I Jinx You At My Zoo!

Now you are screwed. Aren't I rude? By reading one word you've been jinxed today. Bad things will always come your way. And if you believe that, care to buy a cheap bridge from the cat?

You're a jinx.
I've made the links.
You watch and they lose.
Go away and snooze.

My team loses all day.
It's when you watch at your bay.
It has nothing to do with skill.
You're just a jinx run of the mill.

Yeah, it is your team.
Pffft done that stream.
But let's go to fairy tale land,
And pretend that is the right stand.

Guess what?
Not just yours at your hut.
Millions may claim the team.
Uh oh, ruined your dream.

And what does that mean?
It means you aren't the dean.
Not even the janitor guy.
Sorry, I don't tell a lie.

But you're still a jinx.
Don't give any winks.
That takes all skill away.
You jinx with a wink every day.

So you're a jinx too?
Damn, that makes a few.
Oh no, there's 5000 more.
So many jinxes of lore.

Now 5002 people are a jinx.
Lock them all in police precincts.
Then your team will win.
You just did all the jinxes in.

What? They still lost?
All jinxes weren't tossed.
There must have been 5003.
Still jinxed are we.

Nope, no skill.
Don't swallow that pill.
It is all because of a jinx.
Maybe by a scary lynx.

You humans sure are pathetic at times. Some days I have more hope for mimes. Teams win because they played better than the other. Sorry, they weren't jinxed by any friend, nemesis or mother. Believe in some fake jinx? If you do, I'm a golden sphinx. Now you're a fool times two. Whoops, did I type that at my zoo? That really stinks. I'll blame it on a jinx. Nah, I made that come to pass. No fake jinx needed from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. I Jinx You At My Zoo!
    Fake jinx can make it blue
    Nobody lost
    Be a big boss
    Not jinxed getting through


  2. No such thing as jinxes although it sure feels like it some days.

    1. Yeah, some days one may think it so
      But faker than an inside lawn to mow

    2. I'm with the ninja guy
      It ain't no lie

  3. Being "Jinxed" is all in the mind. One is responsible as to how their life is lived.
    Loved the read.


  4. If you get into a jinxy jam
    Better to take it on the lamb

  5. Well, everyone wants to blame someone or something else these days!

  6. Dont think a jinx exists
    At least not at my place
    Otherwise if if did
    I might have to use mace.


  7. Someone jinxed me at being number one

  8. It's amazing how much people believe in jinxes! All over the world too.

  9. Here in Las Vegas there are people who play the poker machines that believe if you talk to them while they're playing that you jinx their game. They then have to move to another machine because they believe they won't win on that one you jinxed.

    1. lmao that is ohhhhh so sad
      I've seen them touch the screen here thinking it will work at our pad

  10. Our entire family plays or did play sports. They're all the time blaming things on the jinx, but it's just a joke. Still, lots of pregame rituals have been executed at our house. Boys!

    1. haha the rituals can bring forth a state of mind
      Even of the jinxing kind

  11. I'm confused. What letter is this? LOL!

    1. lol not a letter day
      Break day at the a to z bay

  12. Not a jinx believer here. There is a blogger with a cat named Jinxy though. I like her. :)

  13. Are you sure there is no jinx
    as sly as a lynx?
    Because Murphy from Murphy's law
    lives with the mister and we are in awe
    at how he torments him.
    It's such a sin.

    1. haha look and you shall find
      A jinx of another kind

  14. I don't know there could be a jinx
    At least that is what I sometimes think

    1. Pffft all in the head
      Let the jinx stay dead haha

  15. The cursed robbers didn’t get far
    Bad luck made them run into car
    But luck would submit
    As fortune soon lit
    The car that they hit had a star

  16. Hmmm jinx ...we all believe in something...superstitions ...Happy April.

  17. I have bad luck some days, but I don't think I've ever been jinxed

  18. How many Maple Leaf fans must think this
    Instead this team just sucks, ok...no more diss.

    1. Yep, sucks it is
      With their and any sports biz

  19. It's mainly in sports
    Where jinxes outnumber
    Hard to believe
    With some they encumber

    1. Yeah, nuts to think
      As they go around field or rink

  20. I've been known to tell my husband, "Don't jinx me!" I tend to think about jinxes when I'm looking ahead to something wonderful that may or may not happen. On the one hand, I know the idea of a jinx is silly; and on the other, Well I don't want to be jinxed. LOL

    1. lol just in case
      Cover your ass with a jinx embrace

  21. You might be a jinx, true.
    But most likely it's just you.


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