A Flock of Talk!

The cat talks all year. Every day without fear. Now I may cause some fear. After all, zombie feet has come near. But the cat sure does talk as I sit and gawk. You may have guessed it is T and talk sure comes to be.

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld big Sphynx quart_, ___!

Can talk the talk.
May take a walk.
That how that goes?
Damned, if I knows.

Look at that grammar.
Did you stammer?
I made you talk.
Guess it's a lock.

Was that a shock?
I made you talk.
No mind reading came due.
Is that strange to you?

Why didn't you do that?
Flapped where you're at.
Did you ask it to be done?
Nope, but now your mouth does run.

Hmm, backwards land?
Mind reading at hand?
Psychics are everywhere?
Who knew at their lair?

Wait, it didn't get done.
The mouth did run.
I guess psychics are fake.
No mind reading to partake.

Mouth still flapping away.
Talk about having your say.
You should have done it.
Even if talk before was never lit.

You should just know.
No need for flow.
Talking is so overrated.
At least until it's been dated.

Then if you are past due,
A talking will come through.
I'll talk your ear off.
You made me scoff.

Did I ask for it to be done?
Nope, my lips didn't run.
But now they do as you should know.
Not like I talked in riddles on the go.

Pfffft says the cat. You want something, ask where you're at. As in, you know, talk. Don't just sit and mind gawk. Do you expect and not ask? That can be a rather futile task. Now if you talk and it doesn't get done. Then maybe you can let your mouth run. But if you don't, done it won't. Whoops, bad grammar once more. Made you talk twice at my shore. I threw in a question too. 3 times at my zoo. I better go before you talk more than that singing bass. He never shuts up sometimes when talking to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. People aren't mind readers
    Ask for what you want
    But don't talk a blue streak
    Or minds you will haunt

  2. Enjoyed my Wednesdays visit to your place.
    Thanks for a wonderful read.


  3. Most people can't read minds so you have to speak up. You also have to know when to shut up, too.

    1. Yep, a balance between the two
      Can be really easy to do

  4. My better half and I
    Were just discussing why
    So many yap without saying a thing... Aye!

    1. Sooooo many do
      Most of it can be flushed down the loo

  5. Communication 101
    Say it if you want it done!

    1. Say and do
      Simple, yet hard for more than a few

  6. Prefer not to talk
    Like it quiet here
    I really could be a hermit
    I fear.


    1. A hermit is fine by me
      No need to be a busy bee

  7. Ask me no questions I'll tell you no lies
    My oh my goodness now what a surprise
    Ask baby duckling if Mama says quack
    Just get in line and follow her back

    1. Follow the quack
      Be part of the pack
      The lies come a calling
      A bouncy balling

  8. A Flock of Talk!
    To give it a sock
    Get it done
    With the fun
    Cut out the balk


  9. I know people who expect you to know what they're thinking at times. It's very annoying.

    1. Yep, very annoying it can be
      That is when they get a pffft, at best, from me

  10. Some folks talk to much
    This and that and such
    Then there are those who barely grunt
    Do they have a brain or just a shunt

    1. Better to be stuck in the middle
      Like a good umm diddle

  11. I'm guessing tomorrow's letter is z

  12. I'm proud that I knew T was next.

  13. A psychic gets a blank reading...lol. I can understand that!

  14. Psychics know where psychics go
    Psychics know what psychics do
    Psychics know what's false and true
    Except the ones that are fake
    And they all are,
    Make no mistake.

    1. But for just $100 more
      You can avoid a chore
      You can find that mate
      No bar fights on your next date

  15. My dog has started 'talking' when we have company and he's not getting all the attention. It's funny as heck.

  16. I always wondered why psychics have to ask if I want a reading.

    1. Maybe they are being polite
      And don't want to cause a fright lol

  17. orlin N cassie.....just sayin....but de food servizz gurl said de bass terd her used ta live with had de sayin....

    what de f due eye look like, a mind reeder;

    tossed hiz way.. a lot .....


    hay.....iz "Z" next !! ☺☺♥♥

    1. Did she eventually toss more?
      Before kicking him out at her shore

  18. I like Diane's 'you need to known when to speak up and when to shut up.'

    1. You'll have a much better day
      When you live that way

  19. If ya don't speak up, I won't know! I am not a mind reader!! If you talk too much and tell me you don't I might quote Yosemite Sam..."Shut Up Shuttning Up!"

    1. They may yap even more
      If you tell them that at their shore lol

  20. When people spread rumors untrue
    I do what a real man would do
    When true facts are known
    I’d get on the phone
    And make up my own rumors too

    1. Send them packing
      With a little retaliation attacking

  21. Some people talk a lot to prove they are so cool.
    Other people keep their mouths shut to prove they're not a fool.

    1. The non fools sure win
      Just walk away with a grin

  22. Cats are not afraid to ask
    but dogs do better yet
    Move too close to that cat,
    the dog might need a vet.

    On a weirder note there was a psychic/spiritualist parked next to us at the gas station today. I know because their van said it in real big letters on the side. I wonder if they knew I was thinking they can't really see the future. ;)

    1. Dog gets too close indeed
      And they may bleed

      haha I bet that is one they can know
      As a full of crap they go

  23. My 13 year old loves to yap all day long, but when it comes to talking to the grocer clerk or asking for something she needs, she clams up. Don't know how she's going to make it in the real world some day!

    1. She gets shy when out and about?
      Have to snap her of that word drought


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