The Want May Taunt!

To get what you want around the internet things sure need to be met. What is that? Just follow the cat. We'll get there. See? You have to wait for me at your lair.

An answer to this,
Will bring bliss.
An answer to that.
You want stat.

Whoops, ads pop up.
A slight hiccup.
The screen may freeze.
Out the answer may squeeze.

Email set up great.
Got rid of things you hate.
Whoops, options changed.
Things get rearranged.

Ads there to show.
That you know.
Good mail in junk.
Back to getting funk.

Won't you buy this?
Those you can miss.
But the email provider likes.
They may get rate hikes.

Download a program or app.
Whoops, here's another trap.
You just want to use.
But you lit the fuse.

Add ons galore.
Virus helper at your shore.
More like slow down browser thingy.
That's a mouthful for that magiggy. 

Want that trick?
Get it some slick.
Fill out a survey first.
Fill our information thirst.

But there to help.
So don't yelp.
You even got more than you wanted.
Maybe your PC is haunted.

To get what you want,
Without an online taunt.
Go to the nearest store.
Whoops, now you have to explore.

I guess the internet is faster. Even if you download something that may get you that blue screen of death disaster. Or just slow crap down. Notice the little things that make it a pain sometimes in your town? Email sure can screw with things. Even if "not junk mail" springs. But meh, it shall come to pass. At least they don't charge my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 9 in a row
      Going for double digit glow
      Late by one minute
      But still made it!


    2. Still got in
      As double digits may spin

  2. The Want May Taunt!
    Easy way to flaunt
    Just browse easy
    Get info freely
    Enjoy the blessed jaunts


  3. I once had the blue screen of death
    And it was not due to the use of meth
    Computers are often more trouble than they are worth
    In society now, conversation is of a dearth

    1. Yep, they can sure be a pain
      Boarding the path with little brain

  4. Where is that email, it should be here now
    Be patient and calm, just don't have a cow
    Surprise big surprise it was there all the time
    Sitting in SPAM just as slick as a dime

    1. That one is funny indeed
      Especially when they rant about it and it already took seed

  5. I hate when something good ends up in junk. It's so hard to find, and I'm sure I usually don't (my patience with sorting through e-mails waned years ago). I also don't like when junk ends up in the 'inbox' because most of my inbox is junk. ;)

    1. haha yeah that seems to be the way
      i block the junk when it comes to play

  6. I don't like things that pop-up on the internet, especially those loud videos that play on their own!

  7. Don't want the blue screen of death!
    I get warnings for a site, I just don't go there.

  8. Better check it out first, then just buying online. Lots of buyers duped already by scams and false ads ~

    1. They are everywhere
      Buyer better sure beware

  9. My computer of late
    Has been working great,
    Or at least good
    Much like it should.

    But my internet sucks,
    Still I'm in luck--
    Provider's coming this week
    To give my service a tweak.

    Faster it will go
    With slightly less dough.
    Upgrade at less price.
    It's a deal that sound nice.

    So we'll see how this turns.
    I hope I'm not burned
    By corporate tricks.
    I just need a fix.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. A fix on internet
      A safe bet
      As it got a hold of you
      Now you have a clue

      So they come and upgrade
      Slowness does fade
      Few months later
      Bill fills their crater

  10. I get a warning that pops up
    to that I run away, yup
    for those sites I cannot trust
    leave them alone I must

    1. Alone to themselves at play
      Maybe gives them a merry day

  11. I don't click on anything that looks odd
    better to play it safe than catch anything
    that will be a hassle to repair
    and cause me not to sing


    1. Yeah, hate the hassle crap
      As it takes a lap

  12. I do not like ads or spam email. When in doubt I delete and/or leave a site. :)

  13. Lots of land mines on the internet.

  14. Tricky stuff abounds
    Lock screens abound
    Alas one click and death occurs
    Screen goes blank without a whir

    And that's a sign to go out and play
    Enjoy sun and fun, experience a day

    1. Freeze your buns off here
      So hopefully screen will stay clear

  15. The blue screen of death has visited me a few times. One crash wiped out my hard drive.

  16. Internet
    Best name yet
    You can bet
    Time trap set

  17. I hate pop up ads! And sites with heavy ads. Makes everything so slow!

  18. As always great to read first thing on a morning.

  19. Junk mail/leaves a dirty trail. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  20. Neither I dont like ads or spams in my mail, often I have to delete many things too :(

    1. Deleting is the way
      When they are on display

  21. So far, so good at my lair.
    Add ons and downloads make me a bear.
    Thankfully nothing is new here
    Since that windows 10 crap, where I shed a big tear

  22. As someone who has lived without electricity, telephone, television, or contact with anyone outside my small village, I am in awe of all that the internet can do, especially the information I can access. But I hate ads and spams and stupid stuff. Sometimes it feels like I'm navigating through a garbage dump.

    1. That sure seems to be the way
      Glad I never had to live without electricity at least at my bay

  23. At the beginning of the year I went through my emails and unsubscribed to all the junk. Took me 2 weeks to go through it all. I had about 10 years worth of sign ups to delete from that account. I hate how when you buy something or sign up for a sample or leave a review you automatically get added to a stupid email list!

    1. Yeah, I unsubscribed some too
      Then got lazy and just hit block at my zoo
      Did that with Twitter as well
      Some of the crap I was following, what the hell


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