A Little Deter If You Ruffle Fur!

People sure can kick up a stink. You humans do it with a wink. I'm not talking about gas. That can easily pass. May flare up a nostril or two. But that shall pass too. Right. On with it. No need to hiss and spit.

Look at you.
You have a new view.
A different way of thinking.
Did I just see blinking?

Not the good kind.
More like the, "are you out of your mind?"
Yep, I saw that indeed.
More are even following the lead.

Got a new idea that may work.
Now that could be a perk.
Could give you lots of fun.
It may or may not be done.

But whoops, there it is.
The crazy look biz.
You are just plain nuts.
No, you don't have guts.

Sit back and relax.
Work and pay tax.
Don't be crazy with any of that.
You may just end up with scat.

I mean it may be a good notion.
It may even cause a commotion.
But it probably won't do a thing.
So go have the same old fling.

You can't afford to waste time.
You won't always be in your prime.
Get a 9-5 and work it.
Then do the same old shit.

I don't mean to offend.
But you can't buck the trend.
That just isn't the way to be happy.
You'll end up always sappy.

Wait until you retire.
Then the idea you can admire.
You may very while expire,
But there will be no walking on a wire.

That is a neat idea though.
I just wanted you to know.
You are better off listening to me.
Nix any such notions and just let it be.

Hmm, just proves better off keeping new ideas to yourself. Don't want chicken shit humans putting them back on the shelf. Or maybe lazy shit ones. Of each there are tons. Ever have an idea crushed by a so called friend? They were though just trying to be helpful in the end. Pffft to such a pass. I'll do what I want with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, I had an idea/dream that was crushed
      by a so-called-friend.

      It is better to keep some ideas to yourself as some might steal them as well and that is not so swell! Especially at work when no credit comes due!

    2. Yep, that is usually the way
      A thieving they go through the day
      Best to flip them the bird
      Or use another colorful word

  2. A good midweek read Pat. I suppose we're all capable a kicking up a stink.......to put our point of view over.


    1. A stink we can kick
      Or just pass it out some slick

  3. Dare to do something different and go against the norm and you're shot down.

    1. Yep, shot down to the floor
      Stuck there forevermore

  4. From a life looking backwards, you better make choices that suit you. You don't get to do it over again.

    I used to be a cat lady. Then I got kicked off the island. I'm a lady with dogs now.

    1. That we do
      Damn the rest at our zoo
      Make choices we want
      Both cat and dog at our haunt

  5. Crush your ideas like crackers in a bowl
    Can't make em work to save your soul
    Roma tomatoes ripening in the sun
    Let's make salsa, it's a lotta fun

    1. Can make a blend
      Start a trend
      A mish and mash
      Throw a bash

  6. Ideas are good to have
    Of something new to do
    But putting them into practice
    Can cause one a bit of rue.


    1. Practicing them in life
      Can sure lead to strife

  7. My ex-fiancee (the second one) was able to find the negative side of everything. I could have won a million dollars in a lottery (not that I actually buy lottery tickets) and she would have said "Well, people are going to be bugging you to give them money, and you'll probably die before you get to spend all of it, and then there are all those taxes..." Whoever coined the phrase "rain on my parade" must have known someone like her.

    1. haha damn, I couldn't handle that
      Hand her a big pile of scat
      Then all negative comes due
      Can surely then boo hoo

    2. oh my...glad she is an ex..yikes!

    3. Ex is the way
      With them at play

  8. Some people are downers- and we definitely can't let others stop us on our path. :)

    1. Nope, can't let them stop
      As down the street we hop

  9. I'm glad those problems are generally confined to the human species!

  10. Enthusiasm can be a good thing, but sometimes we do need to take a Chill Pill.

  11. It's better to try something new than to always put down new ideas.

    1. Yep, try something new
      And see what comes due

  12. saying what if?
    others say makes no diff
    but if you persevere
    it might become clear

    and your idea is a winner

    1. The one who wins
      Ignores others so called sins

  13. You can't make me! You're not my real dad!

    1. Next to come is a safe bet
      Is it, are we there yet?

  14. 9 to 5?
    Not while I'm alive
    Maybe 9 to 7
    It'd better not be 11
    Chicken shit humans make me sick
    They can sit on a stick
    Hello Cat
    How's the mat?

    1. Sit on the stick
      And hope it feels ick
      Cat is getting on by
      s away the 9-5 does fly

    2. Usually flying the wrong way, too
      Or so the story goes at my blue suede shoe

    3. Yep, the wrong ways it goes
      Bills are foes

  15. No J-O-B for me! I bucked the trend years ago and ran with my ideas.

    1. Good way to be
      Would be nice to do at our sea

  16. orlin N cassie....in de 836 yeerz de food gurlz werked herz never hada job wear herz home at 5....her getted ta come home a few timez frum her now place oh employ at like 4 onlee coz de power bloo out in de buildin ..... !! herz veree much lookin for werd ta ree tire a mint; but at de rate de system werkz round heer herz gonna hafta ta wait til herz 85 !!!!! that oughta bee a riot ☺☺☺☺☺

    1. 85 and working
      That won't leave any smirking
      And yep, use you up all the way
      Night through day

  17. How much more evidence do we need
    before it's time that we concede
    and give new ideas the lead?

  18. I'm going to open up a restaurant and sell pretty patties

    and inflatable pants

  19. My parents never listened to others
    not to their sister or to their brothers.
    They did their own thing and raised a family
    and they did it quite happily.

    1. That is the way to be
      Damn the rest at ones sea

  20. I just wasn’t feeling so hot
    So my doctor’s advice I sought
    He ran tests on me
    Till cause was set free
    I suffered what he called a thought

    1. Need to rid that
      Be like all the other scat

  21. Yup, I think we've all been stomped by supposed friends.

  22. My firm belief
    Is that curiosity is grand
    Can't handle those
    Whose new thoughts never land

    I used to hate, with a passion, meetings that always started off with our supervisors saying, "We're just brainstorming. Tell us what you think. No such thing as a bad idea."
    Yeah. Right. Until one made a suggestion and it was slapped to the ground in record time. Grrr...

    1. Never land at all
      Just follow the bouncing ball
      Yep, those meetings sure suck
      Made me want to say more than fluck

  23. By a friend? No. But I don't keep assholes as friends, so that helps.

  24. Our friends mostly want what's good
    but they mostly know about
    as much as a piece of wood
    For them tt is not about what you would
    It is always about what you should

    1. Yep, all comes back to should
      The should that works for their hood

  25. This is why I keep my ideas to myself. If I fail, I don't have to hear "I told you so" and if I succeed, I don't feel like I owe anyone anything since I got there all on my own.

    1. That is the best way
      Get there and keep all the pay

  26. As my dad used to say
    There will come a day
    When the comments that stank
    Will keep you laughing all the way to the bank

  27. I don't believe in waiting until retirement. A fling it will be!


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