Kind Of On Point At My Joint!

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock ____ ___ ______ ______, ___!

Today is K.
It's on insecure day.
Can a day be insecure?
Maybe a day isn't pure?

I'll leave that for you.
Maybe you'll get a clue.
A clue to the day.
Making it happy at your bay.

If you're happy a day is happy?
Damn, that was rather yappy.
Did I lose you there?
I do that at my lair.

Wait! What the hell is K?
Yeah, that I heard you say.
I'm half way done almost,
And I still haven't said it at my coast.

Maybe it is you?
Think about that at your zoo?
Keepin' it Real starts with K.
Isn't the redneck special today?

Now I'm over half way.
You still can't find K?
You are staring right at it.
Don't make your eyes have a fit.

That could lead to strain.
Strain on the brain.
The later I already do.
So you wouldn't want two.

Two there is not.
Two's not in my K plot.
Are you wise now?
Don't raise that eyebrow.

It even counts for me.
Me and you, you see.
Do you really see?
No need to climb a tree.

Okay, don't lose your mind.
K is for Kind.
 Not that mushy junk one bit.
Kind as an only one of it.

There is only one of you. Insecurities can run through many from zoo to zoo. But each have to deal in their own way. You make the call at the end of the day. Aren't I kind with my K kind? What? My A Between Z is making you lose your mind? Is that the only thing? I kind of want to know at my blog wing. Okay, I'm having fun. Ok, I am done. KK, I'm leaving. K, I was deceiving. K sure got worked in in mass by my one of a kind little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. And I score on IWSG post day!
      Not sure about K but I do remember R. Does he still come around?

    2. Ninja attack at the cat's shack

      Good Morning Alex!

    3. In the words of R
      "Great Post"

    4. Great post
      From coast to coast
      I'll copy Blue
      Here at our zoo

      No R in view
      And #1 were you

    5. A copy and paste
      Not typing with haste
      As you reboot Blue
      With a bluesuede shoe
      R is stuck in a jar
      Or haunting a bar

    6. Or out to sea
      Needing a pee

    7. Big onr, too
      At his sea peeing shoe

    8. Be a long ass while
      911 he better dial

  2. We all are one of a kind
    a little kindness goes a long way
    perhaps, the planets would align
    wishing all a peaceful day!

    1. That is one wish
      That may run away with a dish

  3. There is only one of us and our own way of dealing with stuff.

    1. Can all be controlled by us
      In which way we fuss

  4. Sometimes people send a text that just says "K".
    And other people hate it, as it causes dismay. lol.

    1. lol gets the point across
      So not that much of a toss

  5. K - hmm... Interesting! Kind - if only the world were more so! But there are all kinds and conflict seems to be the result!
    Have a great IWSG day!

    1. All kinds come about
      Each wanting to give their own shout

  6. Happy IWSG Wednesday, Pat! You're on my Alex-List to visit today. I admit it, sometimes you do loose me, but I go back and reread until I figure you out. K for Kind is good. My classroom grandmother for 25 years used to tell my kiddos that "kind" was her favorite word! Take care, my friend!

    1. Kind can win the day
      But loose you stay?
      Oh how that could be taken the wrong way
      The cat will just say okay lol

  7. One of a kind...that's me for sure. lol Wouldn't want more than one of me around.

    1. All the freebies would go
      That would be a no no

  8. Kind Of On Point At My Joint!
    IWSG day meant a helping bond
    K on a roll
    A kind soul
    Pull-up to partake on a jaunt


  9. I too wish kindness could be more frequent
    But I can be happy with that which on me is spent

  10. K day, pay day
    For the fat it's weigh day
    I don't have time to fuss and whine
    I'm off to Bozeman, sun will shine

  11. Bit confused with your A to Z
    But it will make sense eventually


  12. Keeping it real. Keep it kind
    Figure out your A toZ?
    I am behind

  13. There are certain days that lend themselves to insecurity, like bathing suit buying day and annual check-up weigh in. Those are really bad days.

    1. lol go to a nude beach
      Both in one day can be in reach
      Over and done
      On with fun

  14. Insecurity leads to so many goofy things. Keeping it grounded and real seems logical for all that are concerned, but lots of folks don't seem to like being reasonable. :)

    1. Nope, most like going on and on
      Or pulling off some con

  15. You are def one of a kind! :-) Good luck in the challenge

  16. Did you say K? And pray tell what happened to all those other letters, or did I do a Rip Van Winkle and miss out? Oh who in blazes cares! And who ever said the alphabet HAD to have a specific order anyway? I say, bring on Z and go take a long walk on the beach.

    1. haha K it is
      With the pangram biz
      Off we go
      With many an out of order show

  17. "Can a day be insecure?"

    Good question. Since IWSG Day falls on Wednesday, and Wednesday is known as Hump Day, I think Wednesday would be the day that's insecure. So, it's perfect!

    1. So no happy humpers?
      They aren't the best bumpers? lol

  18. Lots of people are glad there is only one of me. Do you get that sometimes? Especially the A to Zers who came looking for D today.

    1. That we do
      They were shit out of luck with a D view

  19. Yeah. Strain on the brain. I like that. But I especially like K is for kind. :D

  20. That's a whole big bunch of special K!

  21. You really are one of a kind
    with your rhyming behind
    but that makes you extra special
    maybe you'll star in a Depends commercial
    since every day you grow a bit older
    and the cat gets more evil and even more colder

    1. Hey, if the pay is right
      We'll wear them skin tight
      Let all hang loose
      Care to see the cat's caboose?

  22. You got a letter, how can you be so insecure? This A to Z is hard to keep up with. I think K is a good letter. I might do all 26 days in K. K is the best letter.
    Makes no sense, just drifting by. K

  23. Kind of candy
    Kind of dandy
    Kind of sandy
    Sandy is a dandy candy
    Keep her handy

  24. Kind is a good K word:)

    Laughing at Martin's response:)

  25. I just wanna be insecure today. Mmmm 'kay?

  26. It's not like Pat to be insecure.
    Or for the cats for that matter.
    Jappiness is always found at your pad.
    I know I prefer the latter.


  27. I really don't mind
    if I'm one of a kind
    if I could be so bold
    they broke the mold!
    Hmmm could be they thought they made a mistake
    oh well, to late I say for goodness sake

    1. Too late as here you are
      By train plane or car

  28. One of a kind
    Yup, we are all unique
    Although some of us
    Might make you shriek

  29. what a clever write. Enjoyed reading this.
    From A to Z

  30. Very kool! ☺

    One of a kind
    From front to behind
    Is how to be
    No insecurity!


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