On Patrol With All Control!

The cat shakes his head. I think I'll do that even in my death bed. You humans are out to lunch. At least most in the bunch. But that you know. No need to tell me at your show. What? You did? Don't flip your lid.

Things will go wrong.
Things aren't in tune.
The world will ping pong.
It will be high noon.

You need me there.
I need to do it.
Get out of my hair.
I'll make everything a hit.

What was that?
That can't be.
It must have went splat.
It didn't have me.

1000 marriages took place.
That isn't true.
Me they should embrace,
Or it won't go through.

Work assignments were done.
That is as false as can be.
They will make the execs run.
They didn't consult me.

Cars everywhere were bought.
They never got the best price.
Screwed, the whole friggin lot.
Without me they roll loaded dice.

Homes were built.
What? In a tree?
I bet they all have a tilt.
You should have consulted me.

You graded work?
That is too bad.
You are just some clerk.
I'll regrade and make all mad.

You are raising kids?
That will end in disaster.
You can't even raise squids.
I can raise them better and faster.

Have you got it yet?
You can't live free.
Nothing can be perfectly set.
You have to consult me, me, me.

Are you a control freak? I hope not at your creek. Thinking everyone, everywhere needs you is rather pathetic at your zoo. Wow, dozens of babies were just born. Wow, people are picking ears of corn. Guess what each have in common from zoo to zoo? They got done and didn't need you. The cat is also still here passing gas. No need to control my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. A control freak I am not,
    That I'm glad to say.
    But I know someone who most certainly is,
    And by his actions I have had to pay.

    Happy week-end Pat.


    1. Good to stay away
      From such people on display

  2. I imagine it's not easy raising squids.
    Reality is that everyone can be replaced.

    1. Might be quite the task
      Yep, replaced without even an ask

  3. On Patrol With All Control!
    There're freaks who are bold
    Give some face
    Leave a space
    Or some may likely just fold


  4. I used to be a control freak and still am but it is very hard to control cats in any way.

    1. Cats will have their way
      At the end of the day

  5. Never been a control freak but I have known a few. But I do make a good boss. lol

    1. lol a bossy boots at your sea
      As a bossing comes to be

  6. Oh I like things my way but Ray keeps me in check. Only a tad berserk at my zoo

  7. Some things I like to have my way
    But I also like to give others a fair say

    1. That is what one must do
      Always up for a new view

  8. I've known a control freak before
    played the game of do what I say
    or I won't talk to you anymore
    I learned and went my own way
    this person was a one way street
    to a friend this person did mistreat...

    1. Let them walk off their own cliff
      No one will weep or sniff

  9. On some things I like to be in control
    But then there are lots of things I slide by
    That is how I do it here
    But don't ask why.


    1. Some are more better than other things
      As they wait there in your wings

  10. I don't think so until I'm in the car

  11. I can honestly say I am never in control these days!

    1. With so many others around
      Control can be hard to be found

  12. Oh no, not a control freak over here. I have much self control.

  13. If I've learned anything in this life it is that control is an illusion! Have a good day, my friend!

  14. When I'm in control
    I want to be heard.
    Control is my goal
    When I'm Arlee Bird.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Do you flip the bird?
      That can be taken the wrong way, my word

  15. I am not a control freak
    but I am not meek.
    I do like some things a certain way
    most people are like that, I dare say.
    Now my hubby likes to be in control
    my mom as well, it makes my eyes roll
    to the back of my head as they need things this way and that.
    I just think they need some cat scat:)

    1. haha cat scat will teach a thing or three
      As they try to control their sea

  16. orlin N cassie...de FSG noez a few control freekz; one at werk & de purrson waz ona tie raid bout doin sum thin their way N gettin ten kindz oh att a tood with her & everee one else....

    if noe customerz had been in de store area... her wooda getted on de intercom N announced:

    Jesus iz in de buildin; pleez come two de west side for meet N greet ~~~~~~


    heerz two a slender snipe eel kinda week oh end ! ♥♥♥☺☺☺

    1. haha now that would have been fun
      You've sure got a big one

  17. Sorry, Pat. I did all of that, even without a cat.

    (Well, that's not quite true. My son had a cat.)

  18. Really I dont control nothing!!
    Really anything in this life you can control lol

    1. Yep, have to go with the flow
      With whatever shall show

  19. Control freak at their peak
    Grab a bus that goes beep, beep

  20. I like to think I'm in control every day.
    Then the cats come along and show me the way.

    1. They live how they like
      Everything else can take a hike

  21. He boasted he had her on string
    For him she would do anything
    Was struck in the head
    When somebody said
    Which string was controlling that fling

  22. Sometimes we feel we need to do it all- but life certainly moves on without us. ;)


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