A Wake Between Kinda Scene?

Since the cat is doing the in between a to z, something you know by now at my sea, and today is a break. Pfffft, those we don't take. Wow, getting long winded aren't I? Anyway, I'll give this in between a try.

A comment went bad.
Typos were had.
Drive some mad.
Answer's easy at your pad.

I wasn't really awake.
Wow, a fake awake partake?
Now that sure is neat.
Is that some kind of cheat?

You forgot that or this.
Anything you could miss.
Keys, wallet or even cash.
Some forget the kids when they dash.

I wasn't really awake.
Damn, there's a double take.
That excuse really gets around.
Like an STD it is profound.

Didn't get that done.
I heard your mouth run.
But it didn't register in my head.
I had just gotten out of bed.

Meaning I wasn't really awake.
A brand new..old...way to fake.
Say the same thing in a new way.
I guess it beats just hitting replay.

I forgot to cook.
There was no food crook.
I forgot to shop too.
Here, grab a box and chew.

I wasn't really awake.
I didn't want to bake.
Not being really awake,
I'd make a bad cake.

An excuse in an excuse.
That isn't any bit abstruse.
Great lengths of mankind.
Those to do nothing are easy to find.

You missed the between part?
Don't take it to heart.
You weren't really awake.
Somewhere between there, snowflake.

So what are you if you weren't really awake? A walking, talking garden rake? Ever use that excuse at your sea? Maybe your eyes were a bit crusty? Pick that gunk off and you can see. See you are awake as can be. Such an excuse worthy human mass. That is all from my awake little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Well I was awake
    But now I will sleep
    Won't hear any excuses
    Not even a peep

    Happy Easter, Pat, Cat and Cassie!

    1. No peeps or snores?
      Happy Easter to your shores

  2. What if you are not awake
    And sleep through one big shaking quake
    Awake or sleeping, that's a puzzle
    If you drink, don't slurp or guzzle

    1. The quake may kill
      Better off having a thrill

  3. I was awake all night long.
    Trying to think of an appropriate song.
    For one of my letters in the A to Z.
    Did I think of one? no not me.


  4. Replies
    1. I forgot to cook, too
      I blame Scooby Doo
      Not a chick or a stick
      Or a crow on death row
      Or a horse
      Doing a course
      Or a dove
      In a glove

    2. Or a frog
      In a dog
      With a hog
      In a bog
      On a log
      With a pog
      Drinking eggnog
      After a toilet clog

    3. You know your clog um... spit
      A lot, not a bit :D

    4. Unclog and go
      Flush the show

  5. Oh but if the Easter Bunny doesn't come through!
    Pat won't have enough chocolate
    He'll start to moo and boo
    A bitter fate has come due.

    A little melodrama for your morning. Happy Easter.

    1. haha nah, he'll be fine
      As here that doesn't align

  6. I'm sorry, I'm not really awake until I have my coffee. ;) Kidding, we've already done the Sunrise Service. Totally a morning person here. :)

    1. You get up waaaaay early at your sea
      That would make us flee

  7. Zzzzz. I am sorry..what were you saying?

    I generally write the back-up post-it for Ray. No excuse then

  8. I think I'm awake early but that isn't always the case!

  9. A Wake Between Kinda Scene?
    Doing and undoing not a sin
    Aware of the take
    And to keep awake
    No excuses just continue giving


  10. Fake awake. I'll have to use that an excuse one day.

  11. I often doze off while making blog post. Some of them may have been posted when I was not really awake :-)

  12. I am struggling to stay awake
    It's only 4:30 for goodness sake
    But I think I need a little nap
    To get rid of this sleepiness crap.

  13. Some days it is hard to stay awake....
    in that case better naps to take!

  14. The husband had made a mistake
    Was caught eating all of the cake
    The path to this dummy
    Was just a bit crumby
    And smelly from his tummy ache

  15. I've used that excuse when I've given a cashier the wrong amount of cash. Sometimes I just can't count.

    1. The toes are covered up
      So you get a hiccup?

  16. Half asleep if I am not awake
    At least that is what happens here
    Not fully functioning
    I often fear


    1. Full functioning can be rough
      When sleep deprived off the cuff

  17. I was awake today, but not. Fell asleep on the couch but was stuck in the limbo of awake and asleep. Jason was watching Fear & Loathing in Las Vega at the time, which made for some really strange half asleep, half awake dreams for me.

    1. haha I imagine that would
      Did you go looking them up to be understood lol

  18. If you're not awake
    In sleep you partake
    Mistakes you will make
    If a cake you must bake.

  19. I don't forget to cook.
    I just don't want to.
    The cats don't care, they only look,
    then do what cats like to do.

  20. I usually wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, so I can't use "I wasn't awake" as a mistake. I get distracted ~ LOL! Have a good one!


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