This Makes Eight Up To The Plate!

The cat is back to 24 posts in one day. Did you know I did that at my bay? If you don't you will soon. For 24 posts in one day shall come from this loon. One year movies, next you, next tv and next you. So now the jobs of Pat shall come due. He actually had 24. The cat never knew he had such a large tour.


Hey, it's a job.
One for which there's no pay.
But at least their's nothing to rob,
At the end of any day.

You just need to post.
Post about something fun.
At least have something viable at your coast,
Don't post that you have none.

Then hop and see.
See what comes to be.
Visit each blog tree,
And many will visit thee.

You'll have fun.
Seeing the world about.
Opinions will run.
Many things many will spout.

But if there's no joy.
You'll quit rather fast.
So avoid that ploy,
And for years you'll last.

Have you ever done this one as post 8 of 24 is now done? Any jobs that are strange you've done at your sea? Are you enjoying the questions given by me? There are only 16 to go as the questions will flow. But they are the same with my 24 post game. So easy it shall be with each pass. I hope you can keep up with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Three on time
    with a birthday chime

  2. Met lots of nice folks
    Through blogging and such
    Still on the fence
    If I'll add my own touch

    1. Been on that fence a while
      Your fence must be out of style lol

  3. This Makes Eight Up To The Plate!
    Blogger on with a job that's great
    At your own time
    Lots of friends
    Nothing to bother even working late!


  4. Been at some jobs like that, but if blogging isn't fun, then why do it?

    1. Yep, if it sucks the fun away
      One needs to run at their bay

  5. I know I missed the first four
    But hope not to miss any more.


  6. Bloggers come and bloggers go
    At Christmas time they ho ho ho

  7. No pay on this end
    But blogging is a true friend

  8. A job we all share
    Here at your lair

  9. A job I like to do
    And it is so much fun
    Especially when done
    In the sun


  10. Yep, there aren't many of us who make money by blogging, that's for sure.

    1. A few cents at best
      Most fail any serious money quest

  11. What there is money to be made? lol I still enjoy it that is why I do it...

    1. Enjoying is the way
      Supposedly there is pay lol

  12. 24 in one day
    with so much to say
    for now let us pray
    16 posts away
    from hip hip horray

  13. We all do this job but for free.
    We all seem to enjoy it with glee.

  14. It's been my favorite job so far. Peanuts for pay but I've met so many awesome people, it makes it worthwhile.

    1. Yep, great people abound
      At each blog land ground


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