At The Start A Brain Fart?

The A to Z is here. I'm sure all know that far and near. But then could it be Z to A at my sea? It was done last year by me. Bah, that is too easy for you to guess. So I'm going to leave your mind one big mess. Today is J, get it yet at your bay?

The A Between Z At My Sea!

J___ ____ ___ ______ ______, ___!

J's been for jump.
Got over that hump.
I'm a jumping cat.
But you knew that.

So J will stray.
Stray away at our bay.
Stray from near the middle.
In the Junkyard we'll fiddle.

Do you have one near you?
Could be treasure to view.
Depending on your definition I suppose.
Subjective as she goes.

Don't lose your mind.
Let's start the find.
There you can search,
And add to your junk perch.

A junkyard has police cars.
Could bust bums at bars.
You may get arrested though.
Or create a Let's Be Cops foe.

Buses are there.
Many to spare.
Can drive kiddies around.
Take them all to the pound.

Don't look at me like that.
I'm a no hair pull liking cat.
I'll run over you with my fire truck.
Can be found in a junk yard with any luck.

What about space?
Yeah, from an alien race.
Err umm maybe not.
But they have space junk by the lot.

Used NASA rockets can be found.
Not sure they'd get you off the ground.
But maybe if you fiddle a bit.
You'd really be the space shit.

And for those not interested in Mars,
You can find some classic cars.
Insurance on those suck though.
Just thought I'd let you know.

Have you ever found anything good in a junkyard? Did you know finding space junk wasn't that hard? Is my A Between Z confusing to thee? Pangrams can do that when you see. Hey, the cat will do just as many as you. I'm just a little out of order at my zoo. But I'll still give plenty of sass. You can count on that from my rebellious little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 2 in a row
      One minute late
      In with the flow
      And still made it!


    2. A little late
      But still your fate

  2. Congrats Pat on an excellent start albeit you're at the other end of the alphabet.


  3. At The Start A Brain Fart?
    An innovative way to start
    From J in the middle
    Not creating a muddle
    Isn't it starting out smart


  4. The race is on and there they go
    Off to another A to Z show

  5. I've never explored a junkyard. They have NASA parts? Bummer I missed those.

    1. Could make your own ship
      And go for a Mars trip

  6. Junkyards can hold much treasure
    Looking through it can be a pleasure.
    One friend found a diamond ring!
    Isn't that nice, in junk, he found bling.

    1. Damn, there is a score
      although nasty to explore

  7. I hear the junkyard dog isn't too friendly!

    1. May have to watch those
      As they can be foes

  8. Love the Junk Yard! So many interesting things, reminds me of home! :)

    1. Much can be found
      littered across the ground

  9. I remember exploring a junkyard when I was a kid. Lots of rubbish to explore.

  10. Have fun at your in between show
    as now the A to Z will flow

  11. I'm just hoping that new Alien movie isn't going to be junk.

  12. Figures you would take a different road
    When doing A to Z this year
    A junkyard I have not been near.


  13. hey - they're using re-usable rockets now - will help to at least keep our galaxies rubbish-free

  14. I'm terrible at these sort of mind games, Pat, but I look forward to seeing what letter is next.

    1. Won't know what is to come
      From my rhyming bum

  15. There's always one junker in the middle of the heap. Keep us jumping! Crazy fun

    Wait. Is this April Fool's??

  16. Happy April Fool's Day! :)

  17. I' like to point out
    if there's any doubt
    in "junkyArd" don't pout
    an "a" is about

  18. Fun rhyme to start things off. ☺
    Gotta love a rebel!
    It would appear
    There's no junkyard here

    Debbie @ THE DOGLADY'S DEN
    Latest post: Azzurro: Going AWOL in Switzerland

    1. The rebel is within
      As we don't go the right direction at our bin

  19. Well your A to Z, starting with J should be fun. I have no clue what goes in the blanks. But will your pangram have "junkyard" in it? I give up for tonight on writing a junkyard pangram! LOL

    1. lol doubt junkyard will be there
      But you can pretend it is with trash to spare

  20. The only good think I've found in a junkyard is a front panel for my husband's car for $100. Needed it because I ran his car over one night. It would have been a lot more if we would have had the dealership repair it.

    1. Dealerships will suck you dry
      Best to give the junkyard a try

  21. Looking at junkyards from afar
    Has made me wonder what they are.
    Parts for cars I know are found
    But my new cars are never broken down.

    And if a car I needed to fix
    I'd check around for good mechanics
    Cause in fixing stuff I ain't so smart--
    Can't put together what I've taken apart.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. I can put it back
      That skill I don't lack
      But if it wasn't done by me
      Then pffft up shit creek at my sea

  22. What I want to see
    Is piles of dead cars
    Get squished to oblivion
    And rocketed to Mars!

    1. Send them flying away
      Don't like their display?

  23. I always like options, Pat! So O is JO followed by six blanks. J was J followed by six blanks. The word-in-blanks seems to be growing. Still no clue about the missing letters, but maybe jinx will help in my pangram hunt. I've made it to Store Clerk in your 24 posts in 24 hour stint, but I haven't left comments today, because you're compelled to answer every one at your bay. You ask if we've ever done a strange job. Well, I've been a wellsitter (not dog or house, but wellsitter). That's a geologist who is on an oil well site as it's drilling and who maps the rock formations, porosity, and occurrence of oil in the drill samples on the way down. Lots of fun and challenging! Tomorrow I'll get through more of those 24 posts. Have a good one!

    1. 24 sure can take time
      As they showed in rhyme
      My ocd makes me answer too
      The panagram has one view
      At least as it comes out
      That would be quite the interesting job about


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