Twenty Is Out With A Shout!

The cat is back to 24 posts in one day. Did you know I did that at my bay? If you don't you will soon. For 24 posts in one day shall come from this loon. One year movies, next you, next tv and next you. So now the jobs of Pat shall come due. He actually had 24. The cat never knew he had such a large tour.

Social Media Thingy

This I've done for a few,
From blogs to Twitter to Facebook...
I know the later is ewww.
So move on and don't look.

Simply post things to each.
Content is key.
Whatever is in reach,
Can work for thee.

Has to make sense,
If you want the pay.
You won't get two cents,
If they don't find it okay.

The end is easy.
Just post and keep up.
That can be pleasy,
Unless you hit a hiccup.

The creation is the work.
Getting it out there.
But it can be a perk,
And a worth while fare.

Have you ever done this one as post 20 of 24 is now done? Any jobs that are strange you've done at your sea? Are you enjoying the questions given by me? There are only 4 to go as the questions will flow. But they are the same with my 24 post game. So easy it shall be with each pass. I hope you can keep up with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. I can't keep up, not even gonna try. I need a nap.

  2. Twenty down four to go,
    I've really enjoyed this day so.
    I'm off to bed, must wait til morn,
    To see the last verse number twenty four.


  3. I do it a bit
    On a FB page
    As Communications Director
    For a company with age

  4. Can post to social media but that is about all
    anything else would be worthy of a fall


  5. 24 in one day
    with so much to say
    for now let us pray
    4 posts away
    from hip hip horray

  6. You mean I could be getting paid for wasting my time all day? Sign me up!

  7. If only we did get paid to do this...

  8. This one people seem to like
    But to others, take a hike

  9. Never did much with social media. I was on Facebook for one year, a few years back. Considered it a giant waste of time.

    1. Yep, a great big crock
      But that is no shock

  10. It's a good job and easy to do. Love the pay that comes through with this one.

    1. Yeah, easy as can be
      Pay is good when it comes to thee

  11. I'm on this blog and, yes Facebook
    But that's it in my nook.
    I just blog for fun
    And that's it, I'm done:)


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