The God Of It And By It When Mean Shit!

So Pat did a humorous post at his non rhyming sea and then this popped in for me. Both came about just as a thought and so we added to the plot. Of course we've dealt with such nuts too. I'm sure you've dealt with a few.

I've been working with God,
Which some may take as odd.
Some may be appalled others just enthralled,
As he's short, fat and extremely bald.

He saves little kids,
By taking off child proof lids.
He ignores all your wishing,
Instead deciding to go fishing.

He's always got your back,
Like any good heart attack.
He'll help when you say please,
Cutting you off at the knees.

But that's not a sin,
For as a team you win.
Isn't that poetic?
Or just plain pathetic?

The latter is the case.
But not the full embrace.
For he's so full of it.
And by that I mean shit.

Some may be offended
Not what I intended
At least that's what I pretended
As I really find it splendid

For he's so full of it,
And by that I quite simply mean shit.
Not the, holy, tough or hot kind.
There is only one he can be assigned.

With piles and piles around,
Growing larger with every sound.
Meaning he's quite full.
Full of shit with a side of bull.

So as he enjoys it,
Maybe even employs it,
Reaching for a hand he'll crap in,
As he let's shit happen.

Here's your final tidbit,
When dealing with the full of shit,
Don't stick your hand out to accept it,
And be mistaken for someone who gives a shit,

Ever meet such a "God" at your sea? This rhyme just came to be. Was fun to do as we know a few. Can sure see much of the full part in those we know. For of the full of shit part they glow. Can apply it to any you like if you want them to take a hike. The cat doesn't mind as they are out there in mass. So feel free to quote my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Surprise number one attack! Way to go, Suza.

    2. Good morning, Alex... as I say goodnight!

    3. Surprising all
      Up early at your hall

    4. Suza is back?
      Oh give me a smack
      I must be dreaming, all right
      Day or night

    5. Back she is
      And with #1 biz

  2. Think you're god, you may be right
    You may spread the holy light
    Take away the world's big frown
    Like any other silly clown

  3. Some people do think they are as awesome as God.

    1. Think they are such a gift
      Toss em in the sea some swift

  4. Peoples perspective of God
    To each their own
    Even if they think they are one
    They aren't alone


  5. Interesting. It's getting a little smelly here. ;)

  6. Many may think
    They are above all
    But after all the pride they drink
    Will come a might hard fall

  7. Oh you captured the god complex perfectly.

    1. Seen many with it
      Hard not to take the nail and hit

  8. I've met people with that sort of ego -- mostly in the medical profession, it seems -- and yes, they are full of it.

    1. Ugg and the best they can say
      Is "that's normal" at their so called Godly stay

  9. We once knew a guy with a huge god complex, and his name was Helios. Go figure, right? He liked to claim he was God's gift to women, and I liked to tell him that I hoped God kept the receipt.

    1. haha can send him back
      Unless returns they lack

  10. There is only one god and his name is.... JOHN CENA!!!

  11. There are many who wished they were a god or have such big egos they think they are gods gift to women.

    1. Yep, when really they are dumb
      And talk out their bum

  12. Oh yea, those types keep popping up!

  13. orlin N food servizz gurlz one bozz thinkz him iz god....all de employeez iz still waitin ta see de lobby tern in two a sea N fishez N loavez over flow de brake room ~~~~ ♥

    1. Maybe he'll bring birds
      You'll sure have some choice words

  14. There are those out there that believe all that stuff.

  15. I know a few who think they are God's gift to women. Sadly, a lot of women think so too (I don't get it).

  16. I have met these types before
    I find them quite the bore.
    they walk in like they are quite the hit
    but, to me, they reek like a pile of shit.

  17. Some people think they know
    About some divine show
    Want to teach the ins and outs, too
    But they can't find my blue suede shoe
    Teaching like they're important and grand
    Like a magic turd all shiny on the sand
    Do you know the type, Kitty Cat?
    Never show them your mat.

    That's all I have to say
    At my blue guy bay

    1. Show them it all rolled up
      Whack them and then yell to the pup
      Sick em is what they will get from us
      Stick their holier than thou fuss

  18. Unfortunately, the God complex seems to be alive and well.

  19. My home gave me no cause to weep
    For I was the king of my keep
    To each word they’d cling
    My pleasures they'd bring
    As long as this king was asleep

  20. Swelling head
    causing dread.

  21. The substitute teacher in my daughter's class told the kids "No using your cell phones. It's a sin." My daughter was like, yeah, where in the bible does it say that!? Funny thing was, they caught the sub teacher using her phone towards the end of class. Sounds like a big old hypocrite to me.

    1. haha do as I say not as I do
      Many such thumpers haven't a clue

  22. People with God complexes
    Are quite a bore
    I give them the eye
    And show them the door


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