A Whoopdi Between Causes A Scene!

Robbie Raisin is back and bringing a new edition of Whoopdi Friggin Doo to our shack. It will be compelling and there may be some yelling. Don't worry about spelling. Where it will go there is no telling.

A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld big Sphynx quartz, W__!

Where do we start today? I guess there is some between play. That could do anywhere at all. Brian the cat what have you to say at your hall?
I like whiffing windows more than whiffing butts!

Well that is one between we don't go near. Truedessa, anything between besides a rear?

butt watchers are everywhere
so one better beware!

I guess not. Sandra do you suffer from butt eye rot?

....you keep broadening my horizons:)

Broadening butts you say? Suza, going all butt at your bay?

Hmmm, I think I might leave those
But maybe take their clothes!

So more of an "other part" person, are we? Belva, are you on a nudist spree?

Rub the gray matter for that one
Think of all that gives aggravation
Will only end up in total constipation

Hmm rubbing gray matter may give one a thrill. Alex, does gray matter fit your bill?

Screaming babies - not on a plane, not on a train, and movies drive me insane.

I guess not as you don't find babies hot to trot. Or maybe just snip snip. Optimistic long name guy, care to take a trip?

a morning without coffee is sure to get me quite bent

So quite bendy at your sea? Joanne, any gutter thoughts come to be?

I"m stuck with the Brady Bunch theme in my head 

Guess you are all wholesome and such. Al Penwasser, ready to reach out and touch?

Flying is aggravating?
Now THERE'S the ticket!
The TSA can be grating.
They should all just stick it.

So the TSA does it for you? Snowcatcher what comes due?

You'd think that might help us sleep like fools
But no siree, Zzzs are hard to come by

Wow, no sleep means you must being having umm fun. Marg, going to enjoy the sun?

Every time you turn around, it is time to charge something.  

Going all solar power are you? Adam, do you have a between clue?

I'm going to see how long my wife will let me keep the bedroom low-key

No umm frisky for you? Hank, what is really true?

Today We Loom In The Bedroom!
House rules to avoid the gloom
No electronics
Making each other sick
Can expect then love to bloom

Guess he has no problem getting frisky. Tabbies who sound like they drink a lot of whiskey?

orlin N cassie....therz knot a whole lot oh electronix round heer coz eye like ta chew cordz.... { tuna } plus de food serviss gurl getted fed up with de bull$#it on tee & vee, cancelled cable, her got rid oh de what cha call it box that played free tee vee & if her wants ta watch sum thin, itz a dvd ~

heerz two a gulf menhaden { this ree lee IZ a fish !! } kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

I will just nod and agree. Mary, what's your in between spree?

Never in the bedroom alone?
Well......this makes me wonder.

Well two are more fun. Blue, what between have you spun?

Where's the party at?
How come a snip snip cat
Has nuts on his mat?
Many nuts at play
At your bay
The other day
Quite a scary display...
It's Wednesday...
Such a fun day!
Did Suza beat me to it?
Did Hank just blew it?
Where's True Blue?
Where's Scooby Doo?
Many questions from The Goo...

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat post!
From coast to coast!

Wow, snip snip, nuts and parties from you. Enjoy the group play at your zoo. What else is out there. Betsy, do you have something rare?

A neck chew for us to view?
Part vampire, are you?

Some people like that stuff. Bijoux, is sharing tough?

Caught wearing a diaper? Sometimes you just don't want to know!

Yeah, some we don't want to know. Betty, care to add to the show?

They keep getting more weird overtime
Dont ever want to think of some of these things

Whoopdi Friggin Doo may need new blood. Birgit, gonna make a thud?

I wonder if the goat on a boat knows the lad with the diaper whose tongue is stuck inside his wife...and is her--oh gosh I can't write any more or I will need to take a shower and clean myself with javax

Damn, some fetishes are an over share. Rosey, are you going to share without a care?

These kinds of posts remind me that not everyone on the other side of the computer is running on all cylinders. ;)

She is calling all out. Robyn, going to turn this about?

