These Days In A Maze?

The cat notices you humans use this one a lot. Are these days all hot to trot? These days are special to you? Maybe switch it out with Thursday at every zoo?

These days things are bad.
These days I've gone mad.
These days things are said.
These days I'm better off dead.

These days we're out of it.
These days are full of shit.
These days I'm rhyming.
These days I'm not miming.

These days was used tomorrow.
These days there is no sorrow.
These days we fear the past.
These days the past won't last.

These days my rhyme is going.
These days I'm still showing.
These days the cat is eating.
These days more trick than treating.

These days we're all alive.
These days we can't survive.
These days the highway is clogged.
These days my time is hogged.

These days I've had it.
These days cause a fit.
These days stuff is said.
These days there is no dread.

These days you comment still.
These days looks may kill.
These days nuts are here.
These days nuts aren't near.

These days bloggers blog.
These days dogs eat a brown log.
These days the litter is clean.
These days people are mean.

These days jobs are hard.
These days I mow the yard.
These days things won't grow.
These days I just don't know.

These days you'll dream of it.
These days stuck every bit.
These days you are cursing me.
These days things come to be.

Wow, and all of that was said today. So these days only have one day to play? These days maybe lazy takes hold. These days a day of the week can't be told. These days we'll lump them altogether. These days people talk about the weather. Are you a these days nut? Stuck in a these days rut? Guess what? These days was said 100 years ago by nuts in a these days rut. These days sure stand the test of time in mass. These days I just enjoy pointing things out with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. See you;re having one of those "Daze" Pat.
    Hope things get better.


  2. These Days In A Maze?
    Not a time to just laze
    Said it today
    Said it at play
    Sure to leave one in daze


  3. These days go fast
    These days I am glad to have
    These days - whoo I'm already out of ideas
    This day I am impressed with the cat.

  4. These days all belong to everything feline!

  5. These days I am tired
    These days I need a vacation
    These days need to be more sunny
    oh, wait the sun is out today
    have a good one at your bay

    1. The sun comes on out
      Sure makes things nicer about

  6. These days fly by so quick
    Cannot even keep track
    Would like time to slow down
    So I can a bit slack


  7. These days go by so very fast
    How long does one's life really last
    Enjoy the winter and the spring
    Each season has it's special ring

    1. That it will
      Some may thrill
      Others may suck
      But never back up the truck

  8. Days do go by fast and we never know what our mood will be! It is sunny out right now- so it makes me want to get outside and enjoy the weather. :)

  9. These days seem to go by pretty fast. When I was a kid they seemed to go on forever and the days were too long.

    1. Yeah, funny how that changes
      When life rearranges

  10. Wow, I felt like I was spinning with all of the these days
    That sent me into a psychedelic haze.
    Many people use this all the time.
    When it's constant, it becomes a crime

  11. these days do become those days and nothing really changes after all.

  12. These days I will do my best
    And let others do all the rest.

  13. These days
    these ways
    this haze

  14. This piece seems really upset and angry. You ok, Pat?

  15. Dem kids these days

    -out of touch baby boomer

  16. These days, I like to sit around and laze. Maybe with a doughnut smeared with glaze.

    1. And pull out a rhyme
      With your doughnut chime

  17. Students who start their essay with "These days" or "Nowadays" owe me a buck. No joke.

    1. haha making money at your bay
      Not bad to add a little pay

  18. "These days"
    Can be overused
    So can "When I was young"
    Phrases abused


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