On With Four We Take The Tour!

The cat is back to 24 posts in one day. Did you know I did that at my bay? If you don't you will soon. For 24 posts in one day shall come from this loon. One year movies, next you, next tv and next you. So now the jobs of Pat shall come due. He actually had 24. The cat never knew he had such a large tour.

Lyrics Writer

Start a blog.
They see your rhyme.
Through the fog,
They drop you a dime.

Want a song written.
It's easy to do.
They are sure smitten,
So write something new.

The scheme is needed.
Meaning which way to rhyme.
Then it can be seeded,
With a simple chime.

Get down the words,
Repeat the flow.
Sing it to the birds,
Could create quite the show.

Then let it loose.
And get your dough.
Not quite a golden goose,
But can survive, you know.

Have you ever done this one as post 4 of 24 is now done? Any jobs that are strange you've done at your sea? Are you enjoying the questions given by me? There are only 20 to go as the questions will flow. But they are the same with my 24 post game. So easy it shall be with each pass. I hope you can keep up with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. On With Four We Take The Tour!
    Do fancy being a lyrics writer
    Needs to rhyme
    Most of the time
    But would not be such a bother


  2. I've considered
    Writing lyrics to a song
    But for piles of money
    The time might be long

    1. Could take time
      But piles of $$ isn't a crime

  3. You know I am no poet. However, you are the master.

  4. Good luck with your challenge Pat.


  5. I'd be lousy at it, but it's right up your alley, Pat!

    1. Can do it with ease
      Comes out like a breeze

  6. Write a song, get in the mood
    Make it a lullaby, wear a snood
    A snood will attract flies in your hair
    It's better than wrestling an old grizzly bear

  7. Near and dear to my heart
    Even though paychecks never start

    1. Yeah, few and far between
      There at ones scene

  8. Hubby has done this in his day
    But not me I will say


  9. Ah, this I've done, many times over! I enjoy it. I even got to sing some of my own songs back when I was the lead singer in several rock'n'roll bands!

    1. Singing I'd never due
      Scare any away in view lol

  10. 24 in one day
    with so much to say
    for now let us pray
    20 posts away
    from hip hip horray

  11. I could see you make up a song ditty
    It could be fun to hear with my kitty.

  12. When I don't know the lyrics, I make up my own. As long as you sing them like you are convinced they are supposed to sound that way, nobody knows how bad you are messing the lyrics up.


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