A Little N I Pen!

Did you guess by the title that today's letter is N? Well no need to guess now at my den. I just told you all. Aren't I helpful at my hall? What will be for N? Maybe that nose one again?

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld big Sphyn_ ______, ___!

I could be on the nose.
We know how that goes.
I could get nosey too.
But then a reboot would come due.

Guess if that is a no,
Would nostopathy relate to my show?
Nah, just no normalism for me.
Who needs a repeat nose spree?

Things could be worse?
Reboots make me curse.
But they could still be worse?
Yeah, like one could be in a hearse.

Nosography would be used.
Maybe a nosebag if confused.
Notalgia is sure no fun.
I've had that a ton.

Just a notandum for you.
No notophily need come due.
Even nothingarians get a pass.
I keep notitia of each class.

For my own nous though.
Don't try and noyade my show.
I'm not Highlander you know.
Just a nuncius scurrying low.

I'm a tad numquid too.
But that you probably knew.
If numquid you are,
And can decipher this at my sand bar.

Otherwise your nose may get red.
Could think you're in a nuncle bed.
That is not a naughty nun by the way.
I know a few to the gutter may stray.

A nupson I may be.
At least the fool part at my sea.
Maybe as I fool you.
Fooled by a fool makes you a fool times two?

Take a nychthemeron and think on that.
After another nychthemeron get back to the cat.
Or continue with Nymphology.
Studying that beats the nose and biology.

Did you get my N? Wowee, so many at my den. Can you choose just one? That may be the point of my run. NEW is the word of the day and I didn't even have to give it a say. Wasn't a post on new, as that's been done too. Instead you learned new N words in mass. There is no need to thank my new n word teaching little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. A Nictionary at play
    With all the N words today
    I thought you chose Nonsense
    But then saw their presence

    1. Nonsense has been done
      That can be daily spun lol

  2. No need for notorious novel nouns new
    Now notice newfangled nonsense nondebut

  3. So many N's hung out to dry
    Flap in the wind in a cloudless sky
    I looked some up, yes I did peek
    An N for every day of the week

    1. N in every day
      With day come what may
      Or maybe not
      The sky lies a lot

  4. Great read Pat, can't somehow see you with a nosebag.


  5. You have a nose for humor! Yeah, I have no idea what that means.
    I'm betting X is tomorrow.

    1. That sounds like a good bet, put your money on the table...

    2. Got my nose out there
      With fun to spare
      Sure may be right
      Odds are in your favor at my site

  6. A Little N I Pen!
    Wonder where it went
    No one
    No fun
    New in good sense


  7. Not many letters left, yet I'm still in the dark..

    1. Light bulbs run out?
      Damn, Walmart may need a shout

  8. So many N words and I didn't know any!
    Would have to get the dictionary to look up so many!

    1. Stumped little old you
      That's a win for our zoo

  9. Know what tomorrow's letter will be
    Thinking I am getting this, we will see.


  10. You expose me to more new words than anyone else I know, Pat! Great fun today! I wish I had known "nychthemeron" when I was teaching. I always had fun with my students when contemplating daily time: words like diurnal, nocturnal, and crepuscular. Have a good one, my rhyming friend!

    1. Would be fun to get their minds working
      As new words you'd be clerking

  11. So many NEW-to-me words here! You are brilliant, Pat. ☺ (Sorry, lost the rhyming muse for today.)

    1. The rhyme flew away
      With new words on display

  12. Where's my dictionary when I need one?

  13. Ok, let's start Googling these words. lol

  14. That was a lot of N's. I'll have to look some of those up. lol

  15. Reboots make me curse
    I'd call a nurse:
    "Help! Reboots make me yelp!"
    So it is
    Doing the help yelp biz

    1. Yelp and yelp
      Call for help
      No one hears
      Wax in their ears

    2. But no BTTF reboot for us (CLICK!)
      That would make me cuss!

    3. Read that before
      Good for them indeed at their shore

  16. Note to my noggin
    The cat's hinting what is next
    No need to noodle
    I think it is X

  17. Time to open Webster's for some N words myself.

  18. Dang, were you sticking your nose in someone elses business?

  19. Could this be called blog abusing?
    I've never read anything so confusing.
    Vaguely related to a nonsense poem,
    And now I'm living in the Twilight Zone.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Twilight Zone and abuse too
      Works for our zoo

  20. There were all kinds of new N words for me.

  21. revue
    on "new"

    Wife wanted a car that was new
    But used was the best I could do
    When yelling was through
    This fact remained true
    That used car was new car to you

  22. I like to keep my vocabulary limited. I like a simplified life ;)

    1. lol its or and ands is it?
      Sure you can use shit

  23. New n words came due
    More than just a few
    New n words for me
    That's just nifty!

  24. New is good for the letter N. Nice too.

  25. Jennifer Grey decided on a new nose...killed her career..what career?? Just about every person seems to have a new nose and you could do a post on Michael Jackson for every 3 years he seemed to have a new nose until he had no nose. I prefer Jimmy Durante and W.C. Fields..no new nose for them

    1. News in the nose
      There she blows
      You know it all
      With nosey news on the wall


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