On To Three At Our Sea!

The cat is back to 24 posts in one day. Did you know I did that at my bay? If you don't you will soon. For 24 posts in one day shall come from this loon. One year movies, next you, next tv and next you. So now the jobs of Pat shall come due. He actually had 24. The cat never knew he had such a large tour.


A rugrat or ten,
Are easy to please.
Playing mother hen,
Can be a breeze.

Or maybe not.
They could wail and cry.
Behind you they may plot,
To stab you in the eye.

Or you'll have to play,
Play games that mind numb.
With their little old display,
You may need some run.

Watch me, watch this.
A common phrase.
They are in pure bliss,
With a little praise.

But the worst of the worst,
May soon show its face.
When their TV thirst,
Turns to a Barney embrace.

Have you ever done this one as post 3 of 24 is now done? Any jobs that are strange you've done at your sea? Are you enjoying the questions given by me? There are only 21 to go as the questions will flow. But they are the same with my 24 post game. So easy it shall be with each pass. I hope you can keep up with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Forgot to come back here in time to post
    wanted to try to be #1 the most
    won't make it to the next hour
    getting tired and a bit sour


  2. On To Three At Our Sea!
    To be caring for a baby
    And babysitting
    For one thing
    Patience of a high degree


  3. I used to babysit
    A lot as a teen
    And even when older
    I enjoyed that scene

  4. Not a chance! I didn't want my own kids - why would I watch someone else's kids?

    1. haha then you can send them away
      And teach them bad habits at play

  5. I found that the only kids I liked babysitting were my own. Actually, I should post about some of the terrors I was paid $1 an hour to supervise!

  6. Baby sitting that's a job
    I'll stay away from, thank you god
    I've done my time with little twerps
    Feed em milk and give em burps

  7. First job for me
    Loving kids at my sea

  8. I've had to tend to other people's brats... err, kids... a few times. Always seemed to be more trouble than it was worth.

    1. Yeah, some really have no sense of discipline at all
      Those brats were a one and done at our hall

  9. 24 in one day
    with so much to say
    for now let us pray
    21 posts away
    from hip hip horray

  10. I was forced to do this once
    I felt like a real dunce.
    Never again I said with a sigh
    As I walked home and gave a good cry.

    1. Didn't like the brat
      Where you are at?

    2. Nope that brat was no better than a gnat

  11. I babysat my cousins for a weekend while their parents were at an amusement park. They cussed, chased each other with knives, and told me I wasn't their boss. First and last time I ever babysat.


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