Time To Flame The Wanna Play A Game!

Wanna may make some cringe. Throw in a gonna and Suza may go off hinge. Whoops, was that the cat? Okay, enough of that. We need to play a new game. That is obviously, at least to most, today's claim.

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld big ______ ______, ___!

A game for this.
A game for that.
Some bring bliss.
Some bring a bat.

A bat and a ball.
Yeah, it's just one.
No bliss at all.
Maybe with a home run?

 Did I give the game away?
That is rather mean.
That's a game two can play.
The grass doesn't need to be green.

Just put your game face on.
In that face you can trust.
Don't run across the lawn.
Okay, if you really must.

What's the name of the game?
Is it base, foot or basket?
Together you have a weird laundry claim.
Rednecks everywhere may blow a gasket.

Did that make you frown?
You can answer that.
For I'm the only game in town.
A crazy rhyming cat.

If waiting for a rhyming mutt,
You'll have to play the waiting game.
They are stuck in a butt rut.
But hey, that could bring one fame.

Still can't figure out my a to z?
May be too late at this stage of the game.
Hey, I'm just telling the truth to thee.
Don't try and push the blame.

The blame game gets around.
My, what games can be found.
Games on courts and ground.
Games even with a ball and hound.

Controllers work as well.
Everything lights a flame.
Games can be fun or hell.
Does it depend on the end game? 

Did you get G? Games I'm playing with thee. Of course you got G. Games are here on a spree. Do you play games? Do you go down in flames? Realize game gets used a ton? Can sure be plenty of ways for game to be spun. Do they have a court, a lawn, a controller, a board, a course, a racket, a bat....yeah, I think that is enough of that. I don't want to go on all day. I've got games to play. Time to go play whack the head of Cass. That is such a fun game for my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. This is a good "G" post. loved the read.


  2. Time To Flame The Wanna Play A Game!
    Lots to play let's reveal the name
    Not the one all famed
    Nor one all a-flamed
    Just make sure not the blame game


  3. Baseball is my brother's game
    Is that the game to name?
    For me I don't do that activity at all
    Give me board games, now that's when I have a ball.

  4. After the National Anthem, the game will take the stage
    Get out there, base ball players and earn that yearly wage

    1. lol a lot to do to earn that
      With millions coming where they are at

  5. Baseball is a great game. But us cats have our very own games that we play. It is most fun to play the Chase game.Have a great day.

    1. Chase as fun
      As long as the other wants to run

  6. Play word games here these days
    Not very active at my bay.


    1. Getting wordy can be a win
      Keeps the fingers going for a spin

  7. A rhyming mutt alongside a rhyming Cat
    May be an awesome game at this mat!

  8. I remember coming home from school everyday and playing baseball in the back yard. The water spigot at the back of the house was home base.

    1. We used a tree
      Smashed a window or two at our sea lol

  9. I'm game for most anything, unless I'm not!

    1. Call it due to snow?
      Or maybe rained out at your show

  10. I played a lot of games when I was much younger. Board games, card games, and several other kinds. Not so much any more.

    1. Still play cards and sports a bit here
      Whenever a game is near

  11. Your rhymes always make me smile. Games are on my mind, too. Hockey games, that is! First day of the NHL playoffs for my (formerly) sad sack Toronto Maple Leaf. ☺

    Go Leafs Go
    Put on a Show
    Make us Cheer
    Not cry in our Beer

    1. haha may want to have an empty can
      As they always end up with many a disappointed fan

  12. Not really a board game fan here
    but once in a while I give it a cheer.

  13. orlin N cassie; we R big inta cat soccer N de food serviss gurlz a cubis addict !!! heerz two a happee easturr anda grate week oh end ♥♥

  14. I don't play video games but there are some fun games on Inboxdollars that I've been playing against my daughter. Luxor is one of my favorites.

    1. Games aplenty if many a way
      As there is always a kind to play

  15. No games at my shore
    Does that make me a bore?

  16. Let me tell you about the game from Hell . . . It's called Chutes and Ladders.

  17. I couldn’t believe it was true
    When my wife told me we were through
    So dark my dismay
    Grim tears came my way
    So wife said let’s play game’s round two

  18. I'm really horrid at playing games.
    Being a spectator is my claim to fame.

  19. Poeple here going crazy over baseball games ~ I would rather relax and enjoy the long weekend ~ Happy Easter ~

    1. Yeah, relaxing is more fun
      Then the nuts by the ton

  20. I do like games here and there. I'm not very competitive and usually let others win, but it's still fun to play sometimes.

    1. I let no one win
      Make them work for it at our bin lol

  21. Games go on all the time at our house. Too many boys in this family. Games of all kinds every time they're together.

    1. Boys sure let them fly
      Games of all kinds piled high

  22. Games you say?
    None that my wife and I play.
    Unless you consider a sleeping contest
    To see which of us can sleep the longest.

    My wife always wins and I always lose.
    She sleeps hard while I only snooze.
    But it's a game in which we compete
    On a regular basis, each night repeat.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  23. games time always fun
    if you play relaxing one
    but sometimes life like a game
    then we must win a fame?

  24. Wanna? Gonna?
    Are you trying to kill me?
    Okay, back to games
    Safer place to be!

    1. lol knew that would get to you
      There at your not wanna zoo


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