Lend An Ear With This Peer!

The cat would like to warn you today. Actually, let's not and just play. The cat will let it flow and you will have it in tow. Or in your head. You know it can get stuck when said. Or would that be sung? Don't pop a lung.

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock ve__ ___ ______ ______, ___!

E has come.
Starring my bum.
How does that work?
Let your ears perk.

Just hit play.
Do as I say.
You'll then learn E.
It's as easy as can be.

Got it, do you?
A no came due?
I guess this song is stuck in your head.
You'll be hearing it in bed.

Here, this will help.
You'll no longer yelp.
Now you can concentrate.
Figuring out E is your fate.

Whoops, way back in days of old,
A new tune sure took hold.
Now it is back to stuck.
I guess you passed the buck.

Buck was passed?
Did it last?
Still stuck in?
That's just a sin.

Now I'll really help out.
You need to know what E is about.
So here's a story.
In all it's glory.

They were a bunch.
A bit out to lunch.
Damn, I'm wrong.
Just hit and song along.

Sing or not.
You know the plot.
Stuck it is.
Damn this E biz.

I guess I'll spill.
Your head needs to chill.
Like the song that never ends.
It goes on and on my friends.

Figure it out? The Ear Worms making you shout? Got it now? I knew you'd get it somehow. E is for Ear Worm. Things stuck in your head long term. They just won't go away. As the songs tend to go on replay. The wheels on the bus go round in round when this is found. Don't you love my ear worm pass? I'm such an annoying little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling. 


  1. Enjoyed both the videos and verse.

    Have a greast week-end.


  2. Well, now I have that song stuck in my head, stuck in my head, stuck in my head... lol

    1. ps Orlin and Cassie are beautiful...

    2. There it may stay stuck too
      They sure think so at our zoo

  3. Lend An Ear With This Peer!
    Stuck in the head for sure
    Go get Galavant
    To save a Dame
    With a Brady Bunch encore


  4. Nothing like a shot up the Cat's nose.
    Fortunately no sound! Nothing stuck in my head today.

    1. The cat couldn't get the win
      Hmph, guess he'll take it on the nose and not chin

  5. Life is just one happy song
    Stuck in the head, all day long
    Live it and sing to the end
    Follow it true with the river bend

  6. 21 Pilots are my ear worm just about every day of the week.

  7. EEEEEE, an earworm, No thanks, I had one the other day.

  8. The Brady Bunch? Now there was a scary show.

  9. My Hip Hop instructor plays this damn Hula Hoop song all the time and it definitely gets stuck in your head. I hate Earworms!

    1. Stuck that one will stay
      We hate when they get stuck at our bay

  10. Will there be a Brady reboot
    Making you hoot?

  11. Have them all the time at my place
    at least they take up some brain space :)


    1. They keep the brain working
      Just don't start twerking

  12. orlin N casie.....we guessed at de all most end it bee ear werms....sure fishin wermz R way better N we canna forget de ear werm bug thing Kahn put in Sulu'z ear in star trek....we canna heer theeze mooveez coz oh de P.O.S pea cee... sew we will sing a long in R mindz eye !! ☺☺♥♥

    1. Sing along and fish away
      Can win any old day

  13. ear worms ooze into the brain
    all other thoughts drain

    Happy Friday. darn Brady Bunch....

  14. Oh there are some songs that just annoy me to death.

    1. Always seem to be a few
      For each person coming due

  15. Every song on the pop channel is my ear worm these days. The youngest has just taken a keen interest in radio, and the same songs play every single time it's on.

    1. haha they like their same things
      Always waiting in the wings

  16. Never thought I'd see Galavant again

    1. Back it may come
      Doubt it though from our rhyming bum

  17. I did cheat.
    I will not be beat.
    I didn't listen to those songs
    No, not a single one!
    Last ear worm I had was a pleasant one
    but I forget it now, so it must be done! haha.

  18. Oh, I feel the worms wiggling around and about!

  19. You don't annoy
    you are a joy
    so Pat my boy
    my bribe deploy

    1. Is it a good bribe though?
      I can be bought, you know

  20. Ear plugs, I've heard of
    Ear worms, I have not
    You brought back TV's most annoying and
    cheerful lot.

  21. Ahhh, it's stuck in my noggin'
    I guess I'll go loggin'
    And dance on the wood
    Yeah, I would, could, should

    Your kitties are beauteous
    Although Orlin would shrug
    For he doesn't care
    He'll just scratch on a rug

    1. Scratch and play
      All through the day
      With a little hiss and spit
      He won't take no umm shit

  22. I hate those tunes that don't go away
    I really don't what them to stay.
    The bad ones end up in my brain
    It's truly a really drain.

  23. I enjoyed the Brady Bunch growing up. Definitely a happy group- but my favorite was Alice. :)


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