The Best Rich Test!

The cat shakes his head at you humans far and near. I think you have very few things between each ear. Maybe a few worms crawling around in there. That should raise some neck hair.

They are so great.
I like every trait.
They are so cool.
Even when they drool.

Why is that?
Because they are fat.
Their wallet that is.
They are so rich they take a golden whizz.

Let's emulate each one.
That has to be fun.
Let's be a rich prick.
That will do the trick.

Get people to wipe our feet.
That is oh so neat.
Oh you missed a spot.
I can't go anywhere with a dirty trot.

Have others clean your place.
That brings a smile to your face.
You sit on your lazy fat ass,
While others clean your huge house mass.

Oh, and have 50 homes too.
That is so great to do.
Yeah, we really need that.
Be so happy where we're at.

Don't forget the yacht.
Bah, we can do without...not.
We need at least three.
A fleet to sail the sea.

A private jet too.
Sailing won't always do.
But need many a crew.
Maybe a back up one too.

Oh, look at the little people bow.
That is just so wow.
Who cares if I'm a prick?
They pile around me brick by brick.

An idea, have you?
Oh, you have two?
If only you had money?
Wow, you people are funny.

Geez, all kinds in one. Rich pricks are under the gun. Whiny people at rich pricks knees and the ones wanting to be like them pouncing like fleas. The cat got a three in one. Are you any of them under your sun? I hope not. But keep trying for that golden pot. Money is grand and a lot is fine. But wanting to be like someone who is a douche bag because they have a billion times nine? Nah, we don't need that. And who needs another billion added to that stat? Isn't 9, or whatever, billion enough in mass? You humans sure confuse my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. What a winner to start the new week,


  2. I certainly don't want a bunch of big homes. Two really nice ones would do. Rather do more charitable work with my money and not be a douche bag.

    1. I'd stick to one and maybe a second for fun
      But big ones never ever will be done
      Yeah, would be a drag
      To always be a douche bag

  3. Experience rich, if you must
    Be just like the upper crust
    Spend your life gathering stuff
    Sit around like a powder puff
    But owning gadgets keeps you busy
    Protect from thieves, quite the tizzy

    1. Gadgets galore
      Can be in store
      One to protect another
      Enough to confuse your mother

  4. The folks like that have a tendency to go bankrupt, eventually. Your average millionaire next door is driving a Honda and using coupons! Lol

    1. lol there are quite a few who do that
      But then they croak and still a millionaire where they are at

  5. The Best Rich Test!
    With all their riches
    Worked them out
    Some did shout
    Shared without protest


  6. Don't want to be rich
    Happy with what I have in life
    Don't want a lot of money
    It can cause much strife


  7. Wouldn't mind being rich, but don't want to be a rich bitch!
    That's Purrfect

  8. I wouldn't mind having wealth
    Along with great health.
    Live in at least one nice home
    And have time and money to roam.

    Have just enough cash
    Tucked away in my stash
    To live a comfortable life
    For me and my wife.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Would be the way
      At many a bay
      To have less strife
      For man and wife

  9. True riches in a bank account are not found
    True riches are when happiness and joy abound

    1. But with a bank account of 0
      True riches need a hero lol

  10. Oh well, I had better cancel my order for a yacht.

  11. I know a few rich chaps. Heard one complaining that she didn't know what she would do if her husband passes away any time soon because she simply wouldn't be able to survive her remaining days on only 12 million. Rich people problems....

    1. lmao damn, that is rather sad
      Wish such problems here were had

  12. Money helps a lot
    But don't be a jerk
    Spend on yourself and others
    Be kind or robbers will lurk

  13. If I had money to spare, the thing I would do different would be to have a maid for a day or two per week. I'd still drive my Ford and have only one car.

