Come For A Thrill With No Need For A Pill!

Humans sure get aroused easy enough. Don't even need to be in the buff. The cat thinks they are nuts. Who wants to see their naked butts? But now you gotta catch them all? Oh how far they fall.

Gotta catch them all.
Out and have a ball.
A ball that is thrown.
Makes a funny tone.

Nope, not half snip snip.
That would be a wasted trip.
Nope, not an std or three.
Although some have such a spree.

It's time to thrill.
The cat may feel ill.
But humans like it.
More than a bit?

Even a bit?
What is this umm shit?
Who comes up with this?
That hard up for a kiss.

Time for the view.
Stripping for you.
Hundreds in the crew.
Nope, no orgy for you.

Time to show your very best.
Gotta be better than the zest.
Like no one ever was.
I'm done mocking that just because.

Okay, maybe not.
As you travel the land a lot.
Only carrying six at a time.
Actually you only need two if in your prime.

Comes in many sizes.
With the hope it rises.
Of course it may fall flat,
If you aren't into that.

Back to the ball.
Throw it out for all.
Poof, out it comes.
You see some bare bums.

Pikachu is on display,
In such a provocative way.
As you get ready to battle.
Those walls may sure rattle.

Have you guessed it? What is with my Pokemon gutter fit? How could I be so crass? Oh right, they now have Pokemon lingerie for every lass. Would that just get you raring to go? Pikachu showing high and low. Now that is what we call a thrill at our hall. Excuse the cat while I hawk up a hairball. Ready to see Pokemon lingerie on your lad or lass? No need to really tell my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Loved this Pat got my Sunday off to a good start.


  2. Number 2 in line!! And Yvonne has a head start being wide awake in the UK

    No flashing butt here
    I promise you that
    I'd cough up a hairball
    Like the rhyming cat

    Happy Sunday

  3. I've already been told that Minions on my sleepware is not the sexiest and I think Pikachu would rate even lower.

    1. lol yep, be even further down
      But still maybe up a bit from a clown

  4. Every single time I poke a man he jumps a bit!

  5. Come For A Thrill With No Need For A Pill!
    Pokemon raring to go but Pokemon very still?
    With every lass
    And on with class
    Readily jostling for battle and a spill!


  6. It's Sunday morning, what a sight
    Pokemon undies give me a fright

  7. Like to keep things white here
    Dont want to much color
    Pokemon would be a horror!


  8. Pokemon Go was all the craze here for a while. Now you don't hear much about it.

  9. My son used to love Pokemon :) smiles. I hope you are well.

    1. Used to be fun
      We are fine and dandy under our sun

  10. Pokemon lingerie? Sick.

    By the way, have you ever heard anyone pronounce it "Pokeyman?" What are they thinking? Maybe it's like, Superman, Spider-Man, Pokeyman...

    1. I guess they just want to see the lingerie on a man
      A super hero pokemon fan

  11. I never would have guessed Pokeman for P. You just love to lead people down the garden path! LOL Have a great week!

    1. Down a path they go
      But not for the a to z today at my show haha

  12. Pokemon fad
    came to my pad
    Drove the wife mad
    till one one she had

  13. This pokemon sounds familiar to me,
    but I haven't a clue who he/it be.

  14. Kind of glad the Pokemon Go craze has come to an end. My daughter drove me bonkers with that stupid game.

    1. Yeah, that ended quite quick
      Glad it got smashed with a brick

  15. Pokémon PJs
    Might suit some
    But Pokémon lingerie?
    I'll pass on that one

  16. Wow, that's all I need is Pokémon underwear, umm lingerie. 😱

  17. Almost as creepy as Hello Kitty lingerie!

    1. Yep, creepy in many a way
      Unless hello is where you stray

  18. This type of lingerie just sounds very unsexy except to geeks everywhere:)


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