The Exclusive Club In A Shrub!

The cat wouldn't mind hiding in a shrub. I could make it my hub. Bush #5 is already there. You can see it if at one of the headers your stare. But enough about that. Exclusive is where it is at.

Exclusive are we.
We merry three.
We may be lying.
No prices you are spying.

Guess we're average here.
An average rhyming rear.
We don't charge a fee.
So anyone can visit we.

But look at
Don't you want to embrace.
It's a run down shack.
In all want to pack.

Why is that?
It costs a mighty fine stat.
Yep, it costs $1000s to stay.
Screw that much better hotel across the way.

Anyone can go there.
Only a few hundred for that lair.
That just isn't right.
Only the exclusive ones see the light.

They stay in the shack.
Average we surely lack.
More like we have total crap.
But you aren't an average chap.

We got bad food.
Staff are rude.
Things may break.
Water is better in a polluted lake.

That is the way.
Exclusive we say.
If it doesn't appeal to you,
Then you can't afford it at your zoo.

That is our story and we're sticking to it.
We are exclusive and none of that average shit.
You'll want to stay for the exclusive alone.
So hit the bell and pay up at the tone.

We are oh so elusive.
Everything isn't inclusive.
But the evidence is conclusive.
All flock to the exclusive.

Do you stay at run down crap falling for the exclusive lap? Funny how they think that works and they don't have any perks. Just take your money and run. But hey, around you won't be the average by a ton. That has to be worth the extra money mass. Pffft says my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer. 


  1. Replies
    1. Yesterday all were shocked
      Only Ninja Alex got it right
      Today Hank saw the clock
      Scrambled within real tight


    2. I was even an hour late. Daylight Savings screwed with everyone.

    3. Back on task
      After the daylight and ninja wannabe mask

  2. The Exclusive Club In A Shrub!
    Is by no means a rub-a-dub-dub
    It is exclusive
    It is expensive
    But may be just an ordinary club


    1. Ordinary is not worse
      As they suck money from your purse

  3. I would like hiding in a shrub
    That world would be my little hub
    A tiny place to call my own
    I wouldn't even have a phone
    Exclusive me would be the word
    You disagree? Then here's the bird

    1. Exclusive you
      Doing something new
      Living in a bush
      Would it have a tush

  4. If I pay extra, I better get all the perks!

  5. I just sonetimes want to get away
    But make sure to stay
    Someplace relatively alright
    Or that could make a long night


    1. Yep, that it could
      Better off sleeping in the car in some places you would

  6. Trump hotels probably got cheaper after the boycotts

    1. Got a cheap rate
      Still might not want to take the bait

  7. Got a fancy room one night of this year's cycling tour
    Hot Springs will be the choix du jour
    Cost a bit more than we would like
    But better than a tent when touring by bike!

    1. Yeah, bed beats tent
      Unless millions need to be sent

  8. When I am away
    And home I don't stay,
    I stay where I'd expect
    A place not a wreck.

    It don't have to be purty
    Just as long it's not dirty.
    Bugless and clean,
    If you know what I mean.

    A dependable chain
    Where I know their name
    And no dumpy joint
    That doesn't give points.

    Whenever I can
    I use a loyalty plan
    So that some other day
    I might get a free stay.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Free is a win
      When on a travel spin
      No bugs are too
      Or bloody sheets in view

      So much to see
      Some not seen by thee
      But what you don't know
      Can't ruin a show

      Unless it gets sticky
      Or some other icky
      Then go to the car
      Drive away far

  9. I've stayed in some interesting places while traveling cross country. Some I should have avoided. :0

    1. At least now you know
      And avoiding you can go

  10. Exclusive means pay to park, pay for breakfast, pay for WiFi. Nope. Holiday Inn Express does the job for me. And you may breathe for free

  11. Ah yes, I always love when I stay at a hotel and they ask if I want to join their 'exclusive membership club.'

    1) If you're offering it to any random jackass, it's not exclusive.
    2) This is probably the only time I'll ever be here, so no, I don't need a membership for this one-time experience.

    1. Yep, that is sure the way
      Don't know the meaning of their word at their bay
      Or "only offering it for a limited time"
      Limited = until death cuts you down in your prime

  12. We have stayed in super hotels and lousy ones. I like the in-between ones, that serve full breakfasts in the morning.

    1. The in-between can win
      No charging for everything spin

  13. There's a sameness in those fancy--too many bells and whistles--places. I'm not terribly tempted by them. And do they allow cats?

  14. I've had the privilege of staying at hoity-toity places through my spouse's place of employment. There's something to be said for old world charm, but the rooms are usually small. You are paying for the exclusiveness, the service, and the chance to rub elbows with the rich and famous.

    I'm only interested when it's free for me!

    1. Hey, can't be free
      Maybe a rich person will give money to thee lol

  15. I hate all who say "I'm great"
    They're lowly - there's no debate.
    Average is the way to be.
    Mediocre is the life for me.

    1. Average gets more done
      And has far more fun

  16. eye noe this commint haz nothin ta due with this post
    but eye wanted ta say thanx 777 bazillion timez for
    yur kindnezz two me & me familee last week
    sorree for de copee N paste type for mat…….lovez all wayz
    boomer ♥

    1. No problem at all
      Hope all are doing well at your hall

  17. I never stay at a 5 star place
    that has all the extras and space.
    I need a place that is clean
    has a bed, a tv, simple and lean.
    That is good enough for me
    the exclusive sh&$ I let be

  18. I've stayed at cheap hotels that I really liked and expensive (by my standards:) hotels that left me under-impressed.

    1. Seems to be the way
      As they just want to suck away your pay

  19. We always stayed at Motel 6 when we went on vacation. My brother and his wife got a presidential suite at a hotel last time they were here and the lights didn't work, the AC didn't work and they had to switch rooms. LOL

    1. lmao some presidential crap
      One big fly trap

  20. We tend to go with the 'average.' Not the cheapest and not the exclusive. Location is always the most importance to us.

    1. Location is a good way to be
      Get to and from easily

  21. never stay at 5 stars hotel.
    Usually I need normally clean, a good bed and a nice bathroom.
    I dont had idea about exclusive and all this :) :)

    1. Those are the only three
      They can work with glee

  22. Sometimes you need a cheap rate for your cheap date!

  23. A 5 star hotel
    that I know so well
    where fantasies dwell
    when wife rings my bell

  24. I like Hampton Inns or Best Westerns that give you breakfast when traveling. Reasonably priced and they have always been clean.

    Now, if I win a stay at a fancy place I won't be turning it down. lol...

    1. lol yeah, can't go doing that
      Hampton Inn works for the cat

  25. We stay in decent diggs when we travel. Nothing exclusive, but no run down roach motel either. If it has free breakfast, it gets our seal of approval.

    1. Free breakfast and roach free
      The way to be

  26. Terry took me to a five star hotel once in Singapore. I had thrown a hissy fit, and said that for once I would like to stay in a really nice place. We had just come from staying at a jungle camp in Kalamatan. Guess what? It was BORING! I could have been anywhere in the world; it was five star but generic. Though it did have several amazing elephant paintings.

    In Honolulu we definitely stay in a budget place (just a step above camping), but it is absolutely unique and special. I wouldn't stay anywhere else!

    1. Boring but top notch
      Sounds a bit better than a kick to the crotch lol
      A budget place
      With wide open space

  27. I don't want exclusive
    Just a place to lay my head
    Clean and safe
    With a comfy bed


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