    1. I'd feel meh having someone clean while I sit on my ass
      So until I become a very old fart on that I'd pass

  14. covet me this, and covet me that
    all that I covet is how cats get to nap

  15. Unlike those "rich" dudes, if I were a cat, all I'd need is a litter box and a cushion. . .well, maybe one of those cat tree things, and a ball with a bell. And how about a catnip plant in the corner. Tuna! Yes. Bring on some fresh, canned tuna once in a while to enhance my special blend of crunchies. Anything I've forgotten? A warm lap and someone there to scratch behind my ears whenever I want. I could use a writer, too. One of those creative types that sit at the computer all day and let me track across the keyboard when they're out of ideas. Okay. I'm finished. As a cat I'd like to keep things as simple as possible. (Huge Cheshire grin at you!)

    1. lol you got it all down
      Except for maybe a crown
      Need that to make sure all know you are king
      Or queen as they bring you everything

  16. It seems like the people with the most money aren't for the most part very nice. I'll keep what little I have and keep my niceness.

    1. Most aren't very nice indeed
      Because someone is always out to screw them at their feed

  17. Rich doesn't entitle you to be rude or worshipped.

    I wouldn't mind having enough cash to quit my job and explore new adventures. I just want a comfortable life free from strife.

    Hey ask Ray Stinger he will know the answer ;)

    1. His answer may come with a fluck
      Some may not like that kind of cluck lol

  18. I know what you mean.
    Going for 25 million instead of 23
    is just plain obscene
    Rich pricks
    make me sick

    1. Yep, stupid in every way
      Have to get that extra 2 million pay

  19. ​I certainly wouldn't mind having more money, but being one of those billionaires who look down on the poor and the middle class, and support politicians whose only jobs seem to be to grind the less fortunate under their heels and give the rich even more tax cuts is disgusting! Not that I'll ever have to worry about being in their class...

    1. Yeah, being one of those
      Would sure curl my nose
      Couldn't handle that stink
      But having that kind of dough I don't think

  20. I would love to have someone clean my house. And I've always wanted an assistant. A human assistant. My cats are cutting it.

    1. The cats don't do a task
      No matter how much you ask

  21. orlin N cassie.....thiz iz why catz due knot haz bank a countz......{ well, onez that noe one noez bout ...any way } ☺☺♥♥

  22. My teacher once wanted to see
    How rich brats spell psychology
    His mind I soon quelled
    By money I held
    As he gladly spelled it for me

  23. I won't complain with more money but don't make it public or else everyone will coming begging and asking for more money from you.

    1. Yeah, you'll have nuts galore
      There at your door

  24. The best rich people are the ones you can't tell.
    They live modestly and are nice and swell.
    Give most of it away
    to help others at their bay.

    1. Few and far between
      As they don't make a scene

  25. Some certainly are flaunting it aren't they?
    Honestly, I can't imagine that kind of money. When we get any kind of windfall, I feel rich:)

  26. When I see commercials about starving kids and animals that are abused, I'm disgusted by all the reality crap from the Kardashiasses to the housewives and everything else. I never watched one show just know from the ads and that's enough. I want to see all of them have to clean toilets for a living and do that for 1 year while they live in a 1 bedroom apartment on a 3rd floor walk up that has no A/C

    1. Yeah, that would sure serve them right
      May see things in a new light

  27. The sad thing about people with obscene amounts of money is no matter how much they have, it's never enough. It's like trying to fill a bottomless bucket with water. I don't want to be poor, but I've never aspired to have a lot of money or expensive stuff, either.

    1. Yeah, they always go for more
      And that is their only encore

  28. I know we're pretty lucky
    Compared to most
    Just a little more mula
    Please at my coast

    I give away a lot
    And would continue to do so
    Be nice to have a cushion
    And not worry a foe

    1. A cushion would be grand
      Been years since any such thing in our land
      Got an ass pillow though
      2 if you wanted to know lol

  29. I'm grateful for what I have. I have zero desire to be a rich prick. If I had any doubts before, I just have to consider our fearless leader.

    1. Yep, he sure shows the way
      Of what not to be at ones bay


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