The Obsess Comes To Confess!

There are always the posters who have nothing to say. We've been down that road at our bay. But what about some other ones? Those that are so obsessed they may give some the runs.

I've confessed.
I'm obsessed.
Obsessed I am.
No traffic jam.

All one thing.
One thing I sing.
I sing a thing.
Things I sing.

Obsessed much?
Much and such.
Obsessed still.
Obsessed so chill.

That is bad.
Bad is had.
Bad bad bad.
So bad I'm mad.

Bad it is.
Bad is its biz.
Did you hear me?
Bad it is to use or see.

Obsessed I'll be.
Being obsessed is for me.
I have to tell all.
Obsessed at my hall.

I love that.
Love where I'm at.
Love, love, love.
Love on the wings of a dove.

See my love?
Love that glove?
Love is love.
Love from above.

Obsession at play.
Play obsessions all day.
Obsessed at my bay.
Hear what I say.

Same thing over and over.
Obsessed like turds to rover.
It's all the same succession.
Welcome to my obsession.

Are you obsessed with one thing? Talk about it 100 times over and over again at your wing? You may need to seek some sort of help for that. But then what do I know, I'm just a cat. I will go obsess over the growing grass. It wants to be eaten by my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. The Obsess Comes To Confess!
    Ought to work out be the best
    If mad with a thing
    Go around for a fling
    Be obsessed for sweet caresses


    1. Find that fling
      Can sure help unless stuck in a ring

  2. I've neither an obsessive nor addictive personality. It's all about balance. And not looking like a crazy person.

    1. Balance sure is key
      And not going as crazy as can be

  3. I had a neighbor obsessed with grass
    He acted like a grumpy ass
    Kids couldn't touch his precious green
    He scared the birds with his mean
    He mowed and raked, puffed and groom
    Chased the dogs off with a broom
    One day he died, choked on a bone
    He went fast couldn't use the phone
    Now 6 feet under the grass he lies
    Kids play on top, it's no surprise

    1. Kids have glee
      Climb his tree
      On grass dogs do pee
      Watering it for free
      Rolling in his grave
      As his grass they don't save

  4. Can be obsessed about some things
    Here and there at my place
    But know when to back off
    And allow myself some space.


    1. Good that you know
      And not on and on at your show

  5. So I guess over snowflakes I obsess
    Or the bike or three or less
    Or perhaps the fabric scraps that make such a mess...

  6. That's why I never started one that was one subject. No matter how much you love something especially the more detailed the subject is, you'll run out of gas

    1. Yep, there is only so much you can say
      Before the gas runs out at your bay

  7. I'm an obsessed one too
    It can be shades or just shoes

    I can think without a wink
    And deep in thoughts sink
    And, do visit my link


    1. Obsessed at your sea
      So you wouldn't like a hairball spree lol

  8. Obsessed? Yes, I blush to admit, I am.

    1. Blushing too
      Must be really obsessed at your zoo

  9. Fairly balanced. My husband might disagree
    I won't overtalk it at my sea

    1. Won't go on a spree
      And hang from a crazy tree?

  10. I will admit it, I am obsessed with the Mom lap!

  11. Obsessing is for birds and cats
    I never get obsessed like that
    "Don't look at my chocolate!" I command
    and everything stays peaceful across the land.

    1. Keep that pile out of one's sight
      And all will turn out all right

  12. I'm not obsessed but when I had pet rats, I could talk about them 100 times a day. lol

    1. lol nothing wrong with that
      Enjoying each rat

  13. orlin N cassie.....we iz ob sezzed with sayin how stoooooooooooopid de bass terd turkee iz..... we will say it til we iz dee ceazed we iz sure; N leeve a legacee in ritin, for thoz that come afturr uz ta say de same ~~

    signed N witnessed this day: ☺☺☺

    da tabbies o trout towne ♥♥♥

    1. lol never give up the fight
      As long as the turkey is in sight

  14. You just sounded likes some of my clients. One will call and leave a message and then always calls 2 more times to say the same exact thing

    1. That is when you hit delete
      Not listening to the repeat

  15. hahaha ha! you know Im obsessed with recipes and cook books !oh dear <3

  16. How about obsessing about obsession?/Just because you want to get rid of your tension?

    Greetings from London.

  17. When I get aggravated with someone, I will talk about them way too much to my family. Talk about beating a dead dog, at times I am the master.

    1. May want to seek help for that
      Even though dogs aren't liked by the cat lol

  18. I must confess
    I may obsess
    When I undress
    Wife's laughs progress

  19. Definitely Halloween is an obsession of mine. Who would have thought, right?

    1. That I never saw coming
      As the kiddies go a bumming

  20. Obsessions, obsessions. We all have it.

  21. I hope I'm not obsessed, but then I could be blind to my failings.
    Have a good one, Pat!

    1. Blind can be bliss
      Not knowing they are amiss

  22. I guess in a way
    There are some who might say
    That I get repetitive
    Til they need a sedative.

    But my interests are many
    And I blog about plenty.
    I'm obsessive at times,
    But it's really sublime.

    I may write a series,
    Pose interesting theories,
    Offer musical fun,
    All things under the sun.

    My blog's an interesting site
    Cause I do things right.
    Those who don't get it--
    Well, they can forget it.

    I'm too smart for some
    Because they're just dumb.
    While some don't agree,
    But they can go climb a tree.

    What am I about?
    I'm just Tossing It Out.
    If you don't want to talk
    Then go take a walk.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. The way to be
      Let thoughts fly free
      But tell me this
      With sedatives becoming bliss
      Are kickbacks had
      There at your pad?
      Big pharma really making you rich?
      Enough dough to fill a ditch
      I was tossing it out there
      Thoughts to spare
      However not true
      One doesn't enjoy, whoopdi friggin doo

  23. I guess we all get obsessed at times in our lives.
    Great verse Pat.



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