Which Is Fact With The React?

The cat has seen a few. They crop up at any zoo. Whether near or far they can sure hit like a car. Maybe literally too. Look both ways when a street is in view.

Do you shriek?
Do you run?
Maybe just squeak?
Dial 911?

But for what?
Following me yet?
Mind in a rut?
Yeah, I'm a confusing pet.

Did you freak?
That was bad.
Mind in the creek.
Not an emergency to be had.

Unless literally there.
Hannibal took it out.
Even cut your hair.
Brain swimming like a trout.

Would you ewww?
Would you walk away?
What would you do,
With an emergency at play?

Do you have a fit?
An arm is chopped off.
But who gives a shit.
It makes you scoff.

Are you all about me?
Call 911 about you?
Poor pitiful thee.
You are about to spew.

That is so bad.
Arm chopped off can't be worse.
Your emergency is had.
Maybe you just curse?

Calmly pick up the phone?
Calmly say what it is?
Shriek at the tone?
You sure like that yelling biz.

Wait! You dialed 911?
You are being attacked?
Wow, that spider made you run.
For the hospital you better be packed.

Act calm and do what needs to be done? Or do you shriek and run? Do people really shriek like in every single show? It's a dead guy, oh no. A killer is coming at you, shriek and stay in view. Pffft just hurts the cat's ears in mass. I'd rather do just about anything besides shrieking off my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Which Is Fact With The React?
    To shriek out loud on impact
    Safety on the street
    Not act like a freak
    More of raising a safety flag


  2. Nothing funnier than watching someone panic. Now that's a real super freak.

    1. Yeah, can be rather amusing indeed
      As you sit there thinking wtf at your feed

  3. Sometimes I dp paniv
    But don't call 911
    Just take a deep breath
    And carry on


  4. Too much emergency training at my zoo
    I jump to action and adrenalize too
    Then panic and collapse after it's all through

    1. haha and then they call 911 for you
      A cycle comes due

  5. Emergencies....I'm excellent at hand wringing:)

  6. iI almost called 911 once, but I couldn't find their number!

  7. Spider, snake, mouse, roach. Oh yeah. Get the camera ready. I will give a show.
    And don't stand there laughing. Kill!!

  8. Heck, yes, call 9-1-1! It's a bloody day!

  9. I've had the police called on me for:
    A dog that barked (because the guy's kid kept antagonizing him)
    A car with stock exhaust that was "way too loud" and waking the guy/gal up at 3 pm when he/she was asleep (note: stock exhaust)
    Honking at some guy's children because they were playing in the middle of the street and wouldn't move out of my way (clearly my fault)

    You couldn't pay me enough to be a police officer and put up with the stupid crap they deal with on a daily basis.

    1. lmao we had the by-law officer called by old farts here
      As the dogs back at their old fat rear
      But nothing as bad as that
      Cops really have to put up with a lot of scat

  10. lol

    It's a little different here
    The number you use as a little queer.
    You dial 911
    We have a dfferent one.
    We use 999
    and when we do it is just fine.
    "A lady says, "Emergency, which service please?"
    We can choose police, fire or ambulance . . . . .

    Blow it I can't think of a rhyming word to end it
    So I'll just type this amd then I'll send it . . . lol

    1. lol got yourself in a pickle
      The rhyming end was fickle
      999 you say
      Damn, would get nowhere at a swapped bay
      Why won't you work 911
      Whoops, dead now,, what fun

  11. I remember when Grampa Simpson fell in love (really early episode) and realized it was a stroke and called 911. Then realized on the ride to the hospital that it was love not a stroke. They threw him on the road.

  12. I don't think I've ever shrieked and ran. Oh wait, yes I did, years ago when I saw my first flying cockroach (palmetto bug). I was from Ohio and didn't know such things existed. Fortunately for me, we had a palmetto tree over our swimming pool that attracted them at night. Talk about ruining a good thing!!! The tree was in our neighbors yard and just went over our pool when it would grow out. I'd have chopped that thing down instantly if it'd been in my yard.

    1. hahaha bugs by the ton
      Maybe those neighbors liked to watch you run

  13. I don't do shriek and run unless I see a spider. I have seen a car accident when I was young. One was stuck in the car, the other I brought some coke to him. I have seen a burnt face and a nasty cut by a skill saw (needed 20 staples and 50 stitches or something like that). One calls 911 and then get down to business until the cops and medics come

    1. That is the way to be
      No shrieking while hovering over one stuck in a tree

  14. The neighbors were running in fear
    As into front room car did steer
    What fate had approved
    His words soon removed
    Your parking’s improving my dear

  15. No shrieking here. I honestly get really irritated when people freak out. I would not be a good 911 operator.

    1. Yeah, so annoying as can be
      When they freak out at their sea

  16. I attempt to call 9-1-1
    but then I forget the number
    so in bed I slumber.

  17. I shriek an die
    No time to say good bye
    A reboor would be grand
    In the shrieking dead guy land

  18. As always a read to cheer me .Thanks Pat.



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