A Ra Ra Ra Well La De Da!

The cat goes all ra ra ra today. Ugg it hurts the head at my bay. Lumping in with nuts makes me wish for butt sniffing mutts. At least they have more brains. Nope, not the god Ra causing pains. Humans do that with ease. I guess you know in R is about to breeze.

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld big Sphynx quar__, ___!

Head in the sand.
Head up an ass.
Life is in hand,
Agree with your mass.

Along comes a schmuck.
They are ever so dumb.
But who gives a fluck,
They are automatically my chum.

They'll get my vote.
They have to have it.
They are my party of note.
So I have to vote like a twit.

They really did that?
Bah, all is forgiven.
They may have fallen flat,
They were simply driven.

They are the same religion.
I have to stand by their side.
It was only bad by a smidgen.
So simply take it in stride.

They are allowed to do it.
That is simply their way.
Who cares if they are a dumb shit.
They are part of our fray.

By fray I mean race.
Races must stick together.
No matter our bad embrace,
Those oh so racists we must weather.

They deserve every single cent.
They work hard for it.
There is nothing to repent.
The company is a hit.

The simple folk don't get it.
We are what keep it going.
So he embezzled a bit.
The rich keep the money flowing.

And a ra ra ra.
Stick your head up there.
With a la de da,
Join the correct mass blare.

Pfffft an idiot is an idiot no matter the affiliation to this, that or the other thing. The cat doesn't care what affiliation you bring. If you go all ra ra ra and make excuses because they are in the same whatever as you, means you're no better or just don't have a clue. Let's blame the other side to whatever it is. Yep, that will sure solve the idiot biz. Easier to justify and shift blame I guess than to actually admit and deal with the mess. Do you ra ra ra blindly for whatever mass? Pffft is all the cat can say with his little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Run over with a bike
      Get-away with a strike
      Two in a row
      In with a flow
      Hope sustains the hike


    2. Times two
      No hike came due
      Not on the road
      In #1 mode

  2. Will enrol and do as you say,
    Make sure you do the same should you visit my bay.


  3. A Ra Ra Ra Well La De Da!
    Noises of blah blah blah
    And R is here
    Ever so near
    What affliation to Ga Ga!


    1. R in sight
      May take flight
      With a great post
      A ra ra ra toast

    2. From coast to coast
      a ra ra ra boast

      Where did R go, who knows? :)

    3. R ran away
      But I've seen some R thing at another bay

    4. R will ring the chime
      It's a matter of time!


    5. That he may
      Tomorrow or years away

  4. The government is a mess
    who to blame, someone confess
    I think for myself, no following crowds
    I would much rather follows the clouds
    I heard there is a silver lining
    who knows what I'll be finding
    it's an umbrella sort of day
    at home I'd like to stay
    sleep and dream to the sound of rain
    listening to the rhymn of the refrain

    A ra ra ra , well la de da!
    Can we say it again
    A ra ra ra, well la de da!

    1. Home would be best
      Avoid the pesky 9-5 pest
      But then home would be a street
      That wouldn't be neat
      No umbrella to be had
      So off to the 9-5 pad
      A silver lining in one ass
      Should sparkly farts amass lol

    2. Would that be a silver lining
      or a rainbow of color shining - lol

    3. Silver and so much more
      A rainbow coming ashore

  5. Do you go out on a dream
    La de dah and pink ice cream
    Idiots can vote like twits
    And smash a dream all to bits

    1. That they can indeed
      Twits buy into the force feed

  6. Speaking of R, whatever happened to him!?
    He must have been bored giving his "That's great!" spin.

    1. That he must have indeed
      With his copy and paste at every feed

  7. I think the cat has the right idea,
    the only time you hear him cheer
    is when his dish is filled with food
    then he's in a happy mood.

    1. That is the best
      Eat the food, forget the rest

  8. Won't follow an idiot at my bay
    Rather do so something else for play


  9. Sounded almost like last November's race
    With two dingalings trying to save face

  10. That's how politics has become in my country. People hardly think any more. They just vote for whoever's in the same party.

  11. Well said. It amazes me how some folks are followed blindly no matter what they do.

    1. Yeah, some can do anything at all
      And it's so great you post it on your twitter wall

  12. Head up an ass. I saw that once in Hancock. Good movie.

    1. Hancock and the puppet show
      Two for one with it low

  13. Idiots are fairly normal in our neck of the woods!

    1. They ra together
      In the woods during any weather

  14. Ra Ra Ra?

    The Egyptian god thanks you

  15. Ra, ra, ra for those who think and find their own paths! I'll stand up for what I believe in, but I won't blindly follow! Have a good one, my friend!

  16. Ra ra idiots abound
    They talk without making a sound...
    Of consequence

    It is a sad state of affairs
    Ra ra for you

    1. They yap about nothing worth while
      But behind them idiots pile

  17. Lots of sheep out there blindly following the idiot herd. Ra Ra Ra indeed.

  18. People can't seem to form their own opinion anymore, and just blindly follow everyone else, it's really annoying!

    1. Annoying is a good word for it
      As they sure are that, every bit

  19. orlin N cassie; we iz still tryin ta figure out yesterdayz A werd.....N what yur dad'z gonna end up with at de post title ☺☺♥♥

    1. You just never know
      What type of ending shall show

  20. All we have here - a rain,
    I'd vote for RA any day.

  21. My home gave me no cause to weep
    For I was the king of my keep
    To each word they’d cling
    For pleasure to bring
    As long as this king was asleep

  22. Idiots are everywhere
    No matter party affiliation
    Clamouring loudly to be heard
    Across each and every nation

  23. I hate following the masses who often get out of hand anyway. I will not be those small silver fish that can't break free and then get gulped down by some much bigger fish. I enjoy being that lone fish going against the current as long as that current is clean

    1. Clean with no fish poo
      Sure they best thing to do

  24. Yup, have to agree with Brian, lots of idiots in our neck of the woods, especially next door to us. But what can you do but live with it.

    1. Have to deal with it indeed
      As everywhere idiots take seed

  25. I guess if you don't want to take the time to learn the facts. it's easier to ra ra ra and pretend you know what's going on.

    On another note (ha), we have a 5" lizard pooping all over this house. I'm trying to get him out before the cat eats him, but he's faster than me!!!

    1. hahaha one step ahead of you
      But letting you clean up his lizard poo


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