The Finish Line Does Align!

And with today's post we are done. Hasn't the a to z been fun? Or the A Between Z if you copied my sea. In which case I'd say you were a copy cat. Literally where you are at. Makes sense of my pangram now? It does actually make sense somehow.

A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld big Sphynx quartz, WMF!

Today F is due.
What the F at my zoo.
I know you've thought that.
Maybe even mumbled it to the cat.

But as we Finish up.
Finish wins the final cup.
Hey, you have to finish to win.
So why not give finish a spin?

Finish on a high note.
Is that like singing a quote?
Maybe sound like a dying squirrel.
Finish you off before that's given a whirl.

Begin many things, finish a few.
Is that your zoo?
I sure hope not.
May finish without a lot.

Nice guys finish last.
I guess I'm ahead of that cast.
The cat does lots of sass.
Not so nice with my little rhyming ass.

At the finish line?
Hmm used by the feline.
But is that really true?
I see no line at my zoo?

I'm sure not finished confusing you.
That may come daily at my zoo.
I can't let your brain finish off.
Keep it thinking even if you scoff.

Did you make it from start to finish?
If not, does your confidence diminish?
Bah, finish up with that.
Just be crazy like the cat.

Or be ahead of schedule,
Then no need to reschedule.
A cheat rhyme and no finish.
Bah, that it won't diminish.

For we all finished and such.
Every letter many did touch.
Whether winging it or a theme.
Finishing touches were added to each blog stream.

Did you finish at your sea? Are you no longer confused at my sea? WMF is phone speak. Wag My Finger it means at every creek. And you know what veld means at your sea. At least if you were here for V. So it all makes sense now. Bah, don't raise that eyebrow. Back to normal now that the A Between Z is done. I'll still have some rhyming fun. Now I'll go pass some gas out from between my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Great verse Pat. Yes! the Challenge has been fun whatever way you do your letters.


  2. The Finish Line Does Align!
    F is the letter, that's fine
    As you can see
    The challenge comes to an end


  3. Congratulations on the finish
    Makes it all feel kinda winish
    That is a clever A to Z
    Flew in and out like a bumble bee
    The cat fooled us all and made one think
    Like running water down a kitchen sink

    1. Fooling and confusing
      Sure is amusing
      Challenge we think not
      As we already do the every day plot haha

  4. WMF? Well, that's a new one. Congrats on the grand finish!

  5. The ending is near/Cat's got your ear! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  6. Well done with all the letters. Kind of interesting. Zoo is perfect for 'Z'.

    1. Zoo sure works here indeed
      Many currently at our feed

  7. WMF - HAHA - can't say I knew that, but leave it to the cat as he is where it is at!

    I have to say I thought of another F word, may even have muttered it under my breath.

    Congratulations - you made it through and another A to Z and all the chaos to be had.

    1. lol a little finger wag
      Isn't a drag
      Not much chaos to be had
      Easy peasy at my pad

    2. That is true as you had it done
      long ago under your sun :)

    3. A year in advance
      For all to give a glance

  8. That's a lot of letters, especially since there are words involved!

    1. Those word things just show
      Damned if I know

  9. Congrats on finishing! You post more than anyone else I know- so I had confidence that you'd get it all done (helped that I know you have your posts written far in advance). :) Great job!

    1. haha yeah, working on next year's now
      So you can be sure they'll show some how

  10. Finally made sense at your sea
    As you traveled A to Z!


  11. Finish means you are all done,
    for unique and fun you're #1

  12. Are you finished?

    (Sorry, had to.)

  13. Wag My Finger? That's a new one on me.

  14. Kept us guessing all along
    Each day a surprise, not a song
    Jumble letters on the screen
    Make us think with our bean

  15. Yes, always finish what you started ... great advice from the cat, unless he's taking a nap. Haha :)

    1. Have to reach that line
      Unless a napping feline

  16. Quite the A to Z ...smiles you always pull it off :)

  17. Always good to finish on a high note:)

  18. You've reached the finish line
    and boy did you do fine
    and now it's time to dine
    on kutos so divine

    1. The cat will go for a snack
      That never does lack

  19. I did finish
    But my visits did diminish.
    For that I apologize
    I need to energize
    And look over posts in May.
    This is what I say for today.

    1. Sometimes it can drain
      When a constant moving train

  20. Congrats on reaching the A to Z finish line. I didn't finish or start for that matter ;)

    1. No finish needed
      When the start wasn't deeded

  21. I'm done and you're done.
    It was so much fun.
    I'm still confused,
    But at least I'm amused.

    Thanks for being a part of the 2017 Challenge! (And especially for reaching the end successfully.)

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. The cat gets it done
      When he starts a fun
      Confusing works
      Has its perks

  22. Finish with a flourish
    That's the way to score
    Loved your A to Z
    Even though it hopped galore

    1. Hopped every which way
      More fun for our bay


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