Hey Diddle Diddle Time To Quiddle!

The cat is going to post today. I will get there at my bay. It could take me a while. I first have to walk a mile. A mile in my mind. That is hard to find. Find space to walk. Are you tired of my talk?

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld big Sphynx q_____, ___!

Are you in for a riddle?
What lies in the middle?
The middle of what?
Confused at my hut.

I made that up.
I'm not a pup.
I watched Youtube today.
It was a fine display.

Look, another one.
Isn't Youtube fun.
Comments on a post.
Mean people coast to coast.

There is a gif too.
Would it be gifs times two?
I've made some of those.
Do farts smell like a rose?

Aren't I supposed to be posting?
Posting instead of blindly coasting.
Is there a point to this?
Maybe the point you did miss.

Points on point.
That could anoint.
Anoint what I don't know.
We'll go with it though.

Did you solve the riddle?
Hey diddle diddle.
I'll diddle around some more.
Could be taken many ways at ones shore.

I made a paper airplane.
Aren't I a pain?
I should be posting something less confusing,
But airplanes are so amusing.

Look! Some dog hair.
Maybe a wig with the spare?
 Nah, rolls up to quirky.
May not make one perky.

Nope, not perky now.
Don't raise an eyebrow.
I had to have a look.
Now I'll read a book.

Did you read all of that? Are you confused by the cat? That is sure nothing new. Did you answer anything at my zoo? Questions came due. A riddle that may not be a riddle for you. Wow, more confused than ever? Are you trying to be clever? Are you twiddling fingers or hair? You're doing it too at your lair. What are you doing? Weren't you following my viewing? You are doing the word of the day. Q it is on display. Now I'll go back to quiddling and maybe some diddling. Bah, I'll just talk to the singing bass. That is all that is needed to do by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Good Morning Alex!
      Looks like you are one
      and I am two in pursuit

    2. I couldn't be pursued by anyone better!

    3. A pursing chase
      What an embrace

  2. Am not in for riddles yet today,
    I've just finished my shopping.
    Have to go and empty the bags,
    And return later I'm hoping.

    Good verse Pat.

  3. I don't know about farts smelling like roses
    But, I've heard farts can be sparkly...haha

    Ok, I just had to...humor me...

  4. The cat confuses to my brain
    I think I'll try the other lane
    This could be a tricky quest
    More powerful than all the rest

  5. It's Friday and the brain has gone to mush. No riddles today so the Cat can hush.
    I rhymed!

    1. A mushy brain brings rhyme
      After a confusing chime

  6. I was into making paper airplane recently. No matter hard I try, though, I can't make it fly! I'm not good at riddles, either :-)

    1. Those airplanes can sure fly
      Or just plunge and die

  7. Hey Diddle Diddle Time To Quiddle!
    Perhaps the riddle is in the middle
    Questions galore
    Going for more
    How is best to see one that sizzles


  8. Aren't comments on YouTube just awful?

  9. Que? A Question, a riddle
    I have no clue
    Let's go back to X-Men
    And discuss being blue

    Crazy mind on a Friday.

  10. It seems I know what I don't know!

  11. Comments on YouTube drive me nuts. They're worse when they're allowed on news articles, like Yahoo does. What makes the (usually) uninformed reader's thoughts on something so valuable?

    Of course, I ask that knowing full well that I'm saying it in someone's comment section, and also admitting that I love getting comments on my own blog!

    1. So many people want to be heard
      No matter how much what they say is absurd
      But yeah we get comments too
      But at least we don't have a video craving a new view

  12. I'm always confused by the cat
    Imagine that!


    1. Hard to imagine indeed
      With the simple, lol, rhymes at my feed

  13. orlin N cassie....we due knot get ta you tube much but gotta agreez...what de same hellz with de commintz ther....half oh em due knot even purrtain ta de moovee ~~
    n they say uz catz iz crazed ~~~~~~ happee week oh end ! ☺☺♥♥

    1. Crazy they surely are
      With comments at that bar

  14. I love Youtube, I can spend hours there watching videos.

    1. Videos are fun
      But comments aren't well spun

  15. Brain drain requires a break
    I think I'll go and bake a cake :)

    1. Won't that take work though?
      Pfft I'll nap at our show

  16. Youtube is always fun. ☺ You're right though. A lot of nasty people commenting there.

    The cat is confusing
    But also amusing.

    Have a good weekend!

    1. Comments galore
      Most not grand at that shore

  17. Confused man got big belly ache
    From eating up all of the cake
    Though wife did laugh so
    A riddle did grow
    Why he didn’t know it was fake

  18. Quiddle is a new word for me
    Had to make a trip to the dictionary

  19. The cat often is confusing.
    The cat also is amusing.

  20. I'm lousy at riddles! :( Now I'm going to crawl in bed and read a book. Have a great weekend, my rhyming friend.

    1. Hope yours is grand too
      As a reading you go at your zoo

  21. A quiddle
    Hey, diddle, diddle
    Naw, I won't play the fiddle.
    Now I will go pet my Tribble

  22. I never did get into the YouTube craze. It baffles me the amount of stupidity on there in both the videos and comments.

  23. Stop quiddling
    More diddling
    Keep fiddling
    Risk riddling

    1. Risk riddling?
      Can that be caught from diddling?


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