Round Fifty Six Brings More Clicks!

The search engine nuts trickle in still at my bin. A tad slow though. Good thing I'm ahead at my show. Some sure raise an eyebrow. Others are having a cow.

The cow won't fit

Told you so. I don't want to know.

sweetmook scat – girl eat dog shit

Do the two relate? What the hell at any rate.

painting of woman farting

They really want that. Farts and eating scat.

little jiggle juggs

And small boobs too. Picky at their zoo.

dragon tales feet

And big feet. Aren't they sweet?

big heads on ice

A killer on the loose? Maybe just watching a goose?

clocks turned ahead sucks

That they do.I can agree at my zoo.

movies on ice

Am I missing something? What's with the icy ring?

Top grosssy movie bad bgys

I hope they mean bad guys. If not, any idea how that acronym flies?

mixed legs in bags

The killer is back. Head and Leg Killer on the attack.

Cat TV for dogs

Is there such a thing? Dogs know the cat is king.

Hannibal players

Why you asking me? A mock killing spree?

ding ding ding hope I bring

Ding dang dong, you better not be wrong.

maxy production rates

I hope they are cheap. Don't get in too deep.

And the winner for this round must not like a hound. That or they are jealous of them all. Short,big, fat and tall. Maybe the cat should give butt sniffers a break. Then these nuts may not do a double take.

darn dog lick balls better thn me

I guess they have a frisky pup? I don't really want to know what is up. That could scare the cat a ton. From such people we will run. The search engine nuts sure have no class. I guess that is why they find my not so classy little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Round Fifty Six Brings More Clicks!
    Search Engine Nuts with strange flicks
    They lack class
    Acting too fast
    In class of their own just plain geeks!


  2. At least they weren't looking for small boobs on ice.

  3. What they look for, is hard to know
    Coming from Blue, Say it Ain't so
    Little jiggle juggs, a catchy phrase
    Keep on reading for days and days

    1. Or maybe it's stare
      As jiggle jugs show bare

  4. I think chimps typing come up with this random search worthy glop

  5. Once again searchers leave me aghast
    Can't believe the collection you've amassed

    1. They come on bye
      Few and far between but still fly

  6. Ahh, my favorite kind of post from you. It still amazes me what kind of phrases people use to begin their searches.

    1. Yeah, shows what nuts are out there
      Fun when they come to spare

  7. Always good for a laugh! You have to wonder about the free time these folks must have? Yes, changing the clocks is an annoyance, but who googles their frustration?

    1. Yeah, what is the point in that?
      Hey, Google, I hate "insert some scat"

  8. Dogs better know the cat is king :-)

  9. I never get anything like that. lol The searches are so strange.

    1. No lovey dovey stuff
      With some books in the buff?

  10. It is amazing what you find when you are not even looking for it!

  11. orlin N cassie....we gotta agreez two with de hole day lite savinz time sux all most...ALL much az bass terd turkee !☺☺♥♥

    1. Yeah, it sucks a ton
      Getting up that early is no fun

  12. Good grief. Mary's right, the searchers are very strange.

  13. The counsel of vet man obtained
    His dog wouldn’t bark man maintained
    As man sadly sat
    On wallet less fat
    Your dog is a cat vet explained

  14. That's ridiculously funny Pat!

  15. "I keep my dvds in the freezer"

    -some crazy guy

  16. Mixed legs in bags. wtf? hahahahaha....

  17. I'm still trying to figure out what you just said.
    It's giving me a headache so I'm going to bed. :)

  18. these are the same people who think they are in fashion when they wear their pajama bottoms to the local Walmart.

    1. Pretty much the case
      As they visit our place

  19. I was probably the one who typed in about the stupid time change. I seriously hate losing that hour of sleep each spring.

  20. His dog's balls
    are better than his balls?
    I think I'm gonna gag.
    That dude has no reason to brag.
    He really should shut up
    And compare himself to a tiny pup.

    1. haha maybe he is the one you dated
      Him and his dog mated

  21. Just when I thought your blog was getting too weird, I come to this post. What's happening in this world?

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out Theme Reveal: It's About Time

    1. Search engine nuts come every now and then
      Who knows if they're women or men

  22. Ew, Ew, and more Ew
    As search engine quips are due
    Some make me gag, some are odd
    Most won't get much more than a nod

  23. So, about that cow...
    Can you tell me now? :D
    Sick people everywhere...


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