A Mixed Bag That's A Drag!

The cat could pick a ton and really go on a run but we'll avoid that. Then I'll make too many things go splat. Instead we'll stick to a few. I wouldn't want to hog the time of you. Actually I might. But hey, a cat runs this site.

This and that,
That and this.
Some fall flat,
Some are a miss.

Let's run for fun.
Pffft who does that?
Humans run at the sound of a gun.
Damn that says the cat.

Huff and puff.
Sweat down the back.
If you run enough,
You may have a heart attack.

What about sad and rich?
Who heard that one?
Unless dead in a ditch,
Pffft to that a ton.

May cry you a river.
A river of gold.
Oh won't that make you shiver.
Yeah, sad has left the fold.

This one is easy.
No nitpicked needed.
Some are so sleazy,
Lies should be deeded.

Honesty and politics.
Like that's ever the case.
None of that former in the mix.
Lies out their smiling face.

And the clean and dirt.
Yeah, like that's a thing.
Clean dirt is on your skirt.
Whoops, in the hamper you fling.

But it was clean dirt.
What was so wrong?
You can still flirt.
It will just come along.

What could more be?
You've heard a ton.
They are shouted free.
Enjoy your fun run.

Think things shouldn't mix and match? There are quite the batch. I swiped fun and run from BTTF 3. Yeah, it was right on for me. A cat runs for fun and gets into stuff. But humans? Pffft who needs that huff and puff? Any things that aren't a good mix for you? Plenty at my zoo. To each their own in mass. No such thing as clean dirt to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. I run because I have a hot wife and I want to look good for her. At the very least, I don't want to look worse.

    1. haha yeah, worse would be bad
      Better reason than fun at ones pad
      I'll stick to chasing cats and walking mutts
      Rather pick up dog crap than run for fun at any huts

  2. Mix and match
    As chickens hatch
    Hens lay eggs
    With spindly legs
    But that's a treat
    It can't be beat

    1. A eggy treat
      Can't be beat
      Unless it hatches
      To create more batches

  3. A Mixed Bag That's A Drag!
    Not really something to brag
    Mix and match
    A way to catch
    them off guard with a red flag


  4. A great subject Pat,a mixed bag could be fun!!!!!


  5. I want a mixed bag of candy.

  6. Mix and match
    is there a catch
    I don't like to run
    even under the sun
    I will take a short hike
    and even ride a bike

    1. Hike we'll take
      Bike we'll shake
      Walk we'll do
      Run we'll shake too

    2. When you mix, don't you match?
      When you hunt, don't you um... catch?
      When you dream, do you beam?

      So many questions from The Goo
      And Scooby Blue

    3. Beam, hunt and match
      Might be a gutter batch

    4. So many questions from Blue
      mix might be a perfect match
      tell me, can dreams come true
      in pursuit could one catch

      Cat going all gutter
      could make some stutter

    5. Bah, stutter away
      A more fun day

  7. Our newbies sure like to run for fun!

    1. Run here and there
      With much to see to spare

  8. I like mix and match sales
    when all is fit in a sack
    and then the bag is reduced in price
    saving money is never slack


  9. Honesty and politics?????????
    Whatchootalkinbout, Willis?

    1. Don't go as one
      No matter how they are spun

  10. Goes together like Chinese food and chocolate pudding

  11. An uninvited guest doesn't seem right,
    and can 'sweet sorrow' be true?
    I'm clearly confused about it tonight
    But it's seriously funny too

    1. True in the eye of the beholder
      As in the brain it does smolder
      Or maybe all fake
      Like shake n bake?

  12. Best for the people and a politician's pocket book - yeah that always matches!

    1. haha yeah, always always does
      With that so-called buzz

  13. orlin N cassie...frum uz catz point oh veew we think de food servizz gurlz gotta bit oh mix N match mix up goin on with her ward robe.... her walks out de door N we gotta say...R ya kiddin uz.... happee week oh end guyz ~~~~~~♥♥☺☺

  14. I like Alex's idea of staying in shape for his hot wife.

  15. I like to mix and match all kinds of things. :)

  16. Snowflakes and mud definitely don't match
    Also on my tongue mudflakes would NOT be a good catch...

    1. Mudflakes galore
      Hmmm could use that at our shore

  17. The two were a match made in Heaven
    Twas said they first met at eleven
    And we’ll miss them so
    We all have to go
    Till Heaven reopens at seven

  18. I see signs about "Clean fill dirt wanted". Since when was dirt ever clean? (Yes, I know what they really mean, it just always looks funny to me when I see a sign like that)

    1. Yeah, sure catches the eye
      Clean dirt, oh my

  19. Crazy as a loon
    Comes to mind
    I don't think they're crazy
    But I'm not of their kind


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