I'm lazy and would rather watch Miley twerk

Umm enjoy your viewing. Jaclyn, what are you doing?

I remember getting lots of germs this morning from slicing my finger on a dirty, nasty staple

Having a panic attack we see. Susan Gourley, anything to let fly free?

You made me laugh today because this past weekend, I went on a trip, stepped on a broken sidewalk, fell, turned my ankle, broke ribs, rode a bus, went to the hospital

We never meant literally trying to fly. Theresa, anything to add before we say goodbye?

There's always so much to do, it's a rare luxury to actually get to do it though.

A bit backwards we have to say. But enjoy those "luxuries" at your bay. Whoopdi Friggin Doo will now go off the air. I think you gave our viewers a scare. Robbie Raisin may need a shower. So enjoy life until our next hour.


You sure all had a lot to say. The cat is just shaking his head at our bay. Oh what the word between digs up. Not the kind of digging by a pup. Unless you want to blame one of those. It could work for your curling toes. The cat will now go talk to the singing bass. He is far less dirty when talking to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Much name dropping again I fear.
    But where's Yvonne the Nashville Cat so dear.
    Guess I'll have to read again,
    In case I missed it....don't want to complain....


    1. Whatever pops up on the post
      Is how it rolls at my coast

  2. Replies
    1. Haha wrong spot!
      Robbie Raisin comes with a post
      as bloggers he came to roast
      as Blue says from coast to coast

      Off to start my day- whoopdi friggin do!
      wishing you a good one and your zoo...

    2. Wrong spot
      Not a blot
      Nothing's hot!


    3. Off to butt watch at her sea
      Or watching then got a wrong spot spree lol

    4. Haha butt watchers beware
      but, do all wear underwear... haha

    5. haha to that I can say,
      Nope at our bay

  3. A Whoopdi Between, Causes A Scene!
    Nothing wrong but where to begin
    Hank, what is really true?
    Did Hank just blew it? Phew!
    Easy does it, don't get out of wind


    1. No need to be winded indeed
      As easy takes seed

  4. Pretty funny, Mr. Cat!
    I remember most of that!
    And yes, plenty of nighttime fun for me
    Until the clock strikes around three
    Then it's time
    For the daily grind
    Catch a couple of needed zzzzzs
    Then back to work... sheez!

    1. The grind sure sucks sleep away
      zzzzs just don't want to play

  5. LOL, no don't care to add to the show,
    I wouldn't know which way to go


  6. I thought I was reading a dog's post with all the butt mentions hear! ;)

  7. Glad to be a name
    There is no shame
    To hang at your sea
    Having fun is key

    Happy Friday

  8. I cannot have a morning without coffee. I need it! :)

    1. Need it to get going
      Or you'd be no-showing?

  9. LOL I'm sure Tabbies are sober even if they sound like they had whiskey :-) Well, though, some cat nip, maybe? :-)

    1. A little too much cat nip my be had
      There at their pad

  10. Well, I do have a gray butt!

  11. Didn't expect to see Robbie worked into the A to Z!

  12. what can i see - germs are overrated - smiles

    1. Who needs the germs
      Rather go for the umm squirms

  13. I wish I could go 100% solar

    1. Solar would be grand
      No stupid electric company at any land

  14. Robbie Raisin, always looking for trouble.

    1. Trying to stir the pot
      With the blogger lot

  15. When wild call about wife I got
    From cupboard my whiskey I brought
    And after a shot
    Some clarity sought
    She what with a what at a what

  16. We are a talkative bunch. Though, I totally agree with the screaming babies. Even though I'm a mom, that noise just grates my nerves to no end.

    1. The cats would agree too
      They recently experienced the screaming times two at our zoo

  17. A to Z draws near the end
    Oh what fun for all you send

  18. This is fun to read and I am even in this....should I say thank you...I think I will coz it's cool.

  19. Love the inclusion
    On the Whoopdi post
    Now I'll grab my clothes
    Or maybe nudity I'll boast!

    1. haha a nude you
      Rated R whoopdi froggin doo


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