Take A Stand And Supply Demand!

The cat will supply you with a rhyme today. Is there demand for it at my bay? Beats the heck out of me, but it is going to be in front of thee. That is if you have a computer screen. If not a wall may be in front of thee at your scene.

I shall not lie.
I have the supply.
I have it all.
Come have a ball.

I've got the space.
You'll love this place.
The perfect spot.
By it all trot.

I have the supply.
Supply on the fly.
Can sell to everyone.
Be a while before I have none.

I've got the price.
It is oh so nice.
Come and buy.
You'll love my supply.

It's here and waiting.
It may start dating.
Why aren't you coming?
Here I am humming.

I demand you stop.
In you should pop.
Look! I'm right here.
The windows are clear.

I demand you buy.
I have the supply.
I've said it over and over.
You can even bring in rover.

I demand you pay.
There is a price on display.
You pay every inch of it.
It is different then buying a bit.

I demand you come back.
My supply doesn't lack.
Come in and buy tomorrow.
Money you can easily borrow.

I demand you lower my supply.
I have the supply, no lie.
So come and create demand.
My supply will spread across the land.

Whoopsy, bad logic there. Did you get it at your lair? You can have supply up the yin yang but demand may not be a bang. If demand isn't there, you'll be left with it at your lair. You can demand all you want, your supply you may still flaunt. Good thing books are digital at my sea. Then I can keep all 3,445,659,246 in stock for thee. That is just a rough count of the books in mass. It could be more that are supplied by my digital little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Supply and demand is what controls price
      Take a vacation off season, the price will be sliced, but will the weather still be nice?

    2. The weather may be
      As you beat Hank I see

  2. Simply a great verse Pat. Wonderful to read.


  3. Just because someone makes it doesn't mean others want it.
    Is the Cat's digital ass programmable?

    1. His daily posts are somewhat programmable as he is more than 6 months ahead, haha while we are here he is sleeping in bed.

    2. Yep, doesn't mean any shall buy
      His ass is programmable on the fly
      Actually dumbass power was out
      But was working anyway out and about

  4. What's to prove by supply and demand
    Stuck with a product and I'll be damned
    Just cause you like it won't mean a thing
    It's what others think that'll make you a king

    1. That is the ring
      Others won't necessarily kiss your bling

  5. Supply and demand is what
    Makes the earth spin
    And some do
    Actually win


  6. Take A Stand And Supply Demand!
    Create demand supply will command
    To demand a lot
    Supply will rot
    Best to discard not to play dumb


  7. Fire sale solves the problem at the end. What insurance?

  8. If I didn't have a computer screen, I wouldn't have read this post.

    1. And if no keyboard is had
      Couldn't comment at your pad

    2. or if you could read a printed copy as the amish do

      true story


  9. Yep, what you're selling is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. If no one wants it, then it's worth nothing.

    1. Yep, zilch is what it is worth
      No matter what gives birth

  10. It's a good thing I'm not very demanding!

    1. That is good
      Plenty of supply then in your hood

  11. I do now know the story of supply and demand. If you are an idiot (raises hand) the supply may be "gone" when you get there ... hahahaha. I just had a supply/demand issue take place. I contacted a car lot to get a new car, and it was ready for me when I went to the lot. Thing is, 'it' wasn't the car I asked for, but a similar one that cost a LOT more than the one I wanted. It had all the bells and whistles that the base model didn't. They said the supply of the car I wanted had been exhausted (bait and switch) but I could take this car home overnight to think about it (gee, thanks). I took my 2nd oldest back with me the next day, and he called to let them know we were on the way...and had they been trying to 'puppy dog' his mom, or there really weren't any of the cars I wanted in stock? After many hours there, my son got me a deal where I got the car I wanted (a miracle, the supply had replenished), at a fraction of the cost it would have been, had I not taken him. I'm not mad at the salesmen...I know that's how they make their living, but it sure is nice to have grown sons. :)

    1. haha working at a car dealership I've seen that done
      They try and get you the higher priced one
      Sucker you in with a test
      Ignoring the rest
      See a target and away they go
      Not caring if you eat crow
      Good he was there
      And well aware

  12. If I have none
    can I still give you a ton?
    Or I have too much
    can I say you can only take a touch?
    If it's all mine
    then maybe I'll just build a shrine.

    1. Build and bow
      Have a cow
      As the one eye
      Scares each passerby

  13. I didn't particularly enjoy this rhyme. The worst class I ever took in college was Macroeconomics.

    1. haha ohhhh I hated those classes
      Keep them to the dull masses

  14. orlin N cassie....kinda like de auto in dus tree round theeze partz !! but they still willna "cut ewe a deel " ☺☺

  15. The creative mind
    Doesn't stop on a dime,
    But waits for a dollar
    To buy a new collar.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Buy and go
      To and fro
      New or old
      Wants the gold

  16. Sounds like too many authors I know. Write a book with no readers in mind and then wonder why it doesn't sell.

    1. Yep, just write and do nothing more
      Like that will work at any shore

  17. Good things like books are digital nowadays ~ Can't keep up with storing them all with dust ~ I think the world of books has an unlimited demand - it just demands what kind I guess ~

    1. Yeah, demand is always there
      Just some get more demand to spare

  18. Was it a cat
    who truly wrote that
    or was there a tat
    inspired by Pat

  19. Not a lot of demand these days
    For the snowflakes of my craze...

  20. Replies
    1. Maybe I'm just supplying
      Or I could be lying

  21. Are you talking weed?
    This is a demand indeed
    We must wait until 2018
    Which I think is just mean:)

    1. The pot heads are up in arms
      raising many alarms

  22. This is definitely one of your poems-turned-raps in my head.

  23. Sometimes I see something and wonder what kind of demand there is for something. Then I remember that people are frickin' weird so there probably is a market for said weird product. Just look at your Google Search Nuts. It's a crazy, demanding world out there.

    1. Yep, they sure show it is out there
      Nutballs to spare

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. My parents would get stuck
    With my brother's pyramid scheme muck
    Lots of product to sell
    He wasn't saved by the bell

    1. Wasn't in the riches?
      Guess there were a few hitches

  26. My husband would love it if I went digital with my books, but I demand a supply of the real ones.


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