It's True, A U Not You!

Hey, don't get greedy at my sea, leave that to me. I used you for y. I can't use you for u a second try. That might make a theme. Who needs one of those at our stream? Not little old me. I just let it fly free. Are you saying I do? Well poo on you.

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld big Sphynx qu____, ___!

This you need.
That you don't.
Do the deed,
Or fun you won't.

Tell you U.
Tell you A.
Without a clue,
You have your say.

Bourne gave it.
This way or that.
A tat for tit,
Not where it's at.

Tit for tat,
Doesn't work too.
Trust the cat.
I gave a clue.

Comment or die.
Read or burn.
Jump or fly.
Work or don't return.

The first is the want.
The second the bad.
With it they taunt.
Out to lunch a tad.

Buy or fry.
Lose or die.
Pay or die.
Death, oh my.

It's a safe bet,
Even for this pet.
You use the biggest threat.
It may or may not be met.

Some have hot air.
Others a want.
Some pull their hair.
Others just taunt. 

The decision is on you.
You must make the final stand.
If no belief is true,
Tell them to pound sand.

Got my U today? If not you may be caused dismay. Not really at my sea. It is just the word play coming to be. Hints were thrown. Got it at the tone? The Bourne one was easy. Should be all easy peasy. Okay, I'll tell. U is for ultimatum where we dwell. Don't you love being given those? Do you give them and cause others woes? Notice how the second is always something bad? I guess that's the point to be had. Whether used by lad or lass ultimatums can kiss my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Just passing by to reach
      Position not under siege
      Position regained
      Was lucky again
      And in time to have pitched


    2. Back on top
      Of the crop
      Even late
      A #1 fate

  2. Great Saturday read Pat.
    Happy week-end.


  3. Ultimatums can cause grief
    Leave one on a lonely reef
    Make demands to get your way
    At times one finds it doesn't pay

    1. Find they are all alone
      As they try and pick up the phone

  4. It's True, A U Not You!
    As always right on cue
    And Ultimatums
    Cause tensions
    Rightly said some are due


    1. Some need to be said
      Others can sure cause dread

  5. Ultimatums have leeway
    No worries, try again
    Zoom fast on the freeway
    Don't flip or be in pain

    Happy saturday!

    1. No flipping on the road
      And dumping your load

  6. Ultimatums are nothing but threats.

  7. I really envy you for never letting your hair determine your mood, I wish I didn't let my hair ruin my day. Ultimatums really suck, because I'd rather just do what I want in the first place, although I know I can't always get what I want. I suppose that's what married life must be like, so I guess I should enjoy my unmarried life for now

    1. Hair got nothing on me
      They can sure suck at ones sea
      Married life doesn't need to be like that
      Or such married life may be scat

  8. Sometimes ultimatums cause a U-Turn!

  9. Most people act badly when given an ultimatum.

    1. That they may
      As toward nastiness they stray

  10. Duh double duh! The Borne Ultimatum ~ I should have had that in a snap! And Duh! I should have realized that u would follow q! My brain must be really tired this morning. After checking out what letters you have left, I'm going with a word that warms this geologist's heart: quartz!!! "Do or Do Not. There is no try." I had that Yoda ultimatum posted in my classroom for years. Have a good weekend, my rhyming friend!

    1. In my defense the word could have been "qat" since you hadn't used a and t yet.

    2. You got it after a while
      As the Q added to the pile
      Do or do not is they way
      No try any old day

  11. An ultimatum is something hubby will use
    I just say, "Go ahead" and watch him blow a fuse.
    I don't like them one bit
    They can go the way of a zit.

  12. Ultimatums are not nice at all. They could cause all kinds of problems so not a fan. Have a great day.

  13. I do not like ultimatums! :)

  14. this ultimatum is really serious ??
    Pat /cat?

    hugs :)

  15. The kids were all running away
    The husband said he couldn’t stay
    So wondered the wife
    This ultimatum's strife
    It’s just one more house cleaning day

  16. I am not a fan of ultimatums. They make me want to do the opposite!!

  17. Nobody's given me any kind of ultimatum in a long, long time. I never reacted well to them!

  18. Does ultimatum rhyme with arboretum?/Can I force that rhyme, cat?/Can I take it out of your hat? :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. You can try
      But you ay get a roll of the eye lol

  19. I give them to my kids all the time. You better ______ or I'm going to ________. Ultimatums usually work wonders in our house.

    1. For kids they can work
      Might not work on an adult jerk

  20. Don't give me an ultimatum
    You won't like what you see
    Best to go with the flow
    Or I will exterminate thee


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