Private Nut In A Rut!

The cat doesn't want you to know he has gas. Whoops, posted that in mass. Damn, I'm sure confusing there. I don't want you to know but I tell you at my lair. Get it? You will with this fit.

I want privacy.
That is my policy.
A cheat rhyme in my prime.
I'll do it more than one time.

Back to privacy.
Don't want piracy.
Can be avast any land lubbers.
That could piss off umm rubbers?

Trojan may not find joy.
Hey, could be a pirate toy.
A bit off track.
Back on the attack.

Piracy I want.
Those crazies can haunt.
Shouldn't tell what I do.
Oh no, that is so bad at my zoo.

Look at my funny pic.
Like and click.
Look at my fancy car.
I can drive that far.

Pics galore of my house.
Doesn't even have a mouse.
It is brand shiny new.
All there for all to view.

Did we mention we are going away?
Yep, will be away a week at our bay.
No one will be home at all.
Don't you love our shiny hall?

But we are going to a private place.
That puts a smile on my face.
It's in Bora Bora.
There we'll umm whora whora?

I'll be sure and show pics too.
There will be plenty to view.
Be sure and like each one.
Now away I go to have fun.

I want my life private though.
That I really do know.
Don't watch me NSA.
But liking my pic is okay.

Pfffft are you one of those? Whine about all the privacy woes? Then you go and post all the crap on the internet for all to see. Such people deserve what they get with their not so private "like me" spree. Hit with the dumb stick as they try and choose and pick. If you put it out in mass then you are less private than my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Private Nut In A Rut!
    They think one is smart
    Some privacy
    Is necessary
    Not telling too much in part


    1. Have to hide some away
      But few do with their say

  2. Go off to a private isle
    Or go float the river Nile
    Drink Turkish coffee in the morn
    Watch a baby elephant get born
    Keep it all under wraps
    As the village crier does his laps
    It's all hush hush, no one can know
    Then send up one big fireworks show

    1. Send it up to see
      Write in the sky for me
      Tell all around the Earth
      Elephant birth has worth

  3. Have fun on your vacay
    and don't let anyone know you're away
    because then they will take your things
    like your gold chains and rings
    or your box of kitty litter
    and other things that glitter
    best to post those pics when you're back
    so your home isn't under attack

    1. In they will come
      Leave your home as bare as a bum
      Rob you blind
      Gotta love mankind

  4. Hey, I'm going to be away, come rob me at my bay!
    I like my privacy and I keep it that way - private.

    1. Private is what it should be
      When you don't want people to know things at your sea

  5. I never understood that mentality
    telling everyone you are away
    it's like inviting trouble at your bay
    Some of your things may stray
    Off with some crook, a new reality

    1. Yep, it is dumb
      Find a criminal chum
      Although may be neat to go first
      Then post such a burst
      Pretending you are going
      Then catch the criminal that is showing

  6. Yep, there is a lot of not-too-bright posted every single day!

  7. Bit private here at my bay
    Don't want to tell it all
    Keep some secrets
    Don't want to fall


    1. Some are best kept
      Under the rug they are swept

  8. How timely is that?!?
    Headline news from our very own Cat!!!

    1. Psychic at my sea
      With the timing that came to be

  9. Privacy, do not look,
    at least until I post on Facebook.

    'tis the culture, I do suppose. :)

  10. I have always assumed not much is private. Nowadays amazon can predict my life. I do try to use common sense on postings.

    1. Yeah, Amazon has you in its clutches
      Whether buying books or crutches

  11. Some of the stuff folks put out there is stunning.

  12. I don't show or say anything that I don't mind others knowing about. It's kinda crazy to have privacy concerns and then turn on tracking on your phone so everyone on fb can see where you are, what restaurant you're at..ect.

    1. Yep, people are rather dumb
      As they let all follow around their bum

  13. orlin N cassie.....can ya say "1984" !!!

    hope all iz well with ewe both N dad two....oh, N a friend oh a friend bragged bout bee in gone on vacation on that FB place.....came home N guess what ~~~~~~ robbed ~~~~~~

    1. haha friend sure proved the point
      Don't brag until you return home at your joint

  14. People drive me nuts as well, with all that check-in business. I had to unfollow people on Twitter who were actually checking in at gas stations and grocery stores. Who cares.

    1. Yeah, I unfollowed a whole bunch too
      As those people really need to get a clue

  15. Well at least say when you are away when I come knocking at your bay. I'm a cat burglar. and you have two fine, sassy ones I see.

    1. The cats will keep things at bay
      Should anyone stray

  16. Kellyanne Conway says Obama can see you through your microwave


    1. Damn, I may be screwed
      Some may find it rude

  17. Your telly spies on you you know/and why do you think cows say "Moo" and not "no"?

    Greetings from London.

  18. Hard to cry afoul of privacy when someone is posting all over the internet ~ Best to say little or not at all ~

    1. That is the best way
      If one wants privacy to stay

  19. Private look
    at a book
    Filled with gook
    how head shook
    when wife took
    whacked at crook
    caught with book

  20. Privacy doesn't exist anymore.
    Fortunately I have nosy neighbors at my shore!

    1. They keep a watchful eye
      When in the sky you fly

  21. Great post Pat, enjoyed the read.


  22. Look at my food
    That puts me in a mood.
    Look at my ten thousandth selfie
    I have pointed ears just like an elfie.
    I'm going away
    come rob me at my bay.
    I am all about me, me, me
    but I still want my privacy
    those people are crazy
    let them go away and go pick a daisy

    1. There they should go
      For a daisy show
      Then let them fall in
      Stuck in the ground for the win

  23. Privacy is a thing of the past
    Everyone's business is known
    People wonder why they are scammed
    When they share it all on the phone

  24. My husband is the only one that I know who actually likes his privacy. He refuses to join any social media channels and hardly ever talks about his private life with anyone other than close family and friends. Too bad he has a wife that blogs lol

    1. lmao you kinda make him fail
      As pics set sail


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