
Wait, I could have won that?
I blame the cat for my falling flat.

Pay the IRS.
Damn that mess.
Now I owe back fees too?
What? Jail may come due?

Get prepared for snow.
Pffft it will be a while before it will blow.
My roof caved in?
Stupid winter and its early spin.

Need to get someone new hired?
Bah, I'm just too tired.
Whoops, work didn't get done.
Going out of business is now spun.

Out of mind.
The way of mankind.
Then they give a hiss,
Due to their own miss.

Do you shove them aside and in it take pride? Get screwed over later that way. That may cause dismay. At least sometimes it may. Others you can go out to play. But if your roof caves in due to snow, a whoopsy may not be enough at your show. Now I'll go chew the grass so it doesn't grow 8ft around my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Double the dose
      Just by a nose
      Just as unplanned
      Appears grand!


    2. You beat you
      With a times two

  2. Yes! we humans are good at "Sweeping things under the carpet" Wonderfully written Pat.


  3. Hide it from sight
    Fly it up on a kite
    The frost man will bite
    In the dark find a light

  4. To err is human, to forgive divine. Alexander Pope 17ll
    But you still have to pay the bill for the err.

    1. When payment comes due
      Can sure turn one blue

  5. While I might gather things in organized piles of mess and then ignore for a while, I always pay bills on time. Wish I could ignore the yard work. Shaggy grass bugs me though.

    1. Yeah, I'd be the same with the shaggy grass
      Wanting to make that pass

  6. Not There I'm Aware!
    It comes with a glare
    Hidden from view
    Insurance is due
    Only then it is fair


  7. We often hide our toys under the couch...with the dust bunnies!

    1. Give the dust bunnies some fun
      As around you run

  8. Our toys all go skidding under the stove or fridge. Never to be seen again.

    1. Must be lots under there
      With little room to spare

  9. Nope, if I have something to do I need to get it done or it bothers me until I do.

  10. No hiding at my place
    Oh the list we do
    Keep up the pace, all things in place
    Yard under control, nothing to rue

    1. Keeping all on task
      So in the sun you can bask

  11. Paid someone to do the yard
    Gets done quicker that way
    And leaves us more time
    To play.


  12. Sometimes I push aside
    Sometimes I hide
    Sometimes I get it done quick
    But that frame of mind doesn't stick.

  13. Whenever I procrastinate
    the things I really hate
    I end up regretting it
    as on my butt I sit. hahaha

    1. haha and the grow and grow
      Like a laundry show

  14. From bedroom my six year old sped
    He cried there’s a ghost under bed
    My son don’t you worry
    As to bed I’d carry
    That’s just were we bury the dead

  15. There's always something around the house to do.
    Vacuuming, mopping, washing to name a few.
    Sometimes, when I'm lazy I take a nap instead.
    The cats like to keep me company in bed.
    I don't worry, I'll do it another day.
    If not, what can I say?

    1. Yeah, meh it gets done
      As around you nap or run

  16. Some things I do and some I opt not
    until it is actually due, at my zoo

  17. I can't wait until later
    That will not occur
    In my home at all.
    I've had clients, on the other hand.
    Who have their heads in the sand.
    Some have not done their income tax
    In a decade and know they owe to the max.

    1. lmao those people I just shake my head
      As they have made their own bed

    2. Took a call today from a man who has not done his taxes since 1997!

    3. 20 years is a long ass time
      Was he a street corner mime?

  18. No sweeping things under the carpet for me.
    I take care of business at my sea.
    That's why my blogging can fall by the wayside.
    Unpaid bills, an empty larder, mounds of laundry I cannot abide!

    1. haha that is why I stay far far ahead
      Then I can do that while new posts are put to bed

  19. I am usually on top of getting things done and paying bills on time. If am a stickler for not having a mounting to-do list if I can help it.

    1. A good stickler to be
      Let's you stay do to list free

  20. So much work to do
    I don't know how to make it through!

  21. I'm glad I got my taxes back in Jan


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