The X Team Isn't A Dream!

Although the cat may wish it were. Stupid until maybe the blue fur. Wait, they screwed with that too. A Hulk wannabe came due. Did you guess I was on X? Maybe the movies have a hex. Oh, and yes Sphynx is spelled like the breed of cat. Don't like it, try a pangram where you are at. Now the X-men times ten.

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld big Sphynx ______, ___!

What have we here?
A team sure is clear.
Or maybe they are a group.
Hey, could be locked in a coop.

 A stampede of bad guys.
They swarm like flies.
They want to squash the good guys flat.
Are you still with the cat?

New animation for the end.
Stories went around the bend.
Stupid most end ones were.
 Notice stuff besides blue fur?

A new edition here.
Went back in time I fear.
A young bunch in their gear.
Is something still clear?

Could be clearer still.
This shows it at will.
You can see it clear.
 Notice what is near?

Even the old school has some.
They may look rather umm dumb.
But it has some in it.
 Catching on a bit?

Even this really really bad show had it. 
Trust me, it was bad way more than a bit.
Awful in every single way.
But still has it on display.

Even Spider Man came to play.
He saw it on display.
He has it too.
Guess it yet at my zoo?

This has none.
A spark maybe for fun.
But nothing here one bit.
Have you guessed it?

Ready for some S&M?
Get what I'm trying to condemn?
Ignore the blue of two.
Now you've got it at your zoo.

Color was the answer to my X-men rant. Did color just magically go poof at some movie plant? Let's make them S&M wannabes in leather. Any storm they can weather together. At least black leather was kept in style as they went the no color mile. Notice that about X-men at your sea? Isn't color better to see for thee? Maybe it is just too low class. Keep your black leather away from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Loved the pics, loved the verse, loved the post.
    Well done Pat.


  2. Hugh Jackman in yellow Spandex just doesn't sound like something I'd watch for two hours...

    1. hahaha yeah, would make one run
      If it were spun

  3. Funny how the costumes lost their color in the transfer

    1. Color went every which way
      But there on display

  4. Funny post. You have super powers. What color would you wear?

    1. Something to blind
      Screw with everyone's mind

  5. X-Men never watched by me
    Same with all the others shown by thee
    So I never noticed colors they may or may not be

    1. Many colors there and not
      As they go many a plot

  6. Not much of an XMEN fan
    No matter what is worn
    Someone else will have to
    Blow their horn,


  7. You had me guessing, cat
    I was lost
    I thought you jumping to X
    on your Challenge toss!

  8. Lose the color
    Be the duller
    Check the word
    Be a nerd
    Kiss and tell
    What the hell

  9. The rainbow of colors kind of looks like Disney threw up.

    1. Hawked up a hairball
      Watch your step in the hall

  10. Great pictures....and the colors work well!

  11. The X Team Isn't A Dream!
    Loud colors are a scream
    Go get the X-Men
    At Superheroes' Den
    All tough and looking mean


  12. Replies
    1. Excuse me while I go bleach my eyes
      Look away, a derp to the wise

  13. I've liked all the X Men movies.

    1. X3 was the only one truly hated by me
      Toss that in the sea

  14. Were they trying and trying to go PC
    by toning down color at the XMen spree?

  15. I remember the original X-Men team from the 1960s and 1970s, and then the so-called "New" X-Men from the mid-1970s until the early 1990s (when I stopped reading them). They were all pretty colorful. But I'm used to Hollywood changing costumes whenever they make a movie.

    1. Hollywood wants ease and such
      Putting on their own dumbed down touch

  16. Don't know about X-men
    But those colours are wild
    In your face and up your nose
    Loved by a child

    1. Sure caught the eye
      As they are ever so spry

  17. Well, at least one of them is still blue
    And I don't mean Scooby Doo.
    Howdy, Cat...
    How's the mat?

    1. haha - that is what I thought too
      how are you blue?

    2. Furry and Blue
      Without need for a shoe
      Mat is fine
      For the feline

  18. orlin N cassie; well frum a catz point oh veew in that supposed lee we can onlee see bloo N green.....we see.. we guess... onlee bloo N green tho we iz still tryin ta figure out what cat... toll what purrson... him could onlee see....bloo N green & if thatz de case did de cat even noe what red waz !!!! ☺☺♥♥

    1. Yeah, rather strange how they know that
      Not sure it was spilled by any cat

  19. The X-Men have gone dark and mysterious, I sort of liked the blue and yellow..haha...Well, at least there is still one blue girl. I guess the dark-side has an allure.

    1. She sure got the center of the act
      Blah to the tact

  20. The people would cheer and would shout
    For their super hero reared clout
    For those who had gripe
    At those who would swipe
    He farted to wipe evil out

  21. Good one, Pat. I am way behind on X Men movies. I wouldn't have a clue on the color or lack thereof.

  22. I think, to me, black means bad guy.
    I really don't have a clue why.
    And blue is the color of the sky.
    Which perhaps means a little shy.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. I enjoyed all the series, even the last one, Logan, the last dying days of Wolverine and the Prof ~ Have a good week/end Pat ~

  25. I have never seen an X-Men show or movie. I am so out of the loop.

  26. Ahh yes, yellow or red...bright colours and so tight that it shows all the muscles but no bulges in that certain area. I guess they can't be mutant in all areas

  27. I tried a pangram where I'm at.
    It's no easy thing to do, Pat!
    I like how you've shaken up the A-Z,
    a reprobate are thee!


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