Back In View A Time Or Two!

The cat is almost done. I mean the a between z run. Then it is just the next day. I always like to have my say. And I figured I haven't done it for a while so for M we'll turn the movie dial. Maybe ones you have never seen, as I dig out a few umm lower ones and put them on screen.

A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld big Sphynx quartz, WM_!

What comes from A Murder of Crows?
Beats me, but My Tutor knows.
I hear it's A Simple Plan.
That might upset The Fan. 

The Associate isn't here.
Armour of God left her in fear.
The Gods Must Be Crazy.
18 Again! Oopsy daisy.

Really just Grumpy Old Men.
The Book of Life at ones den.
But You've Got Mail can make your heart flutter.
Way more than weird things made out of Butter.

Don't go all You Again and call Jack Sparrow.
That may lead to a Broken Arrow.
Then you'd become a Ghost.
Live in Ghost Town on the coast.

The Newsies would sing all about it.
Grumpier Old Men would curse that shit.
Or is it a Lethal Weapon and too old?
Bah, find Treasure Planet and dig for gold.

Idiocracy proves some are dumb.
They'd go to Fargo and dig with a chum.
Just Visiting is what they'd say.
The Last American Virgin may join the fray.

Such Men At Work are here to stay.
Unless Miss March gets in the way.
A Midnight Run may be her foray.
Mr. Destiny may give the okay.

I'm no Liar Liar.
With my Lottery Ticket I'm on fire.
Not all Weekend At Bernies like.
Live and Let Die can take a hike.

So just Get Low.
I've Gone Fishin you know.
That was all Pure Luck.
I blame Good Luck Chuck.

Harvey has come to play.
 He chased Howard The Duck away.
Like a Transformers movie I could go on all day.
But sadly, those Gremlins are getting in my way.

Seen them all? Heard of each one at your hall? There are a ton there. Sadly, I've watched them all at one point or another at my lair. Hey, they were all free. It was nice to have a store owned by grandparents at our sea. Do you know what letter is left for tomorrow? Don't give a fluck in your sorrow? There was a hint that came to pass. Now I'll go watch another movie and sit on my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. I've seen and read every one,
    Believe me Pat, they've been fun.
    Each one to read have been grand.
    Outside your pad should be a band.


  2. Back In View A Time Or Two!
    Movies galore and books too
    A good read
    A good deed
    Engrossed, having books with you


  3. I've watched the Fargo television version, but can't say I've seen any of those movies.

    1. I lied. I did see Ghost way back when.

    2. Well you got one
      Beats 0 under your sun

  4. We got HBO and are in #movierama here lately. I just saw Grumpy Old Men, hadn't seen it before. And in regards to your post, Lethal Weapon never gets old. I haven't seen it for years, but I always enjoy it when I do. :)

    1. Grumpy Old Men was a fun one
      And yep, never to old for this shit when Lethal Weapon is spun

  5. Hey, we've actually seen some of those movies! The Dad does much better with older movies than newer ones MOL!

    1. haha back in the good old days
      With a movie gaze

  6. F is left upon the bank
    Watching where the good ship sank
    Good ship may be lollypop
    Aliens cut a circle crop
    Your grandparents owned a movie store?
    Why you've seen movies by the score
    The oldies shown in my land
    Are the only ones I understand

    1. Oldies for you
      With much in view
      Many years to see
      In the lifespan of thee
      Could see a ton for free
      So went with it at my sea

  7. You've Got Mail - did make my heart flutter
    at least my brain wasn't left with clutter
    haha - Ghost I've seen a time or two
    that one just had to come in view...
    I especially like the scene with the clay
    these are fun to watch on a rainy day

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend
    the sky is gray, rain it might send
    perhaps, it should be a movie day
    have a good one at your hideaway

    1. Grey is the sky
      Oh me, oh my
      When work is through
      A fine day will come due
      With some writing too
      Thankfully editing all done at our zoo
      And we'll throw in a movie or two
      The cats relaxing with Pat while he gives it a view

  8. some hits and misses
    on your movie list
    lots more to see
    after finishing
    a to z

    1. So much out there
      Sure need plenty of time to spare

  9. Saw just one or two here at my bay
    Not much of a movie watcher is what I'll say


    1. Got a couple at least
      Out of my movie feast

  10. I started recognizing movie titles right away. I haven't watched all of them though.

  11. I haven't seen them all- but I definitely watched at least half of them. :)

  12. Congrats, Cat, on finished the A to Z!

  13. I've read every one
    and boy they were fun
    but I have to run
    my wife has a gun

  14. Oh yes, I have heard of them all
    And saw most at my hall.
    Very clever post!
    To you I shall raise a glass and toast

  15. I've seen more of these than I care to admit. Means that I spend way too much time in front of the screen, probably.

    1. Or over the years they just came into view
      Which could mean old are you lol

  16. Watched a lot of these
    But recently Harvey I saw
    Had never viewed it before
    Fell in love with a big "Awww!"


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