The Fate Of The Bait!

Food left out for a mouse to get it out of your house. A worm on a hook to make a fish take a look. They are considered one thing. Can you guess the B word we are going to give a ring?

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld b__ ______ ______, ___!

Humans are ever so wise.
Crowding around like flies.
Fists in the air and ready for war.
Let's bomb that far away shore.

Bad those guys really are.
They stole all the rum from the bar.
Can have the masses drying out.
What the hell is that about?

We must protect our way of life.
Damn the other person's strife.
They are oh so bad anyway.
Ignore anything else they say.

Come and live your dream.
Create a passive income stream.
You can do it while you sleep.
Your pockets will grow ever so deep.

You'll be living the high life.
Free from any stress and strife.
You will get a super high return.
Here is your once in a lifetime chance to earn.

Your friends will be envious of all your stuff.
You will no longer have it rough.
Everyone will be at your beck and call.
You will quite simply have it all.

 Look at those guys standing there.
They aren't your average pair.
Those ones over there are different too.
Whatever are we as normal people to do?

They may mingle and mix.
That idea we have to nix.
We can't have them ruin things here.
Different or new ruffles the hair on my rear.

That just isn't right.
I'll dislike it for spite.
It is oh so wrong says everyone.
Join us, as something must be done.

A little fear, a little greed and a little hate.
Damn, that is some kind of bait.
A worm or a trap is way too simple.
Oh look, he's scary with that pimple.

Got the B? Did you take the bait from me? I suppose you got it now. If not then wow. Humans sure take the bait in mass. Sheep they are with each pass. A few words or fear or this or that and they become a bait taking dingbat. Do you take the bait with ease? I hope you'd rather believe talking bees. Eyes wide shut and in a rut. I guess that works for the humans and their sass. No bait taking for my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Sorry I didn'y get the "B" words but enjoyed the poem and post all the same.


  2. Congrats on number 1
    Hank lost his run...

    Leaving Hank a good morning
    as he may be in the road...

    1. Congrats Yvonne
      Elated having won
      Good morning True
      Occasional #1's new


    2. Hank walked the plank
      On the road with gas in the tank

  3. I guess one just needs the right bait
    sometimes it is not alway so great
    will fish on a hook determine fate
    to your post some thoughts I relate
    see what your imagination creates
    open up your inner dream gates

    1. Open and goes
      There she blows
      Baited and hooked
      Imagination is easily booked

  4. The Fate Of The Bait!
    A push-off not to wait
    Lure cast high
    Yes,it is a fly
    Luscious when not dead


    1. When caught not dead
      Way better on the head

  5. Sometimes it is so easy to take the bait. Just have to extra careful.

    1. Have to watch the bait indeed
      As it is always taking seed

  6. Always check to see who is dangling that carrot.

    1. One must do their research
      Or end up in the lurch

  7. B words flying through the air
    Guessing games can be so fair
    Pick a name from the Hat
    Written by a cat named Pat

  8. Not sure of the B word here
    Still a bit unclear.


  9. I've read it 2 times and I'm embarrassed to admit that I still don't know what the B word is, haha

  10. How timely your bait this day
    When another B-word recently came into play...
    Bombs away

  11. Wow. "A little fear, a little greed and a little hate." There's too much of that going around.

    1. All adds on up to a big one
      As more and more is spun

  12. Okay, I'm going to go take a nap now and see if my pockets grow deep. Fingers crossed. Heh heh.

  13. Good poem. Making us think on a tuesday

  14. I'm still not over the father crying over his drowned child escaping Syria. That sort of misery grieves me.

    1. Yeah it is awful in every way
      This post sure cropped up with it at my bay

  15. I want to know more about this passive income stream...

    1. I got a bridge too
      Will sell it cheap to you

  16. I thought I was late but I didn't take the bait!

  17. The bait can lure us in like fish
    Even with our mouths we say peace it is we wish

    1. Yep, suck us on in
      No matter what we try to spin

  18. All adults to babies deserve to be safe and saved.

  19. I don't take the bait.
    That kind of stuff I hate.

  20. No bait taking here. Ain't nobody got time for that. Well, at least I don't!

    1. Can waste time
      So who needs to drop that dime

  21. The bait my wife used was her looks
    With it future husband she hooks
    As time changes mood
    And values renewed
    What nets me is food that she cooks

  22. Yes, I did get the bait.
    I put it out for the rats and wait.
    They hunger for it and can't resist.
    Too late they discover their mistake. (True)

  23. I have to say, mate
    That I don't take the bait.
    They don't like me
    I tell them to go and leave me be

  24. Nicely done, my friend. Nicely done.

  25. I'd rather be a cat than a frigging sheep.

  26. If you take the right bait,
    you definitely can influence fate!

  27. I don't take the bait
    Teasing isn't nice
    Except when I'm the teaser
    Then I do it thrice


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