Round Fifty Seven At Play Here Today!

The search engine nuts are slow and steady, but their weird crap is still at the ready. Here they are for the a to z. I know you know they are as weird as can be.

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld big S_____ ______, ___!

using a skateboard falls off

That would be me if I ever tried at my sea.

bet you still lurk images

Do you want the image clearer? Well just look in the mirror.

it's there (remastered)

Not here, just there? A rebooted affair.

big boob anime women show

Animation is your thing? May get a paper cut with that fling.

rat porn

Stick with the paper cut. Way better than rat smut.

All seeing eye

Sorry, not in some secret group. On them I'd take a poop.

polka guys juggling

Can they do that at the same time? Sure more impressive than a mime.

also can you show it

No thank you. But I've got zombie feet in view.

my mother ate my shoe

The blue guy has a winner. Someones mother ate his shoe for dinner.

hello how are you kitty

Just fine. Don't touch the feline.

freezy breezes on the sea

Cold as ice. Oh, how nice.

Shit stuck on my shoe

Take a stick and proceed to pick.

Provincial help for 

For what? But help for anything isn't going to happen at your hut.

mighty cramps are ick

Mighty like Thor? Say no more.

And the winner of the day is looking for info from any bay. I hope you don't know the answer to this. This really really can't cause bliss. Nuts sure are everywhere. This guy seems to want a umm spare?

How to bronze my penis

And why would I know that? I am a snip snip cat. Maybe it was all the snip snip talk? That would be rather umm hard to walk. The cat will take getting fixed over that. Who thinks up this strat? Beats the fluck out of me. Is a bronzed one something you'd like to see? I think I too shall pass and remain a snip snipped little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Well I must this was different but none the less great to read Bronze Penis and


  2. Rat porn and polka guys juggling
    Made me laugh out loud
    Bronzing a penis?
    That might draw a crowd

  3. All my search results are hidden at my sea
    Guess that's what happens when you're me
    but that's better than having zombie feet
    in my feed, that in now way is a treat
    you can keep your rat porn too
    I'm sure the cat has plenty at your zoo!


    1. haha maybe the cat needs to start stepping
      So no more rat porn he'll be prepping

  4. Freezy breezes on the sea
    Button up and follow me
    Twilight moons are cold as ice
    Like pizza pie, cut a slice

  5. Round Fifty Seven At Play Here Today!
    The search engine nuts still at play
    Polka guys juggling
    All without thinking
    They may not be allowed to get away!


  6. Rat porn? They were looking for one of our other blogger friends!

    1. That they were indeed
      Zigged away from Mary's feed

  7. Bronze it like a statue? That'll look odd on the mantle.

    1. That it surely wood
      Whoops, would at my hood

  8. Maybe the Bronze Penis is a new blog award. Congrats. You must be proud

  9. Super scary is that
    Mr. Cat
    Repeating such a strange search term
    Will surely bring forth many a worm

  10. Thank the heavens for the cheatsheet hashtags. Bronzed penis? I'm a woman and that gives me the creeps.

    1. Creepy as can be
      Would hurt with a bronzing spree

  11. Oh my...I agree with Diane. That really would look odd on a mantle.
    Have a wondrous Easter, Pat.

    1. Odd sight to see
      But could make intruders flee

  12. Why settle for bronze when you can go for the gold!

    1. Much better indeed
      But we'll let them do the deed

  13. Well, the bronzed penis sure takes the cake today. Maybe he'll get an endorsement from sunless tanning companies.

  14. lol to that last one. Arrogance at its finest. Good grief.

  15. I have no thought to the last one
    maybe they just need to be spend more time in the sun?


  16. I have to wonder what kind of person would search for rat porn.

    1. Rat sex and rat porn
      Between the two, sadly, many are torn

  17. Polka guys juggling? Don't laugh! I can relate to that. Somebody must have seen the juggling act I did in my 8th grade class musical.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. So they were looking for you
      When they came for a view

  18. The cat's mad at me
    when vet we did see
    now cat chick=a-dee
    No longer bring glee

  19. I'm completely lost for words to say.
    Maybe I'll think of something another day.

  20. Cat is glowing as always
    with all his might
    I believe recognize him
    in simple stripes :)

  21. Is that Hello Kitty's full name?

  22. The golden penis woke me, not really


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