Back To You For A View!

It has been a bit since the cat did it. So with today being Y we'll let you fly. Yes, You are for Y. Did you get that on the first try? Still stuck on why I'm dong Y now? I'm sure you'll get unstuck somehow.

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld big Sphy__ ______, ___!

 There are blogs from coast to coast,
Some are even worth a boast.
Like here where I chew the fat.
Oops, this isn't about the cat.

We will go True Wanderings across the land.
There you may Wanna Buy A Duck in hand.
Whoops, that may be a flashback shock.
I mean Wanna Buy Belva Block?

I think I just may be Standing Into Danger.
In The Corner of My Eye I'll watch for a stranger.
Mama Diaries may have a plan.
I hope it isn't a flash in the pan.

Then I'll end up Theresa's Mixed Nuts.
Yeah, Halloween Nazi is stuck in scary ruts.
I don't think I'd make good herbs.
At least that is the Musings From The Burbs.

Maybe The Blue Grumpster will give a ring.
Something like...If You Were A Ummm...Thing!
Blabber would have a list for that.
10, unless she cheats with a Raviolis and Waterworks extra stat.

Not like I'm out there causing strokes.
A Beer For The Shower though on the other hand.
They may go cause strokes across the land.

Then you'd be over the Rainbow.
Unless to the other place you go.
666 would bring no Mail4Rosey.
She'd run away as it wouldn't be cozy.

Couldn't get no BB Creations there.
Rawkn' Robyn may have erotic poems to spare.
I just had to throw that in.
You know, like a Neko Random spin.

Hey, go Write With Fey.
Did you know Fey rhymes with hey?
I cooked rhyme in Canela Kitchen.
Would Al Penwasser think it bitchin? 

Well Every Day Amazin we can't be.
So don't hold that against me.
You hear that Alex J Cavanaugh..aka Ninja Wannabe.
Yipeee, I worked in the two names of thee.

What's better than being a Snow Catcher?
Certainly not a ball fetcher.
Brian's Home has none of those.
Unless hidden away afraid to pose.

Marg's Animals may join in.
Who knows what donkeys will give a spin.
You can go ask My Five Men.
What? It beats me when.

Maybe Sandra Cox will know.
Did I get a no go?
Dark Thoughts will get you nowhere.
Don't go cursing my lair.

Susan Gourley has the 411.
She'll be sure and get it done.
If not blame a monkey wrench coming due.
Or just enjoy A Bench With A View.

There we go. Did you get in for the you at my show? Are you even still around? A year ago this was written at my mound. Well almost a year. Could be new ones near my rhyming rear. I'll get you as well. Whoopdi Friggin Doo has to raise a little hell. Hopefully no one, including me, has croaked. That wouldn't leave any stoked. Now I'm through with You in mass. So it can be back to all about my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Nice of you to work us all into one poem!

  2. The cat you simply do amaze
    No need to get all shot with tase
    Get all involved, now that's a gas
    The rhyming stuff from your little ass

  3. Very good Pat but pray tell me where is NASHVILLECAT?


    1. Must not have been around
      When the post I referenced was found

  4. Thanks for the shout out at the end
    Lots of good blogs here
    Giving them all a good cheer!


  5. Back To You For A View!
    No mean feat right on cue
    Rounding up fun
    The regular ones
    Shout out for the lucky few


  6. You covered some ground
    In blogging town.
    So much to find
    With such limited time.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  7. Fun cruise through blogland but no wordsplash at the end. Cannon ball!

    1. Was a while ago
      Like written at last year's show lol

  8. Very creative, oh Maestro Cat
    Weaving a poem that rhymes like that
    Including every Peep at your bay
    And every link on display!

    1. Even threw in the links
      Must have had an off day, me thinks lol

  9. That was a fun Blogville run!

  10. Definitely got a kick out of this, Pat! Thanks for the shout out, and for once I'm on top of your posts!!! Good time to be so ~ LOL. As I watch your pangram grow, I know the next two letters in your A to Z: N and X! Based on my research, the word you're building is very handy in pangrams. I need to check in with the blogs mentioned in your post! Hope you day is the most!

    1. N and X would sure be the case
      And you sure did get a top embrace

  11. Clever Cat to incorporate all that!

  12. On the same day I posted my comment run
    Yours is more clever and you're always fun
    When I saw my name I felt glee
    A new erotica I should spin for thee
    Al Penwasser never gives a sneer
    unless, of course, you forget to bring him beer.

    1. Sure in sync today
      With the posting foray
      Got you on in
      Al's place was still alive during this spin
      Now he's off with his beer
      Or a finger in his ear

  13. orlin N cassie; ree peetz R all wayz grate; total lee awesum shout outz az well; we haz trubull linkin two blogz let a lone 75 !! ☺☺♥♥

    1. Can be a pain
      But we had time bored at work at our lane

  14. Yup no go:)
    I love your bloggers verses:)

  15. many good places here
    many that I too hold dear
    for they all fill me with cheer
    Thank you for making that clear

  16. Your posts are so much fun to read.
    They always give me smiles that I need.

  17. Everyone's #1 today

    except everyone who's not #1

    which is

    not Hank

  18. I recently had a bill that was $6.67. Whew. Saved me from having to go back and pick up something else to change the total. ;)

    1. lmao that would be funny
      Making you spend extra money

  19. I do like to go wandering across the land
    and so many blogs help make it grand...

  20. All I can say is wow! This was bitchin!

  21. What fun! Love to visit and read :) Thanks for brightening everyone's day.

  22. If you were... a thing, what kind of thing would you be?
    Would you be THE THING, scaring poor ole me?

    1. Maybe the Thing in the Fantastic way
      Hmm all four of those movies had a scary display

  23. Wow, lots of new blogs to go visit. Well done Pat to get all those in with all your rhyming. Have a great day.

  24. Some of my favorite peeps you have listed here. Now I'll swing by and give them a cheer!

  25. Lots of blogs
    You managed to mention
    Cleverly done
    With such good intention

    1. The cat can work them in
      With a rhyming spin


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