A Lethal Day At My Bay!

The cat was talking to a guy who was all oh me oh my. He went through this and that and how it could make him drop dead stat. So the cat will play with Lethal for L today.

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock vel_ ___ ______ ______, ___!

Here we go.
 Damn, my toe.
The computer fell on it.
That hurt a bit.

Blood clot came due.
Death by computer at my zoo.
Damn, that weak toe.
What? Didn't you know?

Okay, I'm still here.
No need for fear.
There's a drooling mutt.

I slipped on the drool.
That sure isn't cool.
Whacked me head.
Whoops, I'm dead.

Oh, I guess not.
What is that rot?
Blah, it is a dead mouse.
The smell is in the house.

The roof is rotten?
New one needs to be boughten.
Damn, that's not a word.
But who cares if that is absurd.

The roof fell on me.
I'm dead at my sea.
Bad grammar don't count.
Don't adds to that amount.

Whoops, I lied.
Still on the alive ride.
Oh no, a grammar nazi.
My bad grammar he did see.

Now he's out to murder me.
I must flee.
Tripped over a cat.
Dead where I'm at.

Or umm not.
Grab my keys before I rot.
Cut my finger and got bacteria within.
Damn, I'm dead and just can't win.

Get the point? Anything and everything can be lethal at your joint. You'll drive yourself nuts thinking of it. Can die a million ways a day at your litter pit. Hell, could get smothered in the litterbox. That would be worse than death by socks. But chances are nothing will be lethal to you. So no need to go nutso at your zoo. Now with my claws in mass, you may have to fear my lethal little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 3 in a row
      Sidestepping the snow!


    2. In without white
      Works at our site

    3. I snore less than before
      Been losing some weight at my shore
      Feeling a bit beter too
      Like Scooby Doo

    4. There you go
      A win at your show
      Soon be fit as a fiddle
      Hey diddle diddle

  2. A Lethal Day At My Bay!
    Options offered as he lay
    A lethal danger
    Set off further
    Not a game he should play


    1. A game one has to not think of
      Of could get a lethal shove

  3. Hope the computer is ok Pat.
    Seriously hope your toe is not badly injured.
    Loved the poem.


  4. Death by Computer might be a real diagnosis these days!

  5. Those computers are lethal weapons, for sure.

  6. Lots of ways to go these days
    By computer would be unique
    Hopefully not happening at my bay.


    1. Hopefully not
      But would be remembered a lot

  7. Lethal ways for certain days
    Get so bad you have to tase
    Spooky stuff is everywhere
    The world is in a sad repair

    1. Repair that needs a repair
      With no parts to spare

  8. Screw your toe
    What I wanna know,
    Is the computer okay?
    More needed than a toe I'd say.

    Yes, the hazards of home
    Create a dangerous zone.
    Whether a man or a mouse
    One can die in the house.

    Don't have to leave in a car
    Or go off very far
    To get hurt or to die
    Or break a limb, lose an eye.

    The home can be a deadly trap
    Where toes get stubbed and necks can snap.
    It makes me want to hide in my bed,
    But then something still could fall on my head.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. No matter where
      No matter what
      From a far away lair
      To a nearby hut

      Everything can bite
      Everything can kill
      Day or night
      Just run of the mill

  9. I've watched Dr. G Medical Examiner and know there are crazy ways a person can die.

    1. So many there are
      Better not to know at ones sand bar

  10. I'm not going to die tripping over my cat but it's sure going to hurt.

  11. Clots and drool
    And fingers cut
    I'm running to hide
    Oops. Slipped on my butt!

  12. Well, watch out the computer might give you a virus and that would surely cause woes, could be worse than a broken toe...

    I broke my toe once it was not so nice

    1. I'll take a virus in the system
      Then toes that umm twist em

    2. Lol yeah I wore flip flops in the fall because I couldn't put on shoes, talk about being blue

      Try wearing a suit to work with flip flops,,lol

    3. lol be rather fun
      As difference is spun

  13. A few years back, I believe in a zoo
    An elephant had to go to the loo.
    So he let it fly, sort of speak
    A man was under that part, ughhh, the reek!
    The man was hit with poo
    And died at this German zoo

    1. Blah, death by that
      I'll avoid elephant scat

  14. That's very true. It seems that anything can kill you, under certain conditions.

    1. Yeah, given the right dominoes falling
      Any thing can come a calling

  15. Add the bonus of being a lefty. Some tools are not made for us. I still have all digits despite some close calls

    1. Good that all are there
      Wouldn't want a hand that's bare

  16. My legs are massively sore from working out and it's hard to walk. I went to walk down my stairs and my legs locked up. Boom, boom, boom I went all the way down the stairs. Talk about a lethal workout!

    1. Damn, now that is lethal indeed
      Thankfully P90x keeps that from happening at my feed

    2. I need to try this P90x sometime. I usually just do cardio, but recently decided to add in strength training to tone back up for summer. Apparently, I'm not as fit as I'd like to believe I am because 45 minutes of squats, lunges and burpbees is bullshit. The instructor actually does a little hand clap and congratulates me when I make it through a full class without walking out early lol

    3. lol well at least you get a little clap
      Don't go falling into the same old same old crap
      As that will just make your body stagnant too
      Won't improve much unless variety comes due
      Doing P90x for the first time you'll barely be able to move for a bit
      But by then end you'll be able to do any of the bullshit

  17. Ooops I ate my own meal
    Such a lethal deal
    I can't cook to save my life
    Or so says my wife

    1. Probably just bad gas
      Or a food poisoning pass

    2. No use denying any of that
      At my blue guy mat

    3. Double the fun
      Blah to it being spun

  18. Lucky for the cat he has nine lives.
    I hope each day he does only things that are wise.

  19. I'm surprised I haven't tripped over a cat. It's not from lack of trying on their part.

    1. Got me once or twice here
      With their rhyming rear

  20. My cat spoke in meanings so true
    More clear than purrs or meows do
    For I quickly knew
    If anger I drew
    ‘cause it left a clue in my shoe

  21. Yeah, in the litter box is NOT the way to go. O-O I've been grammar nazi'd (see why? that's not even a real phrase. ;) but mostly I grammar nazi myself. ;)

    1. haha keeping yourself at bay
      With grammar nazi and no litter box play

  22. So true - so many unexpected things that could happen to a person!
    Ha, I prefer not to think that far ahead!!

    1. Yeah, stay on task
      Those things you can mask

  23. Death by computer sounds rough. Sometimes when mine is acting up and going "slow" it feels like it is slowly killing me. I lose some hair because of it for sure. ;)

    1. lol wow, now that stinks indeed
      As hairloss takes seed


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