A Flip Flop Type Of Crop!

The fun of a theory can make many cheery. Then again the flip side is true as many go all boo hoo. What is the cat going on about? Aren't I being predictable with my shout?

I have a theory.
It may be eerie.
It may be out there.
It may be rare.

It is all mine.
Look, others align.
The theory is out there.
Read and show you care.

Woweee, I was right.
My theory took flight.
But that isn't good.
I already guessed and understood.

So predicable that show.
The writers are just slow.
I guessed that years ago.
Following a predictable low.

What, you were surprised?
It wasn't that prized.
So find a new show.
You're brain dead, you know.

I was validated with my theory.
I am anything but cheery.
Who cares if I was right.
The thing I knew came to light.

I want surprise.
Why can't they be more wise?
Why can't they prove me wrong?
Follows the same steps as Donkey Kong.

Oh, I have a theory.
I'm once more cheery.
I bet that is where they are going.
It has to be such a showing.

What? I was wrong?
They didn't play along?
How can that be?
You weren't supposed to fool me.

I wanted to be right.
It should have came to light.
I'm going to stop watching out of spite.
My theories need to be wrong...I mean right.

Ever hear the flip flop theory nuts? They sure talk out their butts. No matter what the theory is for. If wrong they whine and if right they whine more. Have you got a recent theory? Will it being right make you cheery? Will you find it predictable if you are? Getting out the feathers and tar? Humans are such a predictable mass. Glad I'm just a little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. What do you know, a 3-way tie
      Not happened for quite a while!


    2. Three of us at once and I have no idea how I slipped in first.

    3. Look at you go
      With a trio show

    4. Can't predict who will be number 1

    5. Blue out of the loop
      Off taking a poop

    6. Blue's working too hard
      I'd rather eat lard

    7. Blah to working that hard
      Rather mow the yard

    8. Should be rich by now
      But no such luck
      Just a buck

    9. Not rich anywhere
      Near our lair

  2. Great verse Pat, my theory is live and let live,
    Have a wonderful week-end.


  3. Haha

    Good Morning Alex
    Good Morning Hank
    In the place to be
    I am number 3

  4. A Flip Flop Type Of Crop!
    A theory of the Big Sob
    or wrongly
    After a while it falls short!


  5. Right or wrong, there is no pleasing some people. I bet they are hard to buy for.

    1. Yeah, they'd be a pain
      And quite hard on the brain

  6. The early bird gets the worm. Alas, I have waited too late once again. Well flip flop!

    1. Flip flop to number way down
      There at your town

  7. LOL - I guess it's a good thing I'm usually clueless when it comes to knowing what's going to happen.

    1. lol keeps you out of trouble
      And avoids the rubble

  8. The End Times people are the worst!

    1. That they are
      As they fill their "this is the end" jar

  9. My theory is time goes faster
    On saturday and sundays
    No one will argue
    Those are fun days

    And I'd like to be wearing flip flops instead of work shoes

  10. Think sometines of a conspiracy theory
    At work
    But just realize I work
    For jerks.


  11. If you're weary, have a theory
    Join the group, don't be leery
    If you find you have to flip flop
    Just be sure to land on bop-top

  12. People who are full of themselves and their conspiracy theories drive me nuts with their wild googly eyes and waving arms. Best to ignore them. My only theory about what will come to be is... what will be will be.

  13. I'm getting flip flopped and conspiracy theoried to death. I think I'll just tune out and have some fun and see what is up after the dust settles.

    1. Just don't breathe in the dust
      That may be a bust

  14. You are a darn good theory therapist!

  15. I'll be catching up on your posts from yesterday and today later, but I just wanted to say that I started "The Connective" last night, and I am enjoying it. btw, I was only a couple of miles off on my guess on its setting! Heehee! You confirmed I was pretty close in ¶ one, and I nailed it in ¶ three (with a little googling ~ my third grade map memories weren't that good!). Have a good one, my productive friend. I'll be back later!

    1. haha well Liverpool is used too
      As Milton is connected to that zoo
      Brooklyn as well
      Now all Queens County where they dwell

  16. For some reason this wanting to be right, but not wanting to right idea made me think of the Nicolas Cage movie "Knowing."
    Nice poem, Pat!

    1. Seen that one a while ago
      Can fit with the flow

  17. orlin N cassie; R theory that turkee N chckn burdz R bass terdz.. iz ....N will bee proven.... troo.... heerz two a flashlight fish kinda week o end ~~~~ ♥♥

  18. especially alarming if person doing said practices is running a country

  19. They talk out their butts? Say it ain't so! Butts with mouths? Ok, maybe not.

  20. I sometimes have a theory, though I am usually wrong.

  21. He needed a tale that was new
    For lies she had heard quite a few
    And so just for fun
    This son-of-a-gun
    Confused her with one that was true

  22. I didn't please a dear friend
    With any of the gift cards I send
    So this time I inquired
    What kind of card should be wired
    "Whatever you want," said she
    I think I'd like to crawl under a tree

    1. Better to find a cushy coop
      Under a tree is asking for bird poop

  23. How did you know I was brain dead? :)

  24. I sometimes wonder
    The time wasted on this
    Theories galore
    But their brains are missed

  25. I think that alien thing is inside Trump...that's my theory